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Nigerian Court Did Not Pronounce IPOB As Proscribed Group, Nnamdi Kanu Tells Government

3 March 2021 - 5:24am

The leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu says there was no court ruling that labelled the group proscribed as claimed by the Nigerian government.

He affirmed that a Federal High Court in Abuja, the nation’s capital only judged that the activities of IPOB were unlawful.

Kanu said this in a statement signed by himself and made available to SaharaReporters on Wednesday through Emma Powerful, the spokesman for the group.

The IPOB helmsman stated this in his reactions to the directives of the National Broadcasting Commission asking the Department of State Services and Nigeria Police to arrest operators of Radio Biafra in Lagos, after claiming it had jammed its signals.

Kanu said, “No matter how hard they [Fulani Daily Trust, BBC News, other Fulani controlled media outlets] try to peddle their lies and blatant falsehood against #Biafra, the truth of the matter remains that at no time in the past or present, has any competent court of law anywhere in Nigeria, after hearing all the arguments from both parties (FGN vs IPOB) ever proscribed or pronounced IPOB a terror organisation.

“On the contrary, a Federal High Court ruling in Abuja held that IPOB activities are not unlawful. That remains the only credible judicial pronouncement on the matter till date. Fact!”

He further asserted that the Nigerian government officials are bloated with Fulani extraction therefore will find it easy to disregard the rule of law as provided in the constitution.

“Only the #Bandit supporting terror-enabling Fulani @NGRPresidency thinks otherwise. Fulani presidency, directing a Fulani Attorney General of the Federation to obtain an ex parte order from a Fulani corrupt judge, in his office without the benefit of allowing IPOB to argue their case, in order to tag peaceful people asking for a referendum as terrorists is the worst form of subversion of the rule of law under a supposed constitutional democracy.”

He claimed that Nigeria’s political leaders are the terrorists in the country, saying they see IPOB as a threat to their complete supremacy.

“Don’t let them fool you, Fulani Janjaweed rulers of Nigeria in various capacities, from Aso Rock to the last inconsequential local government outpost in the core Sharia north, are the real terrorists plaguing Nigeria."

However, it will be recalled that Chief Judge, Abdul Kafarati had ruled on September 20, 2017 saying, “Let me state clearly that it is within the rights of individuals or groups to seek self-determination. But this pursuit has to be non-violent.

“Where any group crosses the line by engaging in violence, it risks being cut to size. And that’s exactly what has happened to IPOB.

“I am not interested in the semantics or legality of troop deployment or the proscription of IPOB.

“All I know is that IPOB has engaged in terrorist activities; setting up parallel military and paramilitary organizations, clashing with the national army and attempting to seize rifles from soldiers, using weapons such as machetes, Molotov cocktails and sticks and mounting roadblocks to extort money from people, among others.

“To those who have engaged in semantics or legality, I ask: Which country in the world will tolerate those activities I have listed above? “Which national army will look the other way when it is being attacked by a band of thugs?”

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Lagos Pastor Accused Of Rape, Sells Church Building, Runs Off To Establish Another

3 March 2021 - 4:23am

A cleric, Chris McDouglas Omosokpea of Peculiar Generation Assembly Church, Oshodi, Lagos, who is facing a charge for the rape of his member’s teen daughter has allegedly sold his church building and fled to an unknown place to establish another church.

Omosokpea, who was arrested in June 2020 by officers of the Makinde Police Station where the family of the victim reported the matter, was granted bail on health grounds before the Lagos High Court.

It was gathered that the pastor had allegedly sexually abused a 14-year-old girl for the past four years before he was arrested and charged before the court for defilement.

The case came up again on Tuesday before the Presiding Magistrate, Kubeinje, at Ogba Magistrates Court, Lagos, but Omosokpea was conspicuously absent while the complainant and some members of his church were present. The matter was adjourned till April 21, 2021.

The pastor’s decision to dispose of the church shocked his members, who went there, only to see that the structure had been pulled down by the new buyer.

Some members of the church expressed their shock over how Omosokpea sold the church without informing them after he had convinced them that he was innocent of the allegation of defilement.

Before he was arrested, the victim claimed the pastor deceived her with fake prophecies and she kept the abuses away from her parents, who had been members of the church for over 12 years, with a strong belief that Pastor Douglas was a real man of God.

However, when she could no longer bear it, she started threatening to commit suicide over the trauma and was persuaded to open up on what she was passing through.

It was then she opened up and told her parents that Pastor Douglas had abused her for the past four years and instilled fear into her not to tell anyone.

SaharaReporters learnt that Omosokpea had allegedly established another church in an undisclosed location at Lekki, Lagos.

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EXCLUSIVE: How Cabal Prevented Buhari From Acting On Magu’s Probe Report Since December 2020

3 March 2021 - 4:19am

Cabals in the Presidency have schemed to ensure that President Muhammadu Buhari does not act on the Justice Ayo Salami’s probe report on immediate past acting Chairman of the Economic and Finan­cial Crimes Commission, Ibrahim Magu, submitted since 2020.

The Salami panel report was itself submitted in November 2020, but the details of the report nor its recommendations have not been disclosed to the public since then.

SaharaReporters learnt that one of the recommendations in the report was the replacement of Magu by a new chairman but other recommendations which indicted “powerful individuals” in the government were abandoned as the entire report might have been discarded.

Magu had been indicted in a memo to President Buhari by the Attorney-Gen­eral and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami, after which he was suspended in July 2020 and replaced then by Mohammed Umar, the then EFCC’s Director of Operations.

Magu was then made to face the presidential panel headed by Justice Salami, former President of the Court of Appeal. See Also Corruption Why I Ordered Probe Of Magu — President Buhari 0 Comments 3 Months Ago

The former EFCC chairman, during his trial, had exposed several infractions committed by Malami, with the probe report believed to contain more damning evidence against top shots in the Buhari administration.

“The cabals around the President do not want the report to be revealed to the public or acted upon because it is too indicting. Magu’s lawyers revealed certain details because the former boss would not go down alone. Magu’s hands were soiled but he was not the only culprit,” a top source revealed.

“President Buhari on December 4 had set up a four-man committee to review the report of Salami on Magu. The committee is supposed to present a white paper on the Salami report. Both the white paper and the report have neither been sighted nor acted upon,” the source added. See Also Politics Magu Not Likely To Get Justice, International Groups Write President Buhari 0 Comments 3 Months Ago

The committee is made up of two representatives from the office of the Chief of Staff to the President and two from the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.

This is not the first time that President Buhari would not act on investigative reports concerning the EFCC based on manipulations allegedly from the AGF and other cabals.

SaharaReporters had on Thursday, February 18, reported that a 13-page investigation report by the EFCC, indicting the new Chairman, Abdulrasheed Bawa, who was then the Port Harcourt Zonal head was forwarded to President Buhari in 2019 but the President failed to read or act upon it.

SaharaReporters had obtained the report, titled, Re: Alleged Case of Conspiracy, abuse of office and criminal diversion of Federal Government Properties, in which the suspect was Abdulrasheed Bawa, and detailed how he was recommended for disciplinary actions. See Also Politics Global Anti-corruption Groups Ask Buhari To Release Panel Report On Magu 0 Comments 1 Month Ago

It had been reported that the report was forwarded to the President’s office, but the AGF influenced how it was dumped and not acted upon by President Buhari.

Malami had ensured that Bawa was spared and the erstwhile embattled acting Chairman, Magu, was ousted from office before actions would be taken on the report.

“The report was never read by Buhari because he was very unaware of his environment and doesn’t read. That report was the full details of Bawa, the newly nominated EFCC Chairman, as sent to Buhari.

“The AGF also quickly intervened and covered up the crime by refusing to approve of charges to be filed against Bawa and others. Magu was removed before he could act,” a top source had revealed to SaharaReporters.

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BREAKING: Gunmen Kill Two Policemen, Injure One In Cross River

3 March 2021 - 4:18am

Two police officers attached to the Cross River State Police Command have been killed by gunmen.

The incident occurred in Obubra, central part of state.

The police spokesperson, Irene Ugbo, confirmed the killing of the police officers to SaharaReporters.

“We lost 2 policemen and one injured,” she told SaharaReporters on the phone.

