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BREAKING: Court Sets Justice Ofili-Ajumogobia Free But EFCC Rearrests Her Immediately

16 April 2019 - 4:45am

Officials of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have arrested Justice Rita Ofili-Ajumogobia, a dismissed judge of the Federal High Court, after corruption charges against her were struck out.

About 10 officials of the EFCC surrounded Ofili-Ajumogobia as she attempted to leave the courtroom at about 10:24 am on Tuesday after the ruling by Justice Hakeem Oshodi.

Upon sighting the officials, the judge hastily retreated upstairs into Justice Oshodi’s courtroom to seek the protection of the court from the EFCC officials.

However, when notified of the development, Justice Oshodi said there was nothing he could do as “the file had been closed”.

The embattled former judge and her husband, who was with her, were observed frantically making various phone calls.

When Justice Oshodi’s court rose, Ofili-Ajumogobia was apprehended at 11:47 am by some EFCC officials, who whisked her away in a white hilux van with an Abuja number plate.

However, Godwin Obla (SAN), Ofili-Ajumogobia’s codefendant, was allowed to exit the court premises by officials of the EFCC.

In her ruling before the arrest, Justice Oshodi had struck out the 31-count charge filed by the EFCC against Ofili-Ajumogobia and Obla on the grounds that the court lacked jurisdiction to hear the suit.

The judge ruled that based on the judicial precedent set by the case of Justice Nganjiwa Vs FRN, the EFCC had “jumped the gun” in filing the first amended charge.

Justice Oshodi noted that the anti-graft commission had not followed the procedures set by the National Judicial Council (NJC) in disciplining erring judicial officers.

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EXCLUSIVE: Nigerian Prisons Boss Ja’afaru Ahmed Blocks Investigation Of Sodomy At Maiduguri Prison

16 April 2019 - 4:25am

Ja’afaru Ahmed, the Controller-General (CG) of the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS), and Sanusi Mu’azu Danmusa, the Maiduguri State Controller of the prison service, have blocked investigations into allegations of child prostitution, sodomy, and forced abortions at the Maiduguri Prison, SaharaReporters can exclusively report.
On March 23, SaharaReporters had published excerpts from Charles Okah's 31-page piece entitled ‘Sodomy of Children in Maiduguri Prison and The ICRC Conspiracy of Silence’, which chronicled the harrowing experiences that prison inmates are subjected to, sometimes with the cooperation of prison officials. 

In the report, Okah revealed cases of child prostitution, sodomy, abortions, and even outright murder. He wrote: The first I saw a frightened child same age range as mine locked up inside cages; it had such a profound and a heart-rending effect on me. But of a particular poignancy was the day a pimp approached me to prostitute the boys. See Also CRIME Child Prostitution, Sodomy, Forced Abortions... It’s Hell Inside Maiduguri Maximum Security Prison 0 Comments 1 Month Ago
“The pimp, a notorious armed robber serving a fourteen-year jail sentence, a life sentence, and a death sentence, has been on a death row since 2013, but still retained his villainous features. His large red protuberant eyes can be compared to that of a fly; a tsetse fly to be precise. I can imagine that together with a gun, those eyes must have frightened his victims to total submission. He asked me in halting English if I liked little boys and I replied that ‘of course, I do’. And I went on and on, without him prompting, to tell him I have a nine-year-old boy myself, who I saw last when he was one, and how much I miss him… blah, blah, blah.
“At a point, while I droned on, he began shaking his large head, broad across his temples slowly from side to side. What I was telling him was literally entering into one ear and coming out unfiltered through the other ear that had been deformed by bullet wound. He then proceeded to demonstrate what he actually meant by joining the index finger and thumb tips of his left hand to form a circle, and then with his index finger of his right hand, he poked in and out of the circle.
“As the pimp was poking a dirty finger into the circle, those big eyes bore into me like a laser beam, as if trying to read my thoughts and gauge my seriousness. As he did that, his thick black lips looking like roasted animal hide, curled into certain slyness. I nodded my head to indicate that I understood, but I was in shock. Instead of showing disgust, I decided to play along, maintaining that face many would wear at the visa section of the American embassy when lying to the interviewer as the only way out when candor fails.
“Convinced I was game, he gave me the rates with which to have anal sex or fellatio with a little boy of my choice. The younger the boy, the higher the price, while the mentally challenged or imbeciles as he referred to them, are the costliest because of their fetish/ritual values based on a fallacy that one’s problems or trying circumstances can be transferred to them through intercourse. The cheapest goes for fellatio offered by the children and known as ‘quick relief’.
“Out of curiosity, I opted for an ‘imbecile’ and was taken the next day to cell number 16 in unit 3 of cluster 2 where I met Goni Ali Shettima for the first time, huddled up in a corner with resignation and confusion in those angelic eyes of a child.
“After I expressed disinterest in Goni Ali, I was sworn to secrecy, that night I annulled the oath with solemn vow to spill the beans and do everything within my limits to save the children by telling their story to the world, even at the risk of my life.”

Following the publication of the report, Kashim Shettima, the Governor of Borno State, immediately set up an investigative panel chaired by Kaka Shuhu Lawan, the Attorney-General and Commissioner of Justice, to look into the allegations.

However, findings by SaharaReporters show that all attempts of the committee to gain access to the prison were denied by the Controller-General of NPS and the State Controller. 

