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In collaboraiton with the National Democractic Institute, Young Stars foundaiton...

In May 2017, The Media for Justice project (Now full registered as the Media Awareness and...

The Human Rights Theatre Outreach: a utensil for change and community...

Three Years on, and Little has changed in Ogoniland - a view on the Implementation status of the UNEP report

Little action has been taken to clean up pollution caused by oil production in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region, either by the government or Shell Oil, Amnesty International and other groups charged Monday.

UNEP Report Roundtable Meeting

A BRAINSTORM session was designed by the Media For Justice Project (MFJP) with an aim of dicussing possible ways to compel the FG to implement the recommendations contained in the UNEP report. The constant non implementation of the report can be likened to the passing of a death sentence on the people of the Niger Delta. We Must continue to advocate for its implementation in 2014... Together we Shall prevail.


Shell has manipulated oil spill investigations in Nigeria, with the company’s claims on oil pollution in the region deeply suspect and often untrue, said Amnesty International and the Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD).

Oil Spill Impacts in Bodo Community

Oil Spills are very destructive to the eco-systems of the Niger Delta, and efforts should be intensfieid in cleaning the spills as peoples lives depend on their environment.

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Pre- JIV assessment of Recent Ogoni Spill

This is a Video On the Pre JIV (joint Investigation) of the Recent Oil spill from one of the Shell piplelines running through Bodo Community in ogoni land.