The tragic incident happened six days after some policemen were killed in Calabar, the state capital.

Recently, there have been attacks on police officers and facilities in some states in the South-East and South-South regions.

In February, hoodlums attacked stations and facilities in Abia, Anambra and Imo states, killing an unconfirmed number of police officers.


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UPDATE: Confusion As Lagos Airport Records Second Fire Outbreak In Two Years

3 March 2021 - 4:10am

Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

There was panic among passengers on Wednesday following a fire outbreak at a section of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

SaharaReporters gathered that the incident occurred at the departure hall of the Kenyan airways at exactly 6:58am.

Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos.

The incident it was learnt caused panic among the passengers and workers at Nigeria’s busiest airport as the hall was filled with smoke.

Firefighters of the Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria (FAAN), however, promptly responded to put off the fire.

Alabi Joseph, spokesperson for the Lagos Airport Police Command confirmed the incident.

“Good morning, please there was a minor fire outbreak near Kenyan airways’ office at International Airport building (MMIA) Lagos. The fire has since been put off by the airport fire service,” he said.

In January 2020, a fire incident was reported around the Runway End Safety Area (RESA) of the airport.

RESA is the surface surrounding the runway prepared or suitable for reducing the risk of damage to airplanes in the event of an undershoot, overshoot, or excursion from the runway.

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How Doctor’s Negligence Left Me Paralysed For 22 Years In Ghana— Nigerian Trader

3 March 2021 - 4:09am

A Nigerian trader, Peter Tamuno, has narrated how the alleged negligence of a doctor in a premier hospital in Ghana cost him his limbs, family, and thriving business.

Sixty-nine-year-old Tamuno, who was born in Benin City, Edo State, was a fairly successful businessman dealing in ladies’ footwear in Nigeria.

He constantly shuttled between three busy cities in the region, Lagos-Accra-Kumasi, and back before the sad occurrence in 1999.

According to him, a medical doctor (name withheld) working with Korle Bu Hospital administered a wrong injection that left him for dead.

Tamuno said this made him paralysed from the waist down and even though he spent two years at the hospital, there was no solution to the problem. The ordeal, he said, has cost him his wife and two kids.

He said: “I was born in Benin City, and I stayed in Delta state. I was born into a middle-class family, my father was a farmer while my mother was a cook at the College of Education, Abraka before it became a university. My father was a driver at the same institution but when it became a university, they were stopped. Life became miserable but before then, I was already in Ghana.

“I came to Ghana in 1984. I would buy ladies' shoes and send them to Nigeria to sell. I was enjoying success; I bought shoes from Kumasi and sold them at Apapa in Lagos. At the time, the naira was doing fine. If I sold one pair of shoes in Nigeria, it was big money here. I used to sell a pair of shoes for N5 and it was a big money. When I was sick, I spent money but I don't know the name of the illness, and that was the first time since I was born that I had such a sickness, I don’t know the name, I don’t know where it came from.

“At the hospital, during my treatment, I was injected. Then I just noticed I couldn’t move the upper part of my body again. It is by the grace of God I can even talk, it was after five months I could even move some parts of my body. The doctor just discharged me, and said I should go. He said I didn’t have much time to live. I found life miserable, I was convinced I would die. I was thinking: 'how will my family know when I die?'”

On whether he is contemplating suing the doctor or the hospital, he said: "I don't think of suing Korle Bu. Who am I going to sue?”

He continued: "Most of the staff members there at the time are not there again. Some of them have died and most of them have left. So, what am I going to do? I always thank God for restoring my life and that's what I am doing.”

Tamuno said his wife left him when she saw that there was a slim chance of survival for him. He, however, said though he is not educated, does not have a roof over his head, and has lost his legs, the challenges would not derail his stride towards success.

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TIMELINE: How 65 Nigerians Were Arrested, Jailed For Fraud In India In Past Six Months

3 March 2021 - 3:27am

Indian police

Travelling to foreign countries in search of greener pastures has become a common phenomenon in Nigeria, considering the widespread hardship and other challenges confronting citizens. 

Unfortunately, some of those who supposedly travel out of the country in search of better opportunities often resort to crimes abroad. One of the foreign countries where some Nigerians are known for committing crimes is India. 

Indian police

In recent times, the media has been inundated with reports of Nigerians being arrested for various crimes such as trafficking, cyber fraud, among others in India.

Here is a timeline of Nigerians arrested for various crimes in India over the last six months, with some of them sentenced to prison after conviction.

September 30, 2020: The Cyber Crime Cell of the Gurugram Police arrested three Nigerians and their Indian accomplice for allegedly duping a 60-year-old man of Rs 1.24 crore (N64.5 million) in online fraud.

October 12, 2020: A Nigerian, Amachukwu Okkeke, was arrested by the police for his involvement in supplying drugs to youths in Kochi. Okkeke, who is an accused in a drug case registered by the narcotic cell of Goa Police, escaped from Goa during the trial of the case. He was hiding in Bengaluru and was continuing his drug trade under many names from various locations.

October 17, 2020: Utta Pradesh Special Task Force police busted a gang of Nigerians who duped women on matrimonial sites by posing as doctors and engineers. The gang members are Michael Chiyagoziyama, Francis Imeka, Nelson Chiyagoziyama and Patrick Chakodi. Fifty ATM cards, Nigerian currency notes, expired visas, pen drives, laptops, and checkbooks were seized from them. A woman, who lodged a complaint with the police, said she was duped of Rs 7.5 lakh (N3. 8 million) while scouting for a match on a matrimonial website. 

November 3, 2020: The Cyberabad police arrested Nonso Chife Kelvin, a professional football player from Nigeria, residing in New Delhi, and three persons, for duping people on the pretext of sending them gifts. They duped someone of 16.74 lakh (N637.8 million).

November 10, 2020: Nigerian man, Fulgence Kuoadia, was arrested after he allegedly duped his 'e-friend’, a Mumbai woman of Rs 7.6 lakh (N3. 9 million). He reportedly allegedly befriended her on social media by posing as a UK-based doctor. He siphoned money from women as Customs clearance fees for gift parcels stuck at the airport or sweet-talked them into parting with their bank account details and ATM cards.

November 24, 2020: A Nigerian, Chibuike Christian Aririegbunamu, and one other person, involved in cheating people from the city, were arrested by the police. They duped many under the pretext of funding charitable works and collected large amounts of money. Police seized card swiping machines and other materials from the arrested persons. Police found that Sonia and the other accused would look out for vulnerable persons on social media platforms and approach them. If anyone showed interest, they would share details of the activities they want to take up in India. They trapped a person from Safilguda and made him pay `29.75 lakh (N1 billion).

December 5, 2020: Six Nigerians were arrested in Navi Mumbai for allegedly living illegally without any valid documents and running a restaurant at a flat in a residential building
December 9, 2020: It was reported that 16 Nigerians and some Bangladeshis were extradited from Karnataka after it was discovered they were illegal residents.

December 10, 2020: A Nigerian simply identified as Morgan was arrested for duping a city-based pastor over Rs 24 lakh (N12.4 million), by posing as a Canadian philanthropist wishing to donate money and masks to pandemic-affected poor of the city.

December 11, 2020: A Nigerian was nabbed alongside two Indians by the Pune cyber crime police for installing skimmers and pinhole cameras at various ATM kiosks in the city. The police recovered Rs 38,000 in cash (N197, 000), 359 cloned cards of various banks, 13 skimmers, 12 digital pinhole cameras, two walkie-talkies, 15 micro-batteries, a card printer, four laptops, and other gadgets from the culprits.

December 22, 2020: Drug peddling – Two Nigerians, Emmanuel Michael and one other were arrested by police with a total of 3,000 yellow and grey-coloured ecstasy pills, weighing 610 gm hidden in layers of table cloth in the parcels. The ecstasy pills and cocaine, which were reportedly received from the Netherlands and Ethiopia through postal parcel service were seized by the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB). The NCB team also recovered 235 grams of cocaine concealed in the inner walls of a corrugated box from another parcel, it said.

December 25, 2020: A 27-year-old Nigerian, who allegedly conned people into fake businesses and robbed them of crores of rupees, was arrested in New Delhi by the Central Crime Branch. The police also identified a gang of seven Nigerians who had cheated businessmen through an online ad portal by striking fake deals. 

