Dawn in the creeks Roadshow and Chicoco Film Festival.

The Chicoco Film and Drama Festival is supported by THE PRINCE CLAUS FONDS. It will be using an audiovisual, cultural and drama outlet to educate, inform and build the awareness of community people, youths and the general public around the issues of conflict resolution, Non violence, human right advocacy , environmental rights, sustainable development and durable peace. The project team will be working in partnership with cultural and drama groups in the communities and other development partners working in the region
The project will target young people, the general public, policy makers and stakeholders. it is designed to hold in six (6) communities (3 Urban, 3 rural) in three (3) core Niger Delta states (Rivers, Bayelsa and Delta states).
We aim to use the festival to further raise the awareness on non violent methods of resolving conflicts and peace building, human right violations and galvanize solidarity for the improvement and implementation of already existing non- violence platforms and environmental protection policies in the region. Secondly we aim to use the Film Festival to provide a platform for ideas and cultural exchange, informative and educative sharing between policy makers, local, international communities and development partners. The festival also aims to provide a channel for young people in urban areas, local communities, policy makers and other stakeholders to discuss and proffer solutions on existing problems in the region, thereby making the communities partners and stakeholders in their own development. The organization plans to use this to further improve the efficacy of implementation strategies for multimedia audiovisual advocacy, particularly because the country will be entering an election year in 2015 and this we believe will be important for increased developmental discussions.