A prison source told SaharaReporters that nothing had been done on the matter so far — because when members of the investigative panel visited the Prison Headquarters Maiduguri inand informed the State Comptroller of the reason for their visit and sought permission to enter the Maiduguri Maximum Security Prison, the state Comptroller said he could not grant the committee access to the facility without paper clearance from the Comptroller-General (CG) Prisons.
On March 29, the committee as well as the National Human Rights Commission wrote the CG in Abuja for clearance, but both letters were ignored. The Committee again wrote a reminder on April 4, but there was still no response from both the CG and the State Comptroller.

SaharaReporters reached out to Ahmed and Danmusa for comments, but both of them ignored calls and text messages to their telephone lines.

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Abuja Court Sentences Rights Activist IG Wala To 12 Years In Prison Over Facebook Post

16 April 2019 - 4:20am

IG Wala

The Abuja High Court on Monday sentenced Ibrahim Wala, popularly known as IG Wala, to 12 years in jail after being found guilty of gathering unlawful assembly and criminal defamation of character.

Delivering the ruling, Justice Yusuf Halilu ruled that Wala is guilty of three of the four charges brought against him by Abdullahi Mukhtar, Chairman of the National Hajj Commission of Nigeria (NAHCON).

On September 26, 2017, Wala, convener of Citizens Action to Take Back Nigeria (CATBAN), had made a Facebook post accusing Mukhtar of corruptly enriching himself with N3billion after the 2017 Hajj.

“Official documents made available to CATBAN reveals that the Chairman of NAHCON, after the 2017 Hajj operations, makes not less than N3 billion for himself," read a part of the post.

“In the interim, CATBAN tends to question how NAHCON expended the total sum of N97,906,500,000 (almost Hundred Billion) accrued from the payment of N1.5million by each individual that made up the 65,271 being the Total Number of Nigerian Muslim Pilgrims for 2017."

Wala was arrested following a petition written by Mukhtar alleging public defamation of his integrity and the commission he heads.

Delivering the ruling, Justice Jalilu said that Wala was guilty of managing an unlawful association, inciting the public and defamation of character on social media.

He also ruled that CATBAN is unregistered, holding that the prosecution has been able to establish the offence of making an unlawful assembly.

The judge also said Wala was unable to provide evidence to back his claims that Mukhtar “enriched himself with N3billion".

“Where is the document proving N3 billion made by Chairman of Hajj Commission?" he asked.

“Why has the accused person failed to tender such document now that he has been dragged before a court of law?”

In his ruling, the judge held that the failure of the accused to provide relevant documents to back his allegations, rendered the case of the prosecution less cumbersome.

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Nigeria Needs To Remove Subsidy In 2019 By Ettu Mohammed

16 April 2019 - 3:10am

We should understand that in 2019 Nigeria will spend at least $5.5bn on PMS subsidy and it can rise to $7bn depending on the international price of crude oil in 2019.

The benefit of Subsidy removal is humongous and can't be quantified. 

PMS subsidy removal will bring about a significant reduction in the government’s borrowing and save the country at least N1.7trillion in 2019.

If we retain Subsidy, the Federal Government would borrow heavily to fund subsidy and recurrent budget in 2019 and the years to come. 

In 2018 Nigeria borrowed N2.66 trillion to finance the deficit in the budget. In 2019, we will be forced to borrow at least N3 trillion which is more than the total of our capital budget and 34% of 2019 budget.  

The price of premium motor spirit, PMS or petrol in the country is currently not determined by the forces of demand and supply. 

The current landing cost of PMS is about N227 per litre with additional N11.72 for marketer taking it to N239/ litre meaning we would be paying as much as N94 /liter over 52.3 million litre per day that is N4.92 billion Nigerian Naira per day.

Letting markets determine the pump price of petrol in Nigeria would push it up to about N248-250 per litre from N145 per litre and it will oscillate with forces of demand and supply, but it will save Nigeria about N1.7 trillion in subsidies in 2019 alone.

It is not healthy that we should be borrowing money for capital and recurrent expenditure when we can get the same money via subsidy removal.

The major issue is the lack of trust with those who manage our affairs.



We can create an independent committee which must NOT be headed by any Member of the ruling Party APC. 

The savings must be used in a way that every Nigerian can monitor and assess for themselves directly the way the government is utilizing the funds saved from fuel subsidy removal.

This committee will be saddled with the powers to demonstrate to Nigerians that the savings from the subsidy removal will be used for the benefits of all Nigerians and for the intended purposes alone. 

This committee will oversee the fund and the program. Instead of Nigerians asking the president, this committee will tell Nigerians what the funds are being used for and how the program is being run. 

As at today, Nigerians spends at least $2.4billion on self-provision of drinking water that is just 1 nos. 50cL sachet water per day. Which is far from it, in reality, we spend at least $4.7billion on self-provision of water.

As at today, Nigerians spend at least $1.1billion on health tourism and another $1billion on patronizing moribund hospital locally.

As at today, Nigerians spend at least $11.5billion on self-provision of Electricity.

As at today, Nigerians spend at least $2bn on foreign education and another $1bn on education locally because public schools are as good as dead. 

For how long will we continue to suffer? 

When we can invest the entire subsidy in Health, Power, Water, Education and other infrastructural projects. 

Stopping subsidy and investing the funds right will give Nigeria the right direction in less than 10yrs. 
We can decide to keep paying subsidy but we must NEVER  complain that we are incurring debt.

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The People’s Revolt In Algeria And Sudan By Reuben Abati

16 April 2019 - 2:13am

Young people are leading a people’s revolution in Algeria and Sudan, both developments remind us forcefully of the wages of mis-governance, the power of the people to seize control of their own destiny, and the role that the youth can play in a country’s development process.  It is encouraging to see that in both countries, we are witnessing the triumph of the people’s will. In Algeria and Sudan, it is Arab Spring (or Winter?) all over, with the people saying No to Repression, No to Dictatorship, No to the abuse of power. 