December 26, 2020: In 2 cases, two Nigerians were arrested with narcotic substance worth over Rs 21 lakh (N10.9 million). While one was reportedly caught with 10g of LSD liquid and 48.6g of cocaine worth Rs15 lakh (N7.7 million), the other was caught with 31g of white powder suspected to be cocaine and 4.4g of brown liquid suspected to be LSD liquid worth Rs 7.6 lakh (N3. 9 million).

December 28, 2020: A 46-year-old Nigerian, Alif Oluwaseun Ibrahim, was arrested in Thiruvanmiyur for possessing 55 grammes of cocaine. He was caught by a special team of the Adyar district police. He was allegedly planning to sell the cocaine, which was packed in 55 sachets. Investigations revealed Alif Oluwasun often flew from Nigeria to Pune, where he bought cocaine in bulk before coming to Chennai by bus to sell each gramme for Rs 6,000-10,000.  

January 2, 2021: A Nigerian was arrested by the anti-narcotic cell of Mumbai police with 204g cocaine worth Rs 51 lakh (N26.5 million).

January 8, 2021: A Nigerian, Chijioke, and four others were arrested for allegedly duping a woman of Rs 7 lakh (N3.6 million) in southwest Delhi's Kishangarh area.

According to the Police, preliminary interrogation revealed that Chijioke and his brother Frank Obinna were the kingpins of this gang. 

January 17, 2021: A Nigerian, Paul Chigbata Onuoroh was nabbed by the Narcotics Control Bureau while in possession of 474 grams of Mephedrone and 38 grams of Hashish worth (N25.9 million).

 January 19, 2021: Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) arrested a Nigerian, Ifeanyichukwu Pius who swallowed 12gm of cocaine to evade arrest. Upon sighting the officers, he swallowed the cocaine which was concealed in plastic pellets weighing nearly 1 g.

January 21, 2021: A Nigerian, Francis Emeka Duruobas, was arrested by the cyber cell of the UT police for duping a man of Rs 14 lakh (N7.2 million) on the pretext of getting a courier. Duruobasi got onto his victim, Sadho Singh of Sector 21 via Facebook messenger.  

January 23, 2021: A Bhopal-based hotelier was duped to the tune of Rs 11.23 lakh (N5.8 million) after he received a friend request from a Nigerian fraudster on Facebook.  

February 1, 2021: Again, a 37-year-old Nigerian, was caught red-handed with LSD liquid worth Rs 2.7 lakh (N1.4 million) in Siolim, in 2015. He was however sentenced to 10 years in prison in February for being in possession of commercial quantities of narcotics.

February 1, 2021: A Nigerian man and his four accomplices were arrested for allegedly duping women on matrimonial sites. A woman lodged a complaint with police that she had been duped of Rs 7 lakh (N3.6 million) by the accused. Fifteen passbooks, 23 checkbooks and other documents used for transferring money were seized from their possession.

February 3, 2021: A Nigerian was arrested alongside seven others in connection with an inter-state cyber fraud running into lakhs. The accused and their aides would call up people across India, posing as bank officers, and seek vital bank details to update KYCs. With this, they transferred money into their accounts. The police said that the gang operated 27 bank accounts and that the Nigerian is likely to be one of the key individuals in the scam.

February 6, 2021: A Nigerian identified as David was arrested by the Telangana police for allegedly carrying out online crimes to the tune of N12.5 million from his rented apartment in Nalasopara (east). The police had arrested him during a routine raid in his area aimed at clamping down on Nigerians with no valid visas. 

February 6, 2021: A Nigerian and two Ugandan sisters were arrested for allegedly smuggling drugs and 8kg of heroin worth Rs 40 crore (N2 billion) and 1 kg of cocaine worth 10 crore (N38 billion).

February 7, 2021: Five Nigerians, namely Akpalu Godstime, Adjel Gift Osas, Nkeki Confidence David, P Kromah Oyibo, and Ehigiator Daniel were arrested for duping unsuspecting victims. They reportedly used the Dingtone app, which helped display their targeted country code, to cheat their victims. The accused persons had come to India on business visas and were residing in Delhi. The gang was involved in more than 20 cases in Hyderabad, Cyberabad, and Rachakonda commissionerates.

February 9, 2021: Customs duty fraud: Nigerian man was arrested by the police for duping a woman of Rs 10 lakh (N5. 1 million)

February 14, 2021: Two Nigerians, John Egwuatu Chinedu (28) and Vincent Ejimofor (37), were arrested for drug peddling after they were caught with a stash of cocaine and ecstasy valued at Rs 15 lakh (N7.7 million). A team from the Anti-Narcotics Wing of the CCB searched a house rented by John, seizing 60 g of cocaine and 10 g of ecstasy, and arrested them for storing and selling drugs. 

March 1, 2021: A Nigerian, Prince Chukwama Hezekiah was arrested by police officers in the Junagadh district of India in connection with an online cheating scam of Rs 1.32 crore (N 68.5 million) with a Mendarda-based person. Police said that the accused also confessed to having committed three more crimes of similar nature in Gurugram, Rajasthan, and Mumbai. Police prepared a list of mobile numbers and bank account numbers through which the accused gang were siphoning money from online victims.

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Igboho Has No Plan To Kill Yoruba Politicians, Remove Murtala Muhammed's Name From Lagos Airport, Aide Dismisses Reports

3 March 2021 - 3:25am

Sunday Igboho

The allegations in the media space that a Yoruba rights activist, Sunday Adeyemo, also known as Sunday Igboho, plans to kill all Yoruba politicians that have presidential ambition in 2023 have been rebutted, SaharaReporters gathers.

Mr. Dapo Salami, the media aide to Sunday Igboho told SaharaReporters on Tuesday.

Sunday Igboho

A popular media platform had earlier reported that Igboho threatened politicians of Yoruba extraction in a viral video, allegedly saying, “You should know that you are not supposed to seek election to the office of the President, you should identify with our agitation and lead us in the secession struggle.

“I will not allow you to campaign because I will kill you all (Yoruba politicians) before (2023) campaigns. I swear to God, we will shoot them with guns from the back.

“Yoruba elders, traditional rulers should lead us to secession war for the independent Oduduwa Republic.”

In a similar story, a Twitter user, Samuel Omogor (@Samuel Omogor), tweeted that, “Sunday Igboho said the Hausa man named the Lagos Airport after Murtala. He said they can never name anything after a Yoruba or Igbo in d North. He threatened to remove the name. Those at the event didn't tell him that it was a Yoruba head of state, then Gen Obasanjo that named the Airport Murtala Muhammed Airport.”

Reacting to both claims, Salami said, “My brother, all these things are ruse information. I have been receiving calls on this issue that I’m even tired of.

“Whatever I’m telling you is authentic. So, I am sick and tired of this something happened today, something happened tomorrow. I want you to help me tell Nigerians these claims are all false. They are the handiwork of the enemies.

“I, myself, am a practising journalist. There is nothing of such. Let the people spreading the rumours bring their evidence. A lot of people have been calling me on these things.”

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Uwazuruike Sold Future Of Unborn Biafrans To Our Oppressors, IPOB Replies MASSOB Founder For Wanting South-East Governors To Run ESN

3 March 2021 - 3:09am

Chief Raphael Uwazuruike

The Indigenous People of Biafra has said it cannot work with the founder of the Movement for the Actualisation of the Sovereign State of Biafra, Chief Raphael Uwazuruike, saying he sold the future of the unborn generations of Biafra to their oppressors.

Comrade Emma Powerful, the media and publicity secretary of IPOB, said this in a statement released to SaharaReporters on Wednesday.

Chief Raphael Uwazuruike Vanguard Newspaper

He said this in reaction to Uwazuruike’s claims on Tuesday that he invited the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, into the Biafra struggle, and that he should hand over the Eastern Security Network to the South-East governors to manage.

Uwazuruike, who is also the leader of the Biafra Independent Movement, said at a press conference in Owerri, the Imo state capital: “If Nnamdi Kanu repents tomorrow, I will commend him. We will talk about Biafra even if Igbo man becomes president. Governors should take ESN from Kanu. Train them, equip them and use them better.

