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A Disgrace On The Throne By Remi Oyeyemi

5 hours 23 min ago

Remi Oyeyemi

Remi Oyeyemi


As a traditionalist and authentic Yorùbá son, I am very embarrassed. I am greatly discomforted. I feel personally humiliated. I feel personally insulted. I feel thoroughly disrespected. I feel dishonoured by this incivility on the throne. I feel greatly perturbed by this insolence, impudence and impiety. I am greatly worried that we have a thug on a revered throne. I really feel ashamed. 

How this miasma came to be manifested has to be investigated. How a dog came to occupy the throne of a lion has to be revisited. How a stinking pig came to walk on a throne of white velvet has to be looked into. How a putrid character got the chance to contaminate a sanctified and sacred seat must be disconstructed. How a morally calcified crud came to cruise on a cherished cathedra must be disemboweled. 

This is nauseating. This is disgusting. This is revolting. It is detestable and distasteful. It is repulsive and repugnant. Who were the decision makers that put him on the revered throne? Who were his sponsors? Who were his supporters? Who were those that carried the water for him? Who were those that recommended him? Who were the approving authorities of this charlatan?

A highly combustible shamelessness. An audacious disgrace. An unrestrained reprobate. A licentious loose cannon. A giddy goon gallivanting perniciously over a greatness built by generations of great characters. A misfit. A bohemian. A beatnik. Vacuous. Empty. Brainless. Thoughtless. Valueless. 

What is happening in Yorùbá land? What is happening to Yorùbá nation? What has occurred to our great culture? What is happening to our tradition? How did we get here? How did a depraved degenerate get to occupy the shrine of our forefathers? How? Someone, please help me, how?

Definitely something could be done about this. Something must be done about this. This could no longer continue. An end has to come to this shenanigans. This is a travesty. This is grotesque. This is a mockery. A parody. A perversion. It could not continue to subsist. Not any further. Not anymore. Not even one more time.This has to be completely severed. And immediately too.

Suspension is not enough. It is not going to be enough. It won't be enough. Suspension would not cut it. It would not do the job. Removal is the only solution. It is what is required. It is what would appease Elédùmarè, the God of our fathers. It is what would satisfy the spirit of our ancestors. It is what would delight the gods. It is what would cleanse the Stool of all desecrations. 

He is a pumped up opprobrium. He has no scintilla of a sense of decency. He has no idea of what he does. He swims in the pool of alternative reality. He is creamed in a cocoon of mortified confusion. He is a bull  in a china shop furiously seeking the grass to eat. He is in a wrong place. He does not belong. He has cinctured cognitive ability. His thought process is functionally arid.

That is why he is still brazenly loudmouthed. This is why he is still blatantly loquacious. It is the reason he is still garishly garrulous.  It is why he is still bragging after disgracing the hallowed throne. It is why he is still granting interviews. It is why he is still all over the social media, acting comedically with fetid tinges of concentrated yèyénátù. 

This is the throne once graced by the people of dignity and integrity like the Tadeses, the Lamuyes, the Osunwos, the Olayiwumis, the Adegunodos, the Ogunmakindes, the Gbases, the Abimbolas and the Adegoroyes. This is the throne that was once occupied by men of honour and characters like the Olufates, the Abanikandas, the Ajanis, the Omotoshos, the Olatunbosuns, the Adubiarans and many more.

It is a throne that has now become the playground of and for a corn artist. A fake. A phony. An impostor. A quack. He has given enough reasons for his DNA to be checked out. He is a doubtful true born. He is destroying 800 years of hard work, meticulously put together by men of vision and mission. He is pulling down a house that had taken 800 years to build by men of valor and character.

He has called himself an emir. He has called himself an Eze. He has called himself every and any despicable name that is antithetical to the duties and expectations of the throne he is desecrating. He has engaged in evey repugnant act to disgrace himself, his family, his ruling house, his people, his city, his race and Yorùbá nation. Suspension could not and would not solve this problem. Only removal from that stool would do. 

The Iwo people needs our help to put an end to this blot. They should remember that no amount of money would repair the damages being visited on this throne  The Goverment of Osun State needs our encouragement to be courageous. The Osun State Council of Obas need our support to be proactive. All Yorùbá people of good will must stand up and end this disgrace to our Nation, our land, our heritage, our history and our people.

