Oil in our Creeks

In May 2017, The Media for Justice project (Now full registered as the Media Awareness and Justice Project) Partnered with Aljazeera News, Sustainability International and Ventures Africa to develop the very first virtual reality film in the Niger Delta.

Here is a Sneak peak Preview of the all round, immersive Virtual Reality Documentary film which is currently been screened at the three international film festivals.

Click on OIL IN OUR CREEKS to Watch the full version of the Documentary 

The video follows the lives and challnges of people living in Bodo community, Rivers state and how the impacts of oil spills has negatively affected the environment and livelihoods of the people living within the community.

The VR film will be screened at the follwoing International Film Festivals

(1) Vancouver International Film Festival (VIFF) – Canada - See link to publication - https://haptic.al/contrast-vr-debuts-its-second-original-vr-documentary-d1259201534c

(2) Rio international Film Festival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

(3) Virtual Reality Days – Amsterdam, Netherlands.

See video