“I am congratulating Governor (Nyesom) Wike of Rivers State for rescuing the situation in Obigbo. I am also congratulating Governor Hope Uzodinma of Imo State for his approach in handling the situation in Orlu.

“I am not part of the Nigerian system but when anybody does well, I will commend, and if anybody does bad, I will also talk.

“I started this struggle over 20 years ago. I recruited everybody who is part of this struggle today. We started before politics came in. Politicians started sponsoring people among us and we started having divisions among us. Taking up arms against the government is now a problem for Ndigbo and Nigeria.

“They can’t defeat Nigeria. This situation needs to be nipped in the bud. Some governors have tried; Wike has tried. We must not allow anarchy to prevail. I congratulate Uzodinma on his approach to the problem in Orlu.

“We must work hard not to allow this group to turn this place into a state of war. Don’t denigrate governors, stop insulting Ohanaeze Ndigbo. So many people are killed without records,” Uwazuruike said.

Reacting to the statement, IPOB spokesman accused the BIM leader of trying to escape poverty and live in opulence at the cost of the blood of Biafrans.

The statement reads, “The attention of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) has been drawn to the shameful statement credited to the hotelier and hostel builder in our society who has been parading himself as the leader of a shameless and disgraceful group called MASSOB/BIM, Chief Ralpheal Elebeanya Uwazuruike, that God-ordained Eastern Security Network, ESN, security outfit established by our liberator, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, should be handed over to his co-traitors like South-East Governors to manage.

“How on earth did the hotelier Uwazuruike think that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu should hand over the heavenly ordained ESN to the slaves installed by the Caliphate in different Government Houses in Biafraland? His intention of making such a stupid suggestion is to turn ESN into another Eastern region version of the heavily politicised and now toothless security outfit formed in other regions. IPOB cannot fall for their trap!

“Uwazuruike is not ashamed of himself by trying to use ESN to cover his atrocities in Biafraland. Uwazuruike was the man who boasted that he had more boys than Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, (and) that should he unleash his boys, no place would contain them.”

The statement further reads that Uwazuruike should create his own security apparatus and ask the South-East and South-South governors to manage it.

“We, therefore, challenge Uwazuruike to form his own security outfit and hand it over to the South-East and South-South governors. IPOB and its leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, are capable of managing ESN to pursue its mandate.

“Uwazuruike thought that IPOB and Mazi Nnamdi Kanu are like him that shamelessly sold the future of our unborn generations to the same oppressors he claims to be fighting against just because all he wanted in life was to escape poverty and live in style and opulence. Sadly, he does so with the blood of Biafrans. This same individual that openly condemned the launch of ESN earlier, is today shamelessly clamouring to be identified with it. How times have changed!

“We IPOB have come with an unshakeable resolve to liberate our people from the Lugardian damnation called Nigeria. The mistake this hotelier and hostel builder and his likes made with our collective future is what IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu are fighting ever so hard to correct today.

“At least, now he knows they can never be like us. Unlike him, IPOB is a noble family of liberators that cannot be bought or sold to the highest bidder. Neither will we allow earthly material considerations to move us to distraction. Our mission is a very simple one: Restore Biafra! Nothing more nothing less!”

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Black Marketers Sell N400 Per Litre In Abuja As Fuel Queues Worsen

3 March 2021 - 2:59am

Black marketers have hit major roads in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, taking advantage of the biting fuel scarcity to sell a litre of fuel beginning from N400.

SaharaReporters observed that the black marketers operate in densely populated areas such as Kubwa, Mpape, Gwarinpa, Nyanya, Asokoro, and up to Lugbe and Gwagwalada, mostly in the early mornings and evenings, selling adulterated fuel to desperate buyers.

The fuel queues have worsened since Friday following the shutdown of many filling stations amid heightened expectations of an increase in the pump price of the product.

Some motorists told SaharaReporters how the situation forced them to patronise black marketers.

“The fuel scarcity in Abuja is worse than I imagined it. Every filling station is either locked or has an embarrassing queue. But black marketers are all over on every major road. They sell for N400 per litre. I bought 15 litres for N6, 000 yesterday,” a motorist, Kazeem Ibrahim, said.

“Yesterday, I bought 10 litres of fuel for N4, 000. I have yet to reconcile my purse with that. With the unending queues at filling stations, I had to fill my tank. With the queues along the roads also came traffic congestion and even gridlock in most areas. So, you still waste the fuel on useless traffic snarls,” another motorist, Mrs Hassana Ahmed, lamented.

“There are long fuel queues everywhere, starting as early as 6 am to cause traffic congestions along single lanes. Nobody is protesting. Where are the officials of the Nigeria Labour Congress, and the #EndSARS protesters? It seems we have normalised suffering in Nigeria,” another aggrieved motorist said.

“I set out this morning at 5 am to buy fuel, and I moved around the city. Contrary to reports, I discovered there is no fuel scarcity in Abuja, but fuel has finished in Abuja. If you like, queue from 2 am till 1 pm, you won't get fuel to buy,” a commentator on Twitter observed.

SaharaReporters had on Monday reported that fuel queues resurfaced on Saturday and Sunday, as only a few filling stations were dispensing petrol while others were shut.

Some attendants at some of the shut outlets explained that they were not selling petrol because the cost of the product would be increased from March.

Nipco and Gegu filling stations, along the Kubwa-Zuba Expressway, Abuja, had long queues of motorists on Sunday, while IBWAS filling station on the same road, which had earlier dispensed petroleum products, was shut.

Similarly, Major Oil filling station, along Airport Road, Abuja, which had steadily dispensed fuel up till Saturday, did not sell petrol on Sunday.

Shema Oil, close to Next Cash ‘N’ Carry in Abuja; NNPC outlet in Zuba, Niger State, and few other filling stations in Nyanya/Mararaba in Nasarawa State had queues.

“We have not been advised of any increase in petrol price. Many filling stations are not selling petrol perhaps because they have run out of stock or they are hoarding the product in anticipation of price increase,” the National Operation Controller, Independent Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria, Mr Mike Osatuyi, had said.

“The outcome of the meeting between the President and the governors is not yet known. There will certainly be an increase in petrol price but we don’t know when this will happen,” he had added.

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Bauchi Tricycle Operators Block Emir's Palace To Protest Extortions, Oppression

3 March 2021 - 2:58am

Commercial tricycle riders in Bauchi town of Bauchi State have staged a protest and blocked the palace of the Emir of Bauchi, Rilwanu Suleimanu Adamu, singing solidarity songs against the extortion of money from their members by the authorities.

The operators are also protesting against alleged oppression by the officials put in charge of the tricycles by the state government authorities, saying they would no longer tolerate such harassment.

SaharaReporters was told that people going to workplaces across Bauchi were stranded on Wednesday morning as the protest affected movement in the state capital.

It was learnt that the tricycles were distributed to the protesting riders by Governor Bala Mohammed to ease movements and provide jobs for those who lost their means of livelihood as a result of the ban on okada (commercial motorcyclists) operations.

“The tricycle operators have blocked major roads in Bauchi, and are currently staging a massive protest at the Emir’s Palace. The protest is against what the tricycle operators call endless extortion by those put in charge of their operations.

“The protesters are chanting songs, saying no to extortion and oppression,” a source told SaharaReporters.

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Another Blasted Kidnapping Fulani Herdsman, By Hannatu Musawa

3 March 2021 - 2:19am

“Try not to mess this one up,” Tambawalle thought to himself. In the last month, he had attempted to do three operations, but none of them were successful. It was important for him to succeed in the operation he was presently on because otherwise the members of his gang would look at him as weak.

He could tell that the attitudes of those around him had changed. There was a kind of disdain thrown his way. By way of shifty looks and off turning body gestures, members of the gang seemed to be put off by him. He couldn’t imagine what would make them react to him in that way since he had been a very active member of the team apart from the fact that he had pledged to do a couple of operations within the month but to his dismay, they had all failed.

Tambawalle used the shadow of the partly demolished building beside him to hide. The few streetlights that were working were dimed down in the small street that was riddled with potholes, mud and puddles. The moon and stars were shining up above. He sighs, reaches out and sticks his head out slightly to ascertain the position of his prey. Yes prey, for the man that he was following was going to be the victim of kidnapping. Tambawalle was on a mission to kidnap the man who he had been following for the last one hour.