The ordinary people are the heroes in both emerging revolutions- the villains are the members of the ruling elite, those the Algerians refer to as “le pouvoir” (that is the powerful) who have suppressed and alienated the people for decades. Algerians want a complete change of system, a break from the past. The people of Sudan are similarly asking for a new order. These courageous young men and women, who have since been joined at the barricades by professionals and in Algeria, by the military, are determined to stand firm until they have their way. They refuse to be cajoled. They do not want half-measures. They know what they want and they have been very peaceful in making their demands. They are no longer afraid. They are on the streets. They are on social media. The power of the youth in full expression, can be loud and overwhelming.  

In Algeria, Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the 82-year old who has been the absolute dictator in charge of Algeria since 1999 and a member of the ruling establishment since independence from France in 1962, has been pushed out by the protests. Bouteflika’s reign of terror was marked by corruption, cronyism and repression. In 2010/2011, he survived the Arab Spring that swept through North Africa and the Middle East resulting in political crisis and regime change in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, and Syria. But he could not survive weeks of protests by the Algerian people this time around. Bouteflika had used every trick in the books to remain in power. Since he suffered stroke in 2013, he had been rarely seen in public, choosing to run the country through a selected group of family members and political associates. Still he wanted a fifth term in office. The people refused. 

In February, he tried to introduce cosmetic changes with the promise that there would be a national conference. The people took to the streets. They no longer trusted him. They just wanted him to go. He eventually abandoned his fifth term ambition. Even that was not enough for the people. They waved the Algerian flag on the streets, and spoke their minds with unusual boldness. Many of these young Algerians who have become revolutionaries have not known any other President in their lives. But they have seen the corruption of the Algerian elite and they were determined to register their protest. 

A descent into chaos seemed imminent until Army Chief General Ahmed Gaid Salah intervened and asked that the best way forward would be to invoke Article 102 of the Algerian Constitution, and thereby move the country forward within the Constitutional Framework. Article 102 requires the Algerian President to step down in the event of his incapacitation, and with his exit, the leader of the Upper Chamber of parliament would assume office as President in an acting capacity and conduct fresh election within 90 days. Bouteflika, Africa’s oldest President has since resigned, his vanity project of building the Great Mosque of Algiers remains uncompleted. His successor, Abdelkader Bensalah, the former leader of parliament has promised that he will organize elections on July 4 and respect the people’s will. But the Algerian revolutionists have refused to stop the protests. They don’t just want Bouteflika out of the way, they want the entire system that he represents and all his cronies that he has placed in strategic positions in both government and business out of the way. They are putting pressure on Bensalah.   

In both Algeria and Sudan, we have not only seen the people- the youth - fighting for themselves, rejecting years of misrule and graft – we have also seen the military establishment turning against the government. In Algeria however, the military helped to facilitate the process of change. In Sudan, we have the military subverting it – that is a key difference between both countries. In Algeria, the military queued up behind the people to defend the Constitution. In Sudan, the military capitalized on the people’s protest to seize power, suspend the Constitution and impose a state of emergency on the country. But one lesson from both countries is that it may be unwise to under-estimate the people’s resolve. When a revolution begins, especially one arising from disenchantment with prices and living conditions, it may be difficult to predict when and how it will end. This explains why in Sudan there have been three Presidents in two weeks. Four-month protests over rising prices of fuel and bread ended surprisingly in the removal of Omar Al-Bashir from office. Al-Bashir like Algeria’s Bouteflika, is a veteran dictator. Most of the young people who are leading the protests in Sudan were not yet born when al-Bashir seized power in Sudan 30 years ago. The military may have taken advantage of the people’s protests but the youths of Sudan insist that the military is unacceptable because that is not the change they want. General Ahmed Ibn Auf has had to step down. He fell within 24 hours! The new General, Abdel Fattah al-Bashan may also not survive in the face of the people’s anger even if he has taken the step of sacking and detaining more members of the disgraced al-Bashir government, and appears ready to negotiate a civilian-led transition. Omar al-Bashir ran a military government in practically every regard. His reign was marked by state-sponsored terror, autocracy, war and genocide.

The military council in Sudan has declared that it has no intention of handing him over to the International Criminal Court (ICC) where he is wanted for war crimes and crimes against humanity, thus confirming the suspicion that the new caretakers in Khartoum are a clone of the al-Bashir government. The politics of the ICC notwithstanding, Omar al-Bashir should be made to answer for his crimes, against the people of Darfur and the people of Sudan in general. It is not enough to keep him in “a safe place.” 

These recent developments in Algeria and Sudan, and perhaps Kazakhstan should be a warning sign to all sit-tight leaders and those leaders who take the people for granted. Kazakhstan’s Nursultan Nazarbayev is probably the smartest of the three dictators. Faced with protests by the people, Nazarbayev quickly stepped aside in March, to make way, he claims, for “a new generation of leaders.” He manages to retain control of his country’s Security Council. He has also created a cult of personality around himself with a pompous, self-styled title of “Leader of the nation.” The capital of Kazakhstan has also been named after him by Parliament. It doesn’t matter as his own day of reckoning would still come. 