This nonsense has gone on for too long. This is the time to end it.

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Insecurity: Catholic Bishops Urge Christians To Wear Black On Wednesday

5 hours 28 min ago


Catholics in Nigeria have been asked to wear black outfits on Ash Wednesday to protest rising insecurity in the country.

The directive was communicated in a statement by Catholics Bishops’ Conference of Nigeria. 

The statement signed by Augustine Akubeze and Camillus Umoh, President and Secretary of CBCN respectively, reads, “As a mark of mourning all our brothers and sisters who have been victims of the most recent wave of violence against Christians, we are all dressed in black today and offer our prayers and penance for their repose.

“We invite the universal church and all Christians to join us in prayers for our dead brothers and sisters and for peace and security in Nigeria.

“We equally appeal to the international community to come to the aid of the Nigerian Government in the fight against terrorists, who want to destabilise our country.

“The repeated barbaric executions of Christians by Boko Haram insurgents and incessant cases of kidnapping for ransom linked to the same group and other terrorists have traumatised many citizens."

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EXCLUSIVE: Navy Invades Ondo Coastal Communities, Destroys Valuables As Residents Flee Area

7 hours 3 min ago

Illustration; Nigerian Navy.

Illustration; Nigerian Navy. Google


Residents of Ugbo Kingdom under Ilaje Local Government Area of Ondo State have fled their homes following an invasion of the region by men of the Nigerian Navy, SaharaReporters has learnt. 

The invasion of the area comes barely a month after four naval ratings were killed at Gbagira Village and three foreign sailors abducted in the oil-rich kingdom. 

The Nigerian Navy, however, soon announced the rescue of the three expatriates including Varonray Anandan (Indian), Roman Dmitriev and Mikhail Finenko (Russians) abducted aboard Sterling Global Oil vessel, MV AMBIKA. 

The communities attacked by the naval personnel include Awoye, Mese, Gbagira and Odofado in Ugbo area of Ilaje Local Government Area. 

Some residents, who spoke with SaharaReporters on Sunday, alleged that no fewer than three persons in one of the communities died during the invasion.  SaharaReporters Media

They claimed that the incident led to destruction of lives and valuables, noting that economic activities had been paralysed as a result of the situation. 

One resident, Mr Abiola Ikuoye, accused Commanding Officer of Nigerian Navy Fowarding Operating Base in Igbokoda, Danjuma Ndanusa, of ordering the invasion of the area. 

He said, "It's unfortunate that men of the Nigerian Navy in Igbokoda could twist the facts of the entire story. 

"They claimed that our people in Ilaje killed the naval personnel whereas we know nothing about the issue including the abduction of the foreigners. 

"It was a gang of sea pirates that abducted three foreigners in Bayelsa State and were later stranded in Gbagira in Ilaje area of Ondo State."

According to Ikuoye, the abductors became stranded when the fuel in their boat ran out. 

He said a fisherman going about his normal activity was held by the pirates in order to help them get fuel. 

He added, "The fisherman agreed to help them but instead took one of the pirates to the Naval Base at Awoye. 

"He hinted the navy personnel of the presence of the pirate and other gang members on the boat near Gbagira community.

"Later, the naval officers went after the pirates and engaged them in a gunfight, which led to the killing of their men while they fled with their victims.

"Instead of cooperating with us and appreciating what we are doing for them, they are killing our people and invading our homes." 

It was gathered that some indigenes of the affected communities, who took refuge in swampy forests in the wake of the invasion, are yet to return home. 

A naval officer, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, said they decided to visit the communities following intelligence report about the presence of pirates in the area. 

He denied allegations that officers invaded the coastal communities to wreck havoc. 

He said, "When our men were killed last month, they stole rifles and ran into the swampy forest while we issued some warning to them to return the arms and ammunition. 

"We got intelligence reports that some of the inhabitants of these communities engaged in crime and even haboured criminals in their houses. We issued them a warning. 

"They failed to listen, and rather than having a change of attitude, they kept attacking us and also engaged in all forms of crime to sabotage our efforts."

Meanwhile, the Ugbo Central Working Committee has called for proper investigation into the invasion of the communities by the Nigerian Navy. 

In a statement, the committee lamented the activities of the Nigerian Navy in Igbokoda Forwarding Operating Base under the watch of Commodore Danjuma Ndanusa. 