Tambawalle had been on a motorbike when he noticed a well-dressed man leaving the ATM machine that was stationed near the fancy plaza in town. Tambawalle stopped to observe and saw that the man had gotten into a relatively new looking SUV. “Perfect,” he whispered to himself. “This is the perfect one.”…

Tambawalle was a young Fulani man who never had the opportunity of going to school. He was twenty-one years old with thick black curly hair, dark skin so tanned that it defied the pale light tone underneath it, dark brown eyes, chiseled features, a straight nose and a tall lanky, slim frame. His father died when he was four years old, leaving his mother to take care of the seven children they had together. From the age of six, Tambawalle was forced to beg on the streets of the Cosmopolitan city in which they lived in order to be able to survive.

Somehow, he had gotten involved with some older boys who introduced him to the dreamy world of drugs. Tambawalle loved that lifestyle because it gave him the magical ability to escape from the harsh reality that was his life. The reality where he would have to sleep on the streets dirty, not being able to clean himself for weeks on end. The reality where he would go for days without eating and be so hungry that he would partially pass out. The reality of seeing his mother, whom he adored beyond comprehension, struggle to make ends meet for the other children that she had given birth to.

After the passing of his father, Tambawalle’s mother had married two other men and had given birth to four more children. It was a tough existence for her and Tambawalle was determined to help his mother. He had tried working as a guard and did some domestic work. He had attempted to do some cleaning work in the market and lent his hand on assisting to pick up dirt off the streets. But each time he tried to get on the straight and narrow, the draw from his drug filled addiction would lead in derailing him. There were all sorts of drugs all around Tambawalle. Of the drugs, ‘Sholoosion,’ a drug derived from the gum and petrol used in motorcycles was Tambawalle’s drug of choice.

Despite all the challenges that Tambawalle faced, the one thing he so desperately wanted was to go to school. He wanted to be educated like his life depended on it. He had seen how those within his peer group, who were educated, had been able to have a manageable life style and take care of their families. He wished that he was able to take care of his mother the way other people were. However, there was no such opportunity for an education for people like him in his community because one had to have money in order to afford the kind of education he needed.

In Tambawalle’s quest to make the money he needed to take care of his family, he came across Barkono, a former herdsman that seemed to have it all. Barkono was a Local Criminal Don who drove around in a worn down Golf. He had been known to follow politicians during the political cycles. Through that activity, Barkono had amassed some wealth and had formed a group of bandits, thirty deep, that helped him carry out his operations.

Most of the gangs operations had focused on kidnapping motorists and demanding ransom for their release. Through these means, the group had been able to live out their immoral fantasies in their hideout deep in the forest on the outskirts of the town. They were so comfortable with their trade that they were even able to build small, operational makeshift towns in the jungle. Not once had any of the authorities tried to infiltrate the towns, no matter the operations the group carried out.

Since Tambawalle had been part of the group, they had successfully carried out fifteen kidnappings. They had made Millions. He had personally made N358,022 from his participation, most of which he could not account for. He had joined the gang to make money in order to help his family but somewhere along the line, something had gone wrong and none of the money had gone to his family. Between his obsession for big busted women and his need to take codeine and Splif, the money just seemed to disappear before it got to helping his family.

There were other things that he had done during some of the operations that the group had embarked on. On one occasion, members of the group took a fancy to a young woman that had been kidnapped so they decided to take turns sexually abusing her. On that occasion, Tambawalle did not really want to participate but rather than look weak in front of his gang mates, he decided to have his turn. In his mind he did nothing wrong because it was his means to survive and fit in with the gang. It was only peer pressure. He didn’t believe that he had committed any kind of abuse against the young woman because by the time it was his turn, the woman had already experienced what she had experienced so his part would not have made any difference to her.

At another time, Tambawalle had stabbed an elderly kidnap victim with a knife in the back. The man succumbed to his wounds and eventually died before his release. But even that time, Tambawalle did not feel like he had done anything too, too bad because the man was trying to escape. In his mind Tambawalle felt like he killed the man in self-defense because the elderly man was trying to escape. Tambawalle had been put in charge of guarding the man and had he let the man escape, the gang would have blamed him. Yes. He killed the man in self-defense.

… Returning back to the mission at hand. “This is the perfect one.” Tambawalle said to himself as he followed the man who had driven for a few yards before getting out of the SUV. He got off his motorbike and trailed the man on foot holding his knife tightly in his hand wondering where the man was going and when would be the best time to pounce on him, push him into the SUV and take him back to his gang’s enclave.

He wondered where the man was going to and before he could wonder any more, he saw the man walk into a building that looked like a Mosque. “Darn,” Tambawalle thought and he moved closer to try and spot the man again.

As he hid at the side of the Mosque, he heard the Imam say; “Astaghfirullaah alladhee laa ilaaha illaa huwal hayyul qayyoomu wa atoobu ilayhi.” “I seek the forgiveness of Allah the Mighty, Whom there is none worthy of worship except Him, the Living, the Eternal, and I repent to Him, Allah will forgive him even if he has deserted the army’s ranks.”

Strangely, Tambawalle felt as if the Imam was talking to him so he listened closer. The Imam continued, “Say Istighfaar. It means seeking forgiveness of Allah for the sins so far committed and turning repentant unto Allah.” “Repeat after me, “Astaghfirullah” Tambawalle repeated “Astaghfirullah.” He repeated it again and again and for a moment he lost sight of the reason why he was there in the first place.

All of a sudden, it was like a blast had hit him. Tambawalle did not know what came over him but he felt something touch his heart. In a flash of light he saw his whole life flash in front of his eyes; he saw his mother, his siblings, the jobs he had done throughout his life, his failed venture into education, his meeting with Borkono, his activities with the gang.

His eyes well and truly opened and he saw what he refused to see before. What he once convinced himself was trade now became clear to him to be crime and kidnapping. What he once saw as self-defense unraveled itself in his mind to be murder. What he told himself was peer pressure was now clearly rape to him. Just then he understood that he was a member of a ferocious kidnapping gang where he had committed rape and murder.

He was devastated and broken. He couldn’t believe that he had willingly committed all these atrocious crimes. He was a criminal, a rapist, a murderer. He was a horrendous human being who had let his family down and made people suffer.

His family! Now he remembers his family. He needed to go and see his mother. He needed to make amends for the terrible, terrible things he had done. He needed to go to the Mosque and confess his sins to the Imam. He needed to pray, ask The Almighty for forgiveness and cleanse himself of his sins.

Tears dripped down Tambawalle’s face as he walked into the Mosque, past the man that he had earlier profiled for kidnap and picked up a Holy Quran that lay on a praying mat. He held it to his face and begged for forgiveness. He walked out of the Mosque deciding to go to see his mother.

Arriving at his destination, Tambawalle walked into the decrepit and run down shack that was his mother’s residence. It was a tiny room made of sand in an overcrowded compound with other rooms made of sand. From his demeanor, it was evident that he carried a level of shame. He was aware that people in his close community had heard the rumors that he had been involved in some gang activity and may have been participating in kidnappings. He knew this because his mother asked him about the rumors and pleaded with him to stop the last time he saw her twenty nine months ago. Back then he was angry at the fact that she even had the guts to ask him such a question. After all, even if he had been engaging in such activity, shouldn’t she understand that he was doing it to survive in the harsh reality that they were living in Nigeria. He was doing it for her.

But now with his new awakening, he realized that he wasn’t doing it for his Mother. Almost all the money that he made from the kidnappings that he had engaged in had been spent on him and him alone. He barely helped his mother. He realizes that now. He had been engaging in crime ruthlessly and selfishly for himself and himself alone.

As he walked in towards the direction of his Mothers’ room, he could see that everybody was staring at him. From the corner of his eye, he saw a few women take their small children and move away from him; some even ran. They acted as if he was the Boogey man. He wasn’t angry because he now realized that he did act like the Boogeyman. He realized that the lifestyle he led and the person he had become was evil. He had done terrible things. He had been evil.

He focused on his Mother and the mission ahead of him. He had come home to tell his Mother that he was repenting and giving his life to his Deen. He wanted to be a new person, to do right by his family and his religion. He would work hard to make a living without resorting to crime. He had decided to walk away from the gang that did so much to destroy people’s lives.