Across the globe, there is a growing new wave of fascination with the ideas of democracy and people power, especially among the youth. It must be considered a positive thing that the youths of Africa are part of this trend. Africa has its fair share of dictators and sit-tight leaders. It took sustained international outrage to get Joseph Kabila to relinquish power in the Democratic Republic of Congo. He is now Senator for life!  In Equitorial Guinea, Teodoro Obiang Mbasogo and his children are sitting atop the country’s wealth; the old man has no plan to leave power anytime soon. In Uganda, Yoweri Museveni is effectively a President for life. But all autocrats should contemplate and learn from the fate of Robert Mugabe of Zimbabwe, Yahya Jammeh of The Gambia, and now Abdelaziz Bouteflika of Algeria and Omar al-Bashir of Sudan. No matter how long it takes, the people usually win in the end.

It is one thing, however, to get rid of the strong man of power, it is another to maintain or achieve national stability. Dictators may be removed or they may die or they may be incapacitated, but after their exit, they tend to retain something of the country’s DNA in their hold. This is the sad story of Cote d’Ivoire after Houphouet-Boigny, Libya after Muammar Ghadaffi, Iraq after Saddam Hussein, Venezuela after Hugo Chavez. The rest of the world must therefore keep an eye on the developing scenarios in Algeria and Sudan. It is the people’s will that must prevail in the end, not the will of military usurpers or the clones of the ousted autocrats.       


II: The Return of Tiger Woods

What happened in the United States, at the Augusta National Golf Club on Sunday was phenomenal, historic and inspirational - a truly human story in its grandeur and implications. With a single, final stroke, and a hard stare, Tiger Woods won the Masters, his fifth since he won the first in 1997, 22 years ago. History was made. This was his 81stPGA tour win. His first major title since the 2008 US Open. His fourth Masters green jacket was in 2005. As he wore the jacket again on Sunday, 14 years later, he said: “It fits”. Indeed Tiger, “it fits.” 

It was one of those wow moments in the history of sports. The crowd cheered. The Tiger roared! On display was a touch of greatness, originality and talent- pure talent. Tiger Woods’ career as a golf athlete has been marked by “highs and lows” to borrow President Barack Obama’s words, but the highest moment for him, a moment that would forever be remembered in the history of golf was that moment on Sunday when he shot the final putt on the 18th hole. The legacy of Tiger Woods has become one of the most defining moments in the history of the game itself, and although he is second in terms of overall record to Jack Nicklaus who has a record of 18 major wins, Tiger Woods trails behind with 15 major trophies, there is no doubt that Tiger may well end up as the champion of the records. He is however, not defined by statistics. 

He is defined by his determination, confidence and the manner in which he has ended up at the other end of the tunnel of self-discovery to regain his composure and his pre-eminence. Many cannot be blamed for giving up on him and thinking that he had reached the end of his career. His marriage collapsed, he was called out by women who accused him of sexual harassment. He had a car accident. He was charged for driving under the influence. As recently as 2017, he was still battling with multiple back and leg injuries. He even took to painkillers. He lost the star power that he once wielded as younger players took over the game and charted their own paths, even if many of them came into the game, inspired by him. On Sunday, April 14, the old Tiger Woods returned to claim his place as a Master of the game. 

His triumph is the triumph of the human will over adversity. It was pure humanism, irony and spirit on display. For a man to rise and fall, and find the courage and the energy to rise again is one of the most inspirational tales about what makes us human. For generations to come, others will draw inspiration from the example of Tiger Woods. He is beyond golf. He is such a fine example of the human spirit. 

The young 21-year old who won his first green jacket in 1997 has become the man, one of the greatest of all times. In 1997, his father watched him as he wore the green jacket. This time around, his own children, 11--year old Sam and 10-year old Charlie, were at the Augusta National to watch him. The son has become the father. A cycle closed, a new chapter was opened, as history was made, fusing together the story of three generations beyond the moment.  Tiger’s two children were not yet born at the time of his reign as the king of golf. Hear him: To have my kids here, it’s come full circle… You know my dad was here in ’97 and now I’m the dad with two kids here.” That was touching. Those words reverberate beyond the golf course. 

There are of course many lessons to be learnt from the story of Tiger Woods. Only those who persevere win at the end. From being the Tiger of the pack, Woods, ended up in sixth position in the PGA Championship in 2009, fourth at the US Open in 2010, and sixth at the British Open in 2018, and at other times he disappointed us even more tragically. But now that he is back at the top, the question is: will he be able to sustain the magic? And it won’t take too long for us to get an answer to this question as Tiger Woods participates in some of the tournaments in the remaining months of the year: the PGA Championship, May 16-17, US Open, June 13-16, British Open, July 18- 21 and the Presidents Cup, Dec. 12-15.  Whatever happens in the future, we would all have that memory of April 14 to cherish: Tiger Woods is the greatest comeback king of the game. His achievement, by the way, momentarily united President Trump and President Obama, with the two political opponents agreeing on the authenticity of Tiger Woods, with President Trump becoming a twitter cheerleader for Tiger Woods. Congratulations, Tiger.  

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Finding Atiku's Nigeria By Bright Ogundare​

16 April 2019 - 2:09am

Professor Wole Soyinka in his book "The open sore of a continent" expounded the idea of nationhood via analysis of the different definitions of what is a nation. The analysis converged on a point that nationhood is a state of the mind, a common will and sense of unity of purpose. This is what leaders should strive to promote rather than use force and rhetoric to ensure the unity of the nation. Unfortunately, Nigerian leaders have failed grossly in this duty and it seems the end of this crisis is not in sight. No thanks, to the APC led federal government which has taken this irresponsibility to the next level as the government in a desperate move to defend a mandate gotten through voter harassment, intimidation and blatant rigging has embarked on a mission to divide the country. 

