Data Collection and Environmental Monitoring in Mining Communities

After two Shell oil spills in the Niger Delta, Nigeria‚Äôs Bodo community suffered collapsed ecosystems and chronic environmental damage. A once bountiful agrarian community was left barren. No one was held accountable for the oil spill, and its devastating consequences, so the community took matters into its own hands. Through baseline data and environmental monitoring, Bodo had the evidence to prove the oil spill had caused significant environmental damage. 

N-Map in collaboration with the Media Awareness and Justice Initiative produced this film as part of our Beneath the Surface series, created to inform rural communities facing mining about their rights, and empower them with legally sound strategies for protecting themselves.

Each video in the series features a relevant story from different communities around the world, and exposes the damaging effects of mining, while highlighting the power of unity in the face of powerful multinational corporations. The Bodo community has a message to anyone facing an extractive project: To protect yourself and the environment, collect environmental data before the project begins.


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