He had decided that he was going to find the families that he had brought such destruction to and ask for their forgiveness. He would do anything they required by way of retaliation. He would start with the family of the young woman that he had participated in gang raping and then reach out to the family of the elderly man that he had stabbed and murdered. He knew that there was nothing he could do to correct the wrong he had committed to those families but he was ready to subject himself to them and allow them to retaliate in any way they felt fit.

He had also decided to turn himself over to the authorities and admit his part in all the crimes he had taken part in. He would give the authorities all the information they needed about the gang he was involved with, their whereabouts, locations, identities, plans and other gangs that they were associated with. He was ready to spill the beans at any cost. He was ready to stop and make things right.

As he entered his Mothers’ room, a pungent stench hit his face. He winced and squinted to try and adjust his eyes to see who was in the room. Through blurred vision, he saw the silhouette of a frail woman holding a limp body that looked like that of a small child. He heard the cries and the moans. Shinning the torch from the i-Phone S that he stole from a Kidnap victim that his gang had carried out a couple of months ago, he saw a face that looked eerily like that of his Mothers.

He could hardly recognize her. “Mamma,” he said. She didn’t reply him but continued to gently weep. He went close to her and could see that she was holding the lifeless body of one of his younger sisters.

Suddenly, Tambawalle would feel a hand on his shoulder. He would turn round to see the face of one of his neighbors who had tears running down his face. “Are you happy now?” the neighbor screeched. “You have brought shame to your mother. You have helped to kill and destroy your family!”

Through the neighbors’ outburst, Tambawalle found out that within the last couple of weeks, four of his siblings had passed away. Apparently, there had been some sort of infectious disease that caused severe watery diarrhea, which lead to weakness, dehydration and hot fever. His siblings died closely together because the condition had been untreated. His mother did not have the money to go to the hospital or buy medication. She begged for help but it did not come. She tried to reach her older children but was unable to get in touch with any of them in good time. Now she held on to the lifeless body of the fifth child and she sobbed quietly as she cradled back and forth.

The neighbor told Tambawalle that she did not even have the money to bury the dead child that she was holding and the people in the community were trying to raise money to help her. Tambawalle additionally learnt that apart from being given notice to vacate the sand made room that she resided in because she had been unable to keep up with the rent, his mother was also very ill and was dying because she was unable to afford medication.

Tamabawalle rummaged in his pocket to see what he could find to help his mother. He had nothing, apart from the i-Phone he held. Since he had embarked on his life of crime, he had made a lot of money but he had wasted it on a seedy lifestyle that included drugs and women of the night. He had saved nothing. Even if he was to sell his phone, it would not be enough to take care of the immediate issues his mother had. He wasn’t sure what he was going to do but he knew that no matter what, he would have to do something… anything to help out his Mother.

“What could he do?” he thought. After a few moments, Tambawalle scrunched his hands so hard that his left palm began to bleed from the pressure exerted by his index nail. He was about to make the most difficult decision of his life. He walked out of his Mother’s room, past the neighbor, out of the compound and towards a destination that provided the only solution he could think of. It was the destination of Borkono’s hideout deep in the bush that gave way to a jungle on the outskirts of the State that he lived in. It was the direction and destination of trouble.

In his mind, Tambawalle knew that what he was about to do was wrong, very, very wrong. He was about to go back to the unruly gang that encouraged him to gang-rape a young woman and murder an elderly kidnap victim. He didn’t want to do it, to subject himself to that lifestyle again. He wanted to repent and stop doing evil but he felt like he didn’t have a choice because that was the only thing he knew that would get him the kind of money he needed to help his Mother, his family. She was dying and he desperately needed to help her. He promised himself that he would engage in only one more kidnap operation, get the money that he needed to help his family and get back to doing the right thing.

Once he got back to the layout of the gang deep in the jungle, he was welcomed with open arms by Borkono. Incidentally, the gang had made a big score. A few days prior, they had laid a trap on the Express highway and were able to snatch a Silver Mercedes carrying a man and his wife. A call had been made to the family of the victims and a ransom of N20,000,000 had been demanded from the family.

By the time Tambawalle had joined the gang, he heard through Duhu, Borkono’s right hand man that they did not have the intention of letting the couple go. Apart from planning to squeeze more money from the couple and demanding more ransom after the initial ransom because of the fantabulous condition of the Silver Mercedes, the gang had taken a fancy to the woman who had been kidnapped. She was a beautiful woman and each member of the gang were planning to have a piece of her. In fact, Duhu was of the opinion that both kidnap victims would probably be killed by Borkono.

This troubled Tambawalle greatly. It was one thing going back to his former lifestyle for only one more operation to help his family but it was another thing to actively turn a blind eye while the kidnapped woman was raped and the man killed. Tamabawalle knew that he couldn’t sit by idly and watch a woman get rape and a man get killed. Not now. No more. Never again. He knew that this was the first test for him in his new life. He had no choice but to do what was right. He said a gentle prayer and knew what he had to do. He had to help them escape and once they were safe, he would go to the authorities, hand himself in and completely expose the identities of the gang and their hideout. He started thinking of ways that he could put his plan into effect and how best he could rescue the victims. How could he get them away from the gang of about thirty kidnappers?

The answer didn’t take long to come to Tambawalle because in the early hours of the next morning, he was awoken by ferocious gunshots. He didn’t know where they were coming from or what was happening but as the mayhem ensued with the kidnappers running amuck, Tambawalle, used the opportunity to run into the pen where the victims were held, untied the ropes that had incapacitated them, gestured to them to keep quiet and grabbed the two of them. He ran with them through the mayhem and headed with them to freedom.

As he led the two escapees through the forest in the direction of the nearest town, a ringing echo is heard and the brass shell of a stray bullet hits the floor with what one could only describe as several exploding balloons.

Tambawalle looks down to see his chest oozing blood where the bullets rippled through him. His adrenaline kicks in. He looks up and smiles at the final image of the two escapees running to freedom as he falls into a huge ravine. Now he lies lifeless in a ditch so deep and littered with dirt that the human eye would be unable to see its content. That was it for Tambawalle or Ilyasu Ado, as his birth name was… that was his end!

How long will it take anyone to find out he is dead? Would anyone be able to find his body? Would anyone know that he had saved the two victims that had been kidnapped? Who anyone know that Tambawalle was determined to clean up his act, stop with the drugs and the crime and focus on helping his mother in a legal and honorable way? Would anyone know that he was about to give himself up to the authorities and give his life to The Almighty? A family member, a person from the gang he was about to leave, a police-man, anyone?

… No, the sad truth is worse than one could imagine. Tambawalle’s body would never be found. His remains would disappear once the Vultures and Coyote’s finish feeding off it. His bones would sink deep into the hidden crevasses of the ravine, never to be seen again. His intention to turn his life around, make amends for his mistakes and repent would dissipate almost as soon as his soul did.

Tales of him being a Kingpin would be told over and over again. His mother would never get to know the intention her once innocent baby boy had before he went on his final mission, before he died. His mother would carry shame as she suffered with an ailment that would slowly ravage her and cruelly kill her because of lack of medication. She died a couple of weeks after Tambawalle. She would die with the shame that ate her up.

Tambawalle would only be known as Another Blasted Kidnapping Fulani Herdsman hiding and operating somewhere deep in the bushes…

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BREAKING: Fire Guts Lagos Airport

3 March 2021 - 2:12am

Murtala Mohammed Intl. Airport Lagos

A part of the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Lagos was on Wednesday gutted by fire.

SaharaReporters gathered that the incident occurred at the departure hall of the Kenyan airways.

Murtala Mohammed Intl. Airport Lagos NAN

The cause of the fire has yet to be ascertained as at press time.

“Part of the Lagos airport was earlier gutted by fire. The Kenyan airways office at departure, that was where the fire happened.

“The airport staff around quenched the fire alongside some fire fighters from FAAN (Federal Airports Authority of Nigeria),” a source told SaharaReporters.

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‘We’d Rather Lose Our Goods Than Transport Them To The South’ —Northern Traders Insist On Food Blockade

3 March 2021 - 1:56am

The Amalgamated Union of Foodstuff and Cattle Dealers of Nigeria (AUFCDN) says it prefers that farm produce goes to waste rather than tolerate continued attacks on its members in the South, TheCable reports.