The claim that the presidential candidate of the People's Democratic Party, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar is not a Nigerian and not qualified to contest for the presidency would have been passed as a joke but unfortunately it was filed at a law court by a party and a president controlling the federal government, what other insanity can be greater than this?

While this claim could have been passed as another comedy by the Nigerian ruling class however the comedy would be far too expensive.

That the presidency can go to the extent of claiming that those born before 1963 in some sections of the country where he won the elections massively are not qualified to contest elections. These are tax paying populations areas with senators, governors, member House of Representatives and state house of assembly and the president and his party claim they don't have the right to contest for president.

More comic is that the man whom the petition was written against is a former vice president, a man once elected as governor and a serial presidential aspirant yet no one seemed to possess enough knowledge of the constitution to know he was never qualified except APC and her next level lawyers, not even the great Gani Fawehinmi. 

Apart from the political intrigues, the federal government of Nigeria has set in motion the next level of insanity, mediocrity and witch hunting. In the coming days, people who have an axe to grind with anybody who is from the areas of former Northern Cameroon would embark on a campaign of their non-nigerianess. In every sector from academics to the economy to politics to health to labour, all you need to do is to be on the wrong side of power and they would be told that they are not Nigerians.

Those born in eastern Nigeria during the Nigerian civil war would be told that they are not qualified anytime they are not in tune with any tom, dick and Harry in power. This would lead to a chain reaction of renewed discontent, anger and militancy among a people that the desperacy of a president to hold to power have deprived of their nationhood. 

In those days we would be desperate to find Atiku's Nigeria and all we would find is cheating, madness,  misery and genocide. 


Bright Ogundare writes from Lagos. He can be contacted via email brightogundare@gmail

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Group Demands Immediate Trial Of Police Officers That 'Killed' NSCDC Officer Jumbo

16 April 2019 - 1:16am

The Joint Civil Society Action Against Extra-Judicial Killings has called on Adamu Mohammed, Nigeria's Inspector General Police (IGP), to immediately begin the trial of police officers involved in the death of ASC Ogah Jumbo.

Jumbo, personnel of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC), was murdered by officers of the Nigeria Police Force on March 20, 2019, after he was accused of violating traffic laws. See Also Breaking News BREAKING: Policeman Kills NSCDC Officer In Abuja In The Presence Of His Wife, Children 0 Comments 1 Month Ago

Paul Edeh, convener of the group, stated that the IGP must not only ensure that the officers are tried, but also see that appropriate sanctions are issued to officers involved in the extra-judicial action.

A statement issued by Eden read: “That the Inspector General of Police constitutes a Commission of Inquiry to investigate all cases of extra-judicial killings by officers of the Nigerian Police Force across Nigeria.

“Investigate and met-out commensurate sanctions based on the report of the Commission of Inquiry, as well as prosecute any police officer found culpable in the killing of innocent Nigerian(s) to serve as a deterrent to other officers.

“That Mr. Igekele Ogunfemi, the Divisional Police Officer of Nyanya Police Station, and his men involved in beating ASC Ogah Jumbo to death be arrested, investigated and prosecuted along with the two policemen said to be in Police custody.

“That the autopsy report of ASC Ogah Jumbo be published within 24 hours for Nigerians to know the real cause of the death of Mr Ogah Jumbo.

“That the Nigerian Police Force tenders unreserved apology for the false information presented by ACP Frank Mba in his press conference of 21st March, 2019.

“That the Ag. IGP immediately pays a condolence visit to the widow of Ogah Jumbo to commiserate with her over the brutal killing of her husband.” See Also Sahara Reporters Autopsy Report Exposes Force PRO Frank Mba's Lies About How Policemen Killed NSCDC Officer Ochigbo Jumbo 0 Comments 1 Week Ago

Jumbo was assaulted, dragged on the floor and hit with a baton on the head, before he eventually gave up the ghost, while his wife and child watched helplessly.

Frank Mba, Force Public Relations Officer, had denied that Jumbo died from the torture he received from the Police. However, the result of the autopsy carried out revealed he died from oedema, while also suffering soft tissue damage with injuries to different parts of the body.

According to the doctors, his injuries were consistent with torture.

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Nigerian Govt Asks Court To Order Arrest Of Innoson Boss

16 April 2019 - 1:10am

The Nigerian government has asked the Federal High Court sitting in Lagos to issue a bench warrant for the arrest of Innocent Chukwuma, Chairman of Innoson Nigeria Limited.

The court order is also seeking the arrest of two of Chukwuma's employees.

They are standing trial in a case bordering on fraud. The case is before Justice Ayokunle Faji.

The Innoson boss and members of his staff are standing trial over allegations of shipping fraud, before the take-over of the case by the Attorney-General of the Federation.

They were accused of conspiracy to falsify shipping clearance documents, already presented as collateral to Guaranty Trust Bank PLC to obtain a loan of N2.4billion, an offence contrary to sections 1(2) (c) and 3(6) of the Miscellaneous Offences Act, Cap M17, Laws of the Federation 2004.

They allegedly committed the offence at Apapa wharf on October 10, 2013.

The bench warrant order sought by the prosecution is based on the refusal of the defendants to be present for the court proceeding. Others named in the charge are Charles Chukwuma, Maximian Chukwura, Mitsui Osk Lines and Anajekwu Sunny.

At the sitting on Monday, during which Chukwuma and his staff were absent, Julius Ajakaiye, counsel to the prosecution, urged the court to order their arrest, since they had been served the summons through substitution, according to a court order, on February 8, 2016.

