Chicoco Film and Drama Festival

The Chicoco film and drama festival was designed to use the audiovisual and cultural platform to educate people of the Niger Delta on sustainable non-violent advocacy in the region. The initiative was supported by PCF, CMAP, and implemented in partnership with DAWN in Creeks and other partner NGOs working in the region. The activity comprised of the following components in each of the delivery locations 

a) Roadshows and Rallies

b) Musical Concerts and Cultural Displays

c) Film Screenings and Drama presentations.

The Activity was delivered in three (3) locations in Rivers State, The first point of delivery was done in okirika Local government area of Rivers state on the 4th of October 2014, while the remaining area of delivery covered Port Harcourt within the 11th and 12th of October 2014. The aims of the activity was 

a) To use an educative and entertaining medium to disseminate Peaceful and nonviolent advocacy to the youths of the Region as a sustainable alternative to restive and armed struggles.

b) To provide a participatory platform for young people to network, share information and ideas.

c) To engage the creative energies of young people in the Niger delta.

d) To mobilize, organize and galvanize the young people to bring about positive change in their various communities using non-violent tools and methods.