Awwalu Aliyu, an official of the union in Kano on Tuesday said the decision not to supply food to the South was not to starve southerners but to protest against attacks on their people.

Aliyu who restated the group's claim that northerners were killed and lost properties, especially during the #EndSARS protests and the recent Shasha market crisis in Ibadan, the Oyo state capital, added that it would be better for them to lose food items locked up inside trucks in Jebba, Niger state than lose their lives. 
When asked if members of the union were not concerned about food items locked up inside trucks in Jebba going bad and leading to losses, Aliyu said, “It would be better to lose the food items than to lose lives. You’re talking about losing goods; which one is better, to lose a life or to lose property? Losing property is better than losing a life.

“We prefer and our people will prefer to lose those farm items or goods than to continue losing their lives. If you are alive, you can plant another thing, you can rear another cattle. But if you’re dead, you can’t do that again. Only the living can go to the farm.

“We do not want to destroy anybody. We do not want to kill anybody. The number of Yorubas and Ibos that reside in Kano and Kaduna alone is far more than the number of northerners in the entire South-West, South-South and South-East.

“Also, the investments of Yorubas and Igbos in Kano and Kaduna, running into billions of naira are more than the entire investments of northerners in the South-West, South-East and South-South if you remove Aliko Dangote. Our people are only petty traders, 'shoe shiners' (cobblers), fingernail cutters, wheelbarrow pushers, okada riders and so on.

“Our people in the South don’t have what southerners have in the North. They have farmlands, buildings and a lot of properties that run into billions of naira. We do not intend to touch a needle out of it. We do not intend to destroy anybody’s property. What we want is to have our people protected from being killed.”

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Delta Police Deploy 8,292 Personnel For Council Polls, Warn Troublemakers

3 March 2021 - 1:48am

Delta State Commissioner of Police, Ari Mohammed Ali, has deployed 8,292 officers for March 6, 2021 local government elections taking place across the 25 council areas of the state. 

While warning those he referred to as 'troublemakers' against any breakdown of law and order during the council polls, Ali, said the command will not hesitate to deal decisively with such persons.

A statement signed by the acting State Police Public Relations Officer, (PPRO), DSP Bright Edafe, said Ali also warned officers deployed for the exercise to remain professional as anyone found wanting would be arrested and prosecuted. 

The statement said Ali also assured the general public that the police would provide adequate security for residents and the electorate all through the period of the exercise. 

“Following the forthcoming local government elections to be held in the state on the 6/3/2021 in the 25 local government council areas, the CP Ari Muhammed Ali, FCIA, Psc+ assures all residents that the Delta state police command is committed to ensuring the security of everyone in the state by the deployment of its officers to all the polling units and also some speculated hot spots to maintain peace and calm all through the electioneering process.

“Meanwhile, the CP remains resolute to ensuring the sanctity of the electoral process and as such assures the public that all electoral materials and officials engaged in this election are secured. This is an appeal from the commissioner of police to frontrunners in these local government elections to please caution all their supporters and foot soldiers to restrain themselves from causing chaos as such will not be tolerated.

“He also warned that no police aide or security agent will be allowed to escort their principals or any important personalities (VIPs) to polling units or on any movement while the elections last, noting that any security aide violating this directive will be arrested and made to face the full wrath of the law.

“Meanwhile, the CP has reiterated that police personnel deployed for the elections will be professional in carrying out their designated duties as assigned. I wish us all a safe voting exercise."

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Police Release Body of Slain Shiite Member Killed During Protest In Abuja

3 March 2021 - 1:37am

Police shot at Shiites during a rally in Abuja

The Nigeria Police Force has released the body of Kabiru Ahmed, a member of the Islamic Movement on Nigeria, popularly called Shiites, allegedly killed by policemen during a protest in Maitama, Abuja, while demanding the release of their detained leader, Ibraheem El-Zakzaky.

Ahmed was shot by armed anti-riot policemen on Tuesday, January 26, 2021, while protesting near the National Human Rights Commission.

Police shot at Shiites during a rally in Abuja

The peaceful protest was disrupted when they were attacked with teargas canisters and live ammunition leading to the death of two members –Yunusa Abdussalam, 22, and Kabiru Ahmed, 49. 
Abdussalam was said to have been evacuated from the protest scene but he died shortly while receiving treatment in the hospital.

Meanwhile, Ahmed was captured by policemen after sustaining gunshot injuries in his left leg and later taken into custody, where he was allegedly tortured to death. 
His left hand was also said to have been badly damaged.
Confirming the development, the Secretary, Academic Forum of the Movement, Abdullahi Musa, said the police had continued to commit crimes against humanity by killing their members for embarking on peaceful protest.
The remains of Ahmed were deposited at the Wuse District Hospital, Zone 3.
The group vowed that the killing would not stop them from protesting against the unlawful detention of their leader and his wife, Malama Zeenah.

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A Govt That Loves Cows More Than Its Citizens, By Akinrinlola Olumide

3 March 2021 - 1:22am

There is a government in West Africa that loves cows more than its citizens. It is no other than the regime of the President, Major General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.), of the Federal Republic of Nigeria under the All Progressives Congress.

The love for cows and herdsmen by the Buhari regime knows no bound. While this is understood, because the Nigerian President is a proud cattle farmer, who hails from the Fulani extraction who are predominantly pastoral farmers and cattle dealers, it is not yet clear why some state governors are also of the same character.

In Nigeria, the high rate of insecurity has been compounded by some notorious Fulani herdsmen and the failure of the Buhari regime to deal decisively with them. Gun-wielding herdsmen have been accused of killing farmers, grabbing farmland and attacking villages across the country in desperation for greener pastures.

The killing in different parts of the country and the sacred treatment of killer herdsmen by the Buhari regime is currently increasing ethnic, regional and religious tension in the country.

Just recently, the Inspector-General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, reportedly ordered the arrest of one Sunday Adeyemo, a popular Yoruba activist better known as Sunday Igboho, for issuing a quit notice to herdsmen in Ibarapa town of Oyo State.

Igboho had asked herdsmen in Igangan in Ibarapa North Local Government Area of Oyo State to leave the area within seven days when it was obvious the government and security agencies were treating herdsmen with kid gloves following incessant reports of killing and kidnapping of defenceless Oyo citizens by these people.

Igboho had blamed the herdsmen in Ibarapa especially of the Fulani extraction, including Saliu Kadri, the Seriki Fulani in the environment, of being behind the rising insecurity in the area. Meanwhile, before the community resorted to self-help by inviting Igboho, the people were already helpless and hopeless following the lackadaisical and reluctant attitude of government and security agencies to respond to distress calls due to the Buhari regime’s love for cows and herdsmen.

It was sad and very disappointing that the same government that could not fish out killer herdsmen in Ibarapa and refused to arrest some prime suspects and killer herdsmen as alleged by community leaders in the area, was very quick to declare the arrest of Igboho who was on a rescue mission to rid the community of crime, a proof that the Buhari regime loves cows and herdsmen more than its citizens.

According to the BBC, on Monday, January 1, 2018, Fulani herdsmen through Miyetti Allah, the umbrella organisation of cattle herders in Nigeria, claimed responsibility for the attack on some communities in Benue State, which claimed the lives of over 20 residents. To date, no executive member of the group that claimed responsibility for such a heinous crime was arrested, a proof that the Buhari regime loves cow than the citizens.

So also, many residents of Ketu-speaking villages in Yewa North Local Government Area of Ogun State were brutalised by some soldiers alleged to have escorted herdsmen to graze on people’s farmland in the communities, prompting residents, some elected representatives and monarchs to cry out for government help about four weeks ago. Till date, none of the herdsmen and the so-called soldiers was arrested – a proof that the Buhari loves cows and herdsmen more than the citizens.

In defending cows and herdsmen, a governor from the north said this: “Because the Fulani man is practising the tradition of pastoralism, he has been exposed to the vagaries of the forest; cattle rustlers who carry guns kill him and take away his commonwealth, which is the cows. He has no option than to carry AK47 because the society and the government are not protecting him. What is his fault; it’s the fault of the government and the people. You don’t criminalise all of them, because, in every tribe, there are criminals.”