According to Ajakaiye, the third and fourth defendants had been appearing in court, while the first, second and fifth defendants “have refused, failed and neglected to appear in court till date”, while noting that an amended charge dated April 12, 2016, could not be served on them.

Countering the motion, George Uwechue (SAN) and Prof. C. Mbadugha, counsel to the defendants, urged the court to dismiss the application for the issuance of a bench warrant, on the basis that it was outside the court's jurisdiction to do so.

According to the defendants' counsel, the application runs against Order 6 of the Federal High Court Civil Procedure Rules, while also noting that Chukwuma and his staff were not properly served.

The matter was adjourned till July 3 for ruling.

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EFCC Investigating FIRS Staff Over Fraudulent Payment Of Travel Allowance

16 April 2019 - 1:04am

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is interrogating some top officials of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS) for receiving billions of Naira as travel allowance without embarking on any trip.

According to a report by Daily Trust, EFCC acted based on a petition it received informing the anti-graft agency of the activities in FIRS.

It was observed that the money being paid to the staff were not funds received as tax, but the support services funds of the organisation.

Peter Hena, Head of the Coordinator Support Services Group, who allegedly authorized the payment has absconded the country.

He went on leave and sent his resignation letter to FIRS, claiming he is sick and needs medical treatment abroad.

A source who spoke to the newspaper said: “For instance, some of the staff were questioned on why they received huge amounts of money in their accounts, but evidence from the staff attendance register showed that they did not travel.

“Many of them explained how they remitted the money to a particular account and kept a percentage.”

It was gathered that EFCC's investigators uncovered the irregularities from checking the software payroll system of staff of the organisation and the attendance registers.

It was revealed that many top management officials took advantage of the accountability deficiency in the organisation to carry out the fraudulent transactions.

The residences of some of the directors were searched and some of them have been detained by the EFCC.

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Panel Proposes Sack Of NHIS Executive Secretary, Usman Yusuf

16 April 2019 - 1:02am

The panel investigating the misconduct of Professor Usman Yusuf, Executive Secretary of the National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS), has proposed that the Nigerian government dismisses Yusuf for various infractions he has committed.

The panel, led by Hassan Bukar, made the recommendation after the conclusion of its investigations.

Yusuf was found to have negated the outline laid down by the Public Procurement Act.

The panel also recommended the immediate dismissal of 13 senior officers in the agency in the report presented to President Muhammadu Buhari on December 24, 2018.

The report read: “Relieve the executive secretary of his appointment. Justification: Inability to work in harmony with all the relevant stakeholders in the scheme for the attainment of the scheme’s mandate.

“Established cases of infractions of the Public Service Rules, i.e. insubordination and refusal to carry out lawful instructions from superior authorities (governing council and the Federal Ministry of Health) contrary to PSR Rule 030301 (0), unauthorised public utterances contrary to Rule 030421 (id), and relevant service-wide circulars.

“Established cases of infraction of the following provisions of the Public Procurement Act: Sections 16(6) and 32(7).

“Infraction of Rule 3125(i) (a) and (b) of the Financial Regulations.

“Embarrassed government through unguarded social media comments.”

The panel also recommended the dissolution of the NHIS  governing council.

“Dissolve the governing council. Justification: The panel observed the role of the governing council in the present imbroglio and noted from the interactions that the council has become factionalised and is incapable of providing the required leadership for the scheme.

“The governing council embarrassed the government by exceeding its mandate when it suspended the executive secretary.”

However, close to four months after the report was submitted to President Muhammadu Buhari, he is yet to take any action on it.

In 2017, Yusuf was accused of diverting public funds to private use by staff and labour union group. He was accused of bringing 13 officers from other government agencies and giving them "undue promotion”.

He was suspended by the Minister of Health in July 2017, while a committee was set up to investigate Yusuf. The committee accused Yusuf of fraud to the tune of N919million, and recommended that anti-graft agencies investigate and prosecute him if need be.

The Presidency ordered Yusuf to return to return as Head of the agency.

After his return, Yusuf was alleged to have paid consultants N508million without following due process.

Yusuf was also quoted to have said “F**k the Minister of Health” during an interview with The Punch newspaper in 2017, among other things he is being investigated for.

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Akeredolu Allocates N25m For Office Stationery In Ondo 2019 Budget

16 April 2019 - 1:00am

A breakdown of the 'Next Level' 2019 budget presented by Rotimi Akeredolu, Governor of Ondo State, has revealed some alarming figures earmarked for administration in 2019.

Akeredolu presented N190billion as budget, but the Ondo State House of Assembly added N3billion to it, before it was passed in January 2019.

In the budget, the sum of N13million was set aside for phone calls for the Governor, while Agbola Ajayi, the Deputy Governor, would receive N5million for telephone calls.

Also, the Governor budgeted N25million for office stationery and computer equipment, while N107million would be spent on local travel and N2million on electricity.

The budget also has N150million for refreshment and meals at the State House, while N1.066billion was provided for gift items during festivals and children’s party, as well as hosting of state guests during special events in the office of the governor.

N500million was also budgeted for hosting of state guests during special events and a total of N336million will be used to “cater for gift items during festivities and children parties”, just as N230 million was set aside for donations.

N13million was budgeted for the printing of security documents, with N53million billed for maintenance of motor vehicle and transport equipment.

N12million will be spent on maintenance of office furniture, N19million for local training, and N26million for welfare package.

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Mobile Court Finds 57 Drivers Guilty Of Breaking Traffic Rules

16 April 2019 - 12:59am

A mobile court in Plateau State has convicted 57 drivers for violating traffic laws in the state.

