Concert Marks 2nd Anniversary of Bundu Shootings

The concert was one of support and also of invitation to the government by the people of the Port Harcourt waterfront communities to hear the call that "Housing is a Human Right".

On the second anniversary of the gory shooting and killings of defenceless inhabitants of Rivers State waterfronts by heavily armed soldiers acting on the orders of the Rivers State Government, the London- based frontline human rights group, Amnesty International (AI) has vowed to defend residents who dwell in the riverside amidst renewed threats by the Rivers State Government to destroy the remaining  areas

Globally, hundreds of thousands of people are left homeless every year by forced evictions. In most cases, these evictions are conducted with impunity and disregard for international law and even the most basic human rights. Little thought is given to those affected. Millions remain homeless and destitute. Many are driven further into poverty. Most do not have access to justice and effective remedies against unjust evictions by state officials.