Above was a statement credited to Governor Bala Mohammed of Bauchi State in defence of herdsmen who go about with Ak47 rifle in the name of protecting cows; another proof that the Buhari regime loves cows than its citizens.

Not quite long, the Buhari regime condemned Governor Rotimi Akeredolu’s of Ondo State for giving an ultimatum to herdsmen to vacate Ondo forest reserves in his quest to create a database. The governor called for the registration of all the herdsmen in the state as part of his moves to end banditry, kidnapping and herders/farmers conflict currently claiming more lives than the Boko Haram insurgency across Nigeria.

Unfortunately, a government that swore to protect the lives and properties of Nigerians, which has failed in that obligation, quickly rushed to the press to condemn Akeredolu’s action through a statement issued by Garba Shehu, the Senior Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity. Is that also not a proof that the Buhari regime loves cows and herdsmen more than the citizens?

On February 19, 2021, some leaders of the Ifon community in the Ose local government area of Ondo State protested against the invitation of their four elders by the police over the alleged killing of a cow.

The community leaders said they were surprised that the police were pursuing supposed killers of cows when they had yet to unravel those who killed their traditional ruler, the Oluifon of Ifon, Oba Israel Adeusi. The action of the police looks very funny but it’s indeed a proof that the Buhari regime loves cows and herdsmen more than the citizens.

As I write, hundreds of military operatives have launched heavy attacks on the camps of the Eastern Security Network, a voluntary group at the forefront of the struggle to curb the criminal activities of herdsmen and their cows in some parts of the forest of Orlu and Orsu, in Imo State following the failure of the Nigerian government in arresting and prosecuting killer herdsmen across the country.

What more proofs do we need again to know that the Federal Government of Nigeria led by President Muhammadu Buhari loves cows and herdsmen more than its citizens?

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Igbo Can Survive Without Food Supplies From North, South-East Group Says

3 March 2021 - 1:13am

Following the threat by some Northern groups to end the supply of food items to the South, the Association of South East Town Union has said the people of the region can feed themselves without relying on food supply from the North.

The group's National President, Emeka Diwe, and the Secretary, Gideon Adikwuru, in a statement on Tuesday, said it would within a short time put a stop to the capital flight caused by what they called "the imperialism of the northern agro-cartels in Igboland."


The union noted that the blockade on food supplies to Igboland by the North would not make them cower, shake or scamper for help, as may be the belief of some Nigerians.

According to the statement, the Northern traders' decision had helped the plan of Ndigbo through the association to attain total self-sufficiency in food production.

"The target is to encourage the steady and seamless repatriation of Igbo wealth back home, thereby unleashing the potential in all the sectors of the local economy and facilitate job and wealth creation for our people through various value chains.

"We prepared for it, and it has aided the materialisation of our initiative and fast-tracked our agenda, which is to harvest home our wealth and make our land an oasis of prosperity among the Black race," ASETU said.

SaharaReporters had reported that the Amalgamated Union of Foodstuffs and cattle Dealers of Nigeria had embarked on an indefinite strike, vowing not to supply food items to the South to protect alleged maltreatment of Fulani herdsmen and some northerners residing in the South.

The union also demanded compensation of N4.75 billion to its members over alleged losses incurred during the # EndSARS' protest and razing of their properties at Shasha market in Oyo State.

Subsequently, the Arewa Consultative Forum, ACF, has also urged the Federal Government to address the striking union's complaints.

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Sowore, AAC Supporters Vow To Shut INEC Offices For Imposing Expelled Member On Party

2 March 2021 - 11:49pm

The former Presidential Candidate of African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, and members of the party have given the Independent National Electoral Commission a two-week ultimatum to return the party to the owners or have its offices shut down nationwide.

Sowore, who led members of the party to the INEC headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday to submit a letter, gave the Chairman of the electoral body, Mahmood Yakubu, till March 15, 2021, to stop imposing expelled former National Secretary, Leonard Ezenwa, on the party as its National Chairman.

He said the party would mobilise and direct all its members at the expiration of the ultimatum to occupy and shut down all the offices of the commission across the country.

He faulted the partisan role played by the commission in giving illegal recognition to those who had been expelled by the party's highest decision making body, National Executive Committee, to cause confusion in the party.

Sowore said the commission deliberately rejected their letter because of its interest in the leadership of the party who would be loyal to the INEC chairman.

The human rights activist said, “They rejected our letter last week because INEC has become a partisan body in Nigeria. They engaged in rigging of elections, they engaged in rejecting and accepting which chairman is loyal to the chairman of INEC or not.

“Today we have come; what we could not accomplish last week, we have just accomplished now. We have submitted the letter but the reason why we came here is not because of AAC alone.

“We are here because INEC has become a ridiculous umpire in the conduct of elections. INEC commissioner's, including the chairman have become tools in the hands of the ruling party, All Progressives Congress.

“We are now saying that starting from March 15, 2021, if INEC does not restore the ownership of AAC to its original owners, we will shut down INEC offices across the country.

“We will occupy INEC until the chairman and all commissioners are removed. They don't have the credibility to conduct free and fair elections.”

He warned the electoral body to thread with caution and not to truncate the fragile democracy of the country.

He added that AAC supporters and members would do everything within their power to ensure that democracy works in Nigeria, noting that they were not afraid of being arrested and jailed.

“If we have to go prison to ensure that democracy works in Nigeria, we will go to prison. If you have to shoot us because of democracy, we will take it. We will not continue to condone irresponsible officials who are supposed to be neutral but are always partisan in matters that affect democracy. 

“You are our employees; we are taxpayers and citizens of Nigeria. If you don't do your job, we will teach you how to do it,” Sowore stated.

Also speaking at the event was Juwon Sanyaolu, who said, “The same INEC had through a letter recognised the legitimate party leaders but still not willing to take the position of these legitimate party leaders that reaffirmed that Sowore remained the National Chairman of the party.

“The reason the government is doing this is that the ruling party is obviously aware that AAC is the only party that can bring an end to the shenanigans in government and 60-year-old ineptitude, corruption, maladministration that have been imposed on the country.

“And they also know that the leadership of Omoyele Sowore has the ability to lead this struggle of 60 years of slavery.”

The commission has continued to sabotage the efforts of legitimate leaders of the party despite the fact that all party organs, including NEC in their meeting in July 2019 and December 10, 2020 resolved unequivocally that Sowore remained the party chairman.

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One Day After Buhari Promised Abduction Won't Happen Again, Three Students Kidnapped In Katsina

2 March 2021 - 10:13pm

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari

No fewer than three Senior Secondary Students were on Tuesday kidnapped from a Community Secondary School (Day school) in Runka town, Safana local government area of Katsina State. 

Information gathered from the area revealed that the gunmen stormed the area in their numbers and kidnapped them on their way home,  after closing from school. 

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari REUTERS/SHANNON STAPLETON

The source said, "the incident happened today (Tuesday) around 3pm when the students closed from their school, Community Secondary School, Runka in Safana Local government area. The school situated in Runka is 3km from the students' village, Gobirawa village. 

"They were on their way home when the incident happened in Tsohon Clinic village (a route of the bandits). In their large numbers, the gunmen attempted to kidnap four of the students but one narrowly escaped while they went with the remaining three others. They were 1km to their village when the incident happened. They took them away on a motorcycle. 

"They are all SS2 students. They are namely, Gaddafi Usman, Abdulrashid Yahuza and Murtala Abdullahi. Currently, they are in the kidnapper's den.  See Also Insurgency Jangebe Abduction Will Be The Last Kidnap Case, Buhari Vows 0 Comments 3 Days Ago

"We were in the residence of the children this evening with the principal to sympathize with the parents over what happened and we were made to understand the gunmen have yet to reach out," the source said. 

When contacted, the Katsina Police Command spokesperson, SP Gambo Isah, said he was trying to confirm the incident. 

"I also saw the report but I'm trying to reach out to the DPO of Safana but his number is not reachable. Maybe they have gone to the area. I am also making an effort to confirm it too." 

 Katsina State government had over the weekend ordered the re-opening of the state's boarding schools. Similarly,  President Muhammadu Buhari assured Nigerians that the Jangebe students abduction in Zamfara State would be the last.

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