The Plateau State Command of the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) on Monday said the drivers committed various offences ranging from seat belt violation to use of bad tyres.

According to Andrew Bala, Plateau FRSC Corps Public Education Officer, 59 drivers were arrested, but two were discharged and acquitted after the court declared them innocent.

Bala said: “In a mobile court exercise held today, we arrested, tried, found guilty and convicted 57 road traffic offenders for committing various offences.

“We actually arrested 59 motorists during the exercise, but two have been discharged and acquitted by the court.”

He added that the vehicles of the drivers would remain impounded pending when the drivers would be able to pay the fine imposed on them by the court.

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Court Orders NBC Boss To Appear 'Even If On Stretcher' Over Misappropriation Of N2.5bn

16 April 2019 - 12:53am

Justice F.O. Giwa of the Federal High Court, Abuja, has ordered that Ishaq Kawu, Director General of the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), must appear before the court to defend himself over an alleged diversion of N2.5billion from the N10billion released for the Ministry of Information and Culture for the DSO programme.

Kawu is standing trial alongside Lucky Omoluwa, Chairman of Pinnacle Communications Limited, and Dipo Onifade, Chief Operating Officer of Pinnacle Communications Limited, over their role in the release of the fund.

They are facing a 12-count charge bordering on “abuse of office, money laundering and misleading a public officer with the intent to defraud the federal government, in contravention of Section 19 of the Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Act, 2000.”

Kawu had failed to appear in court, claiming he is indisposed.

His absence at the court prompted Justice Giwa to order that Kawu “must appear at the court at the next date, even if he will be brought on a stretcher".

In 2016, President Muhammadu Buhari released N10billion to the Ministry of Information and Culture for the DSO programme and a White Paper was issued directing how the process should be executed.

The Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) had claimed that Kawu fraudulently recommended Pinnacle Communications Limited, a private company, to the Minister of Information and Culture, for the release of N2.5billion against the guidelines contained in the White Paper.

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Nigeria Police To Introduce Stun Guns To Officers

16 April 2019 - 12:46am

Adamu Mohammed, Nigeria's Inspector General of Police (IGP), says the Force will introduce stun guns in place of live ammunition for police officers  on routine patrol.

IGP Adamu said this when he visited the Lagos Police Command in Monday.

Adamu condemned the unprofessional conduct of some of the officers, adding that the officers found culpable of misuse of firearms would be punished.

He said: “From January to April 2019, Lagos State has recorded four incidents of misuse of firearms, which have resulted in extra-judicial killings of young citizens of this country and injury to others.

“More worrisome is that two of these incidents occurred within the last two weeks.

“Aside negating our professional calling, extra-judicial acts of any description or level by any police personnel is an unacceptable anomaly that creates disdain between the citizens and their police and widens the trust gap between them,’’ he said.

Speaking on the introduction of stun guns to the Force, IGP Adamu said: “In the long term, rather than the use of firearms, we shall henceforth use technologies and weapon systems such as electro-muscular disruption technology, commonly known as taser or stun guns by police.

“It will be used for routine patrols as a strategic approach towards reducing incidents of fatalities associated with misapplication of lethal weapons by the police.

“In perfecting these initiatives, we shall be engaging with human rights bodies, international agencies, development partners and civil society organisations.”

Reading the riot act to all police officers, the IGP said erring officers shall be dismissed from the service and prosecuted for murder.

“The person will be investigated through our internal disciplinary machinery and if found culpable, shall be dismissed from service. In addition, such personnel will be charged to court for murder or sundry offences depending on his or her level of criminal liability in the instance,” he said.

He added that the line supervisors of such officers, including the Area Commander, Divisional Police Officer or Sectional Head, shall be held liable for lacking supervision and shall be similarly sanctioned.

He noted that the force would re-train all of its officers nationwide and organise a “reorientation of personnel in compliance with human rights and professional conducts".

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Boko Haram Attacks Chibok On Fifth Anniversary Of Mass Abduction Of Girls

15 April 2019 - 12:54pm

Boko Haram Insurgents invaded a village at Chibok, Borno State, on Sunday, wreaking havoc, exactly five years into the abduction of c276 girls from Government Girls Secondary School, Chibok.

A witness told SaharaReporters that activities to commemorate the fifth anniversray were still ongoing on Sunday when residents learnt of the invasion of Kwarangullum village by the insurgents.

Mallam Bulama, District Head of the village, confirmed that the insurgents invaded his village although he could not state exactly how many people were killed on injured.


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Two Killed, Three Injured As 'Herdsmen' Raid Ekiti Community

15 April 2019 - 12:36pm

Suspected herdsmen have attacked Eda, one of the communities in Iyemero town, in Ikole Local Government Area of Ekiti State.

Invading the town in the wee hours of Monday, they killed two people and inflicted various degrees of injury on three others. 

Residents identified one of the dead as Danjuma Ali, a Muslim farmer, while the identity of the second person whose body had been deposited in the morgue of the General hospital, Ikole Ekiti, was still unknown as of the time of filing this report.

The victims currently receiving treatement at the emergency section of the Federal Teaching Hospital (FETHI), Ido Ekiti, are Jennifer Akoko, Joseph Achebe and one other victim.

"Some herders called  Bororo stormed the farmstead and shot these innocent people," one resident said.

“They came around 1am and were there till dawn. Our farmers are all afraid to go their farmsteads. They all rushed to the palace of Oba Ebenezer Agboola Ogungbemi, the Olu of Iyemero Ekiti, to take refuge.

The Olu of Iyemero, Oba Ogungbemi and  Olu-In-Council, restated their calls for establishment of a police station in the town to curb the attackers.

“These Fulani herders stormed the community through the border of Iyemero at Eruku in kwara state," the monarch said Chief Ariyo Abejide, his spokesman. "This makes Iyemero a porous exit and entrance, which portends dangers and insecurity to the community, ikole local government and the state in general."

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Bandits Severely Injure Two Policemen In Asaba, Steal Their Rifles

15 April 2019 - 12:23pm

Armed hoodlums have attacked a team of two policemen who were on a stop-and-search duty in Asaba, the Delta State capital, carting away two service rifles in the encounter.

The incident, which occurred around Interbua roundabout by ASCON Oil Filling Station, along the popular Nnebisi Road, on Saturday night, left the policemen severely injured.

According to a resident who witnessed the attack, the gunmen were driving a tricycle from the Anwai axis of the road when they suddenly disembarked to attack their victims.

The bandits, numbering four, were armed with axes and cutlasses, and succeeded in stealing two guns from their targets.

The leader of the Police team, an inspector, was said to have sustained severe cuts to the head and other parts of his body, while the other victim sustained cuts to the hands.

The two officers are currently receiving treatment at hospitals in Asaba.

Chuks Orisewezie, Acting Public Relations Officer of the Police in the state, confirmed the attack, promising that the assailants would be brought to book as the Police had swung into action.

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28-Year-Old Jealous Lover Shoots 34-Year-Old Girlfriend In Bayelsa On Suspicion Of Cheating

15 April 2019 - 11:59am

Munabo Tonworio, a jealous boy friend has shot and killed his lover over suspicion of cheating at the oil-rich community of Oluasiri in Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.

The incident occurred at about 11:00pm on Sunday.

Munabo Tonworio, 28, and an indigene of Agada-Ama community in Nembe Local Government area, was reported to have raised his gun and shot his girlfriend in the face while she was answering a call from an unidentified person.

The victim was identified as Wapaemi Amabebi, a 34-year-old indigene of Oluasiri is reported to be a provision store owner and bread winner of the relationship.

Tonworio is said to be on the wanted list of the Department of State Security (DSS) and the Joint Military Task force code named Operation Delta Safe, over alleged involvement in voodoo preparation for suspected kidnappers, however Amabebi had been the one sheltering him away from the security personnel.

A source who identified himself as Moses told SaharaReporters on telephone that the killer boyfriend escaped immediately he shot the girl but was apprehended and tied close to the corpse of the girlfriend.

Confirming the development, the spokesman of the Police Command, Asinim Butswat, said: "On 14/04/2019 at about 2245 hrs one Munabo Tonworio 'm' 28 years shot dead his lover, one Victoria Ekalamene 'f' 34 years, after a quarrel at the residence of the deceased in Oluasiri, Nembe Local Government Area, Bayelsa State.

"The murder weapon, a locally cut-to-size gun and an expanded AA ammunition, were recovered from the scene. The suspect has been arrested and is being detained at the SCIID, Yenagoa. Investigation is ongoing."

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Militants Kill Police Officer At INEC Office In Calabar

15 April 2019 - 11:15am

The Police in Cross River state have confirmed the killing of a Police constable at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) office in Bakassi local government area of the state.

Police spokesperson in the state, DSP Irene Ugbo, who confirmed the incident, said the policeman was at his duty post when suspected militants stormed the office.

She debunked the claim that the killing had to do with INEC or the just concluded general elections, syaing: "No, it doesn’t have anything to do with the INEC." 

She said they had launched an investigation into the killing, which took place on Monday.

Some witnesses said there was no prompt aid or intervention from  people, so the  police officer bled to death. They ascribed the reclutance to help to "fear of attack from the militants". 

Some of the residents said that despite publicly giving up arms and ammunition and granted amnesty, the fearsome Bakassi Strike Force headed by Benjamin Ene aka 'General Franklyn' militancy is still rife in Calabar waterways, threatening seafarers and commerce.

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Borno Governor Shettima Abandons Ndume, Backs Lawan For Senate President

15 April 2019 - 11:04am

For the first time since the All Progressives Congress (APC) announced its preferences for the key leadership positions of the National Assembly, Kashim Shettima, Governor of Borno State, has publicly expressed his support for Yobe North senator, Ahmed Lawan, in unmistabkable terms, to become Senate President.

Lawan is the choice of the APC leadership for the presidency of the Senate in the ninth National Assembly, but Borno South senator, Ali Ndume, is pressing on for the contest without restraint.

Shettima was believed to be one of Ndume’s biggest backers, since both of them hail from Borno, and was even believed to have sneaked out of Maiduguri two weeks ago when some pro-Lawan senators visited the Borno State capital in an attempt to persuade him to have a rethink. Shettima would deny the claims but he had never publicly dissociated himself from Ndume.

All that ended on Monday when, addressing journalists in Abuja, Shettima said the people of Borno were supporting Lawan’s aspiration.

“Ndume said his people asked him to contest. But I am the number one citizen of the state. I am not one of the people that asked him to contest,” he said.

Shettima’s claim was in alignment with his coy response to questions from journalists in N’djamena, capital of Chad, on Sunday, in which he said: “All our governors, including those coming to the Senate, are 100 per cent in support of our party’s stance as far as election of new leadership for the National Assembly is concerned.

“As far as Borno is concern, we are in alignment with the aspirations of Mr President and that of our party. Whoever the party endorses for any position, we will solely stand behind such a person because party discipline is absolutely essential for the sustainability of our democratic experiment. If everyone is to vote according to his own free will surely that would be a recipe for disaster or confusion."

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