The group said the authorities of the Nigerian Navy should also be mandated to repair all properties destroyed during the invasion of the communities. 

It added that the navy should also provide locals declared missing when they invaded the area. 

The committee said, "The Nigeria Navy should release our people arrested in connection with this incident without further delay. 

"They should also be mandated to refund the looted money belonging to our people. 

"There should be an urgent security meeting in Ilaje Local Government Area."

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Memo To General Buratai On Alleged Army Consultants By Yushau A. Shuaib

8 hours 40 min ago


"My namesake, I commend your relentless counterinsurgency media campaigns against our enemies, on a pro bono basis without a penny from the military. Please sustain the tempo." - General Yushau Abubakar

General Buratai, the above message was sent to me by the first Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Yushau Mahmood Abubakar, when he was redeployed to the Nigerian Army Headquarters as Chief of Training and Operation in January 2016. He later died in a very mysterious accident along Damaturu-Maiduguri Road two months later in March 2016. It is one of several goodwill messages we receive from top military officers and soldiers on our media interventions. I must also appreciate your goodwill message too when I voluntarily retired from the public service last year.

As you are aware, this is not the first open letter to you or article that I have written about you and the Nigerian Army under your watch ( I am writing presently to draw your attention to the highly libellous and defamatory rejoinder written about me by one Terrence Kuanum, who is allegedly working as a contractor/activist for and supported by the Nigerian Army.

In his over 3000 words-long defamatory piece, reveling in insidiously false claims, Mr. Terrence labeled me a Boko Haram supporter, ISWAP propagandist and that I was on the payroll of terrorists while offering his distorted and apparently suborned response to my recent Memo to President Buhari on the Service Chiefs.

In that memo, I had argued on the need for the present service chiefs to be let go when the ovation is still audible, and after giving the best of their skills to the nation, while also allowing for a smooth progression in service through the promotion of other competent military officers to the next level. My argument was anchored on the necessity of enabling a new cadre of officers and set of competencies to come through in the national security architecture, if the war on terror in the country must be won.

Yet, President Buhari has the right to decide otherwise, since he has signed the revised, though restricted, document on the Harmonized Terms and Conditions of Service for Nigerian Armed Forces Officer in 2018, which now includes a provision stating that: “Notwithstanding (retirement age or expiry of tenure), the President, C-in-C reserves the prerogative to extend the tenure of CDS/Service Chief irrespective of his age or length of Service.”

From available records and an Internet search, the activities and statements of the said Terrence revolve around his membership of a so-called Global Amnesty International Network, a National Coalition Against Terrorism, an obscure website known as Television Nigeria and other shadowy groups to support the Nigerian Army.

Surprisingly, in his deliberate effort to incite the military and the victims of terrorists against me, on the basis of false accusations, Terrence compromised the websites of highly credible, as well as notoriously incredible media platforms, by planting his offensive article, mostly without the knowledge of the publishers and editors of some of these platforms. Subsequently, about 15 of these media have had to delete the highly libellous content from their websites, while offering their profound apologies.

Considering the gravity of the false accusations and information that he has been sharing, coupled with the criminality of spreading fake news and hate speech, through the breaching of the standards of a number of media platforms, I have since petitioned security and intelligence agencies, including the Police, National Intelligence Agency and the Department for State Services to investigate these allegations and the motive behind the malicious attacks I have been subjected to. I have also provided these agencies with the details of the web links and screenshots of the websites on which this defamatory information has been circulated.

Surprisingly, more than two weeks after my petition, Terrence seems untouchable, as the security agencies have not been able to take any action on him, even as he has had the audacity to publicly launch a book in Abuja last week, where he blamed the victims of terror for being their own nemesis.

I feel disappointed that after serving critical institutions in Nigeria, the system appears not able or willing to protect one from malicious, inciteful and false allegations that could possibly lead to the loss of one’s life. Yet, only recently, security personnel arrested the young editor of an online medium, the webmaster of this medium, alongside one of its reporters, and arraigned them in court in another state over a harmless investigative report against drug addiction that was carried out. How come drawing attention to the sinister motivation behind such a grave matter as the false allegation of Boko Haram membership, which could possibly subject one to lynching, is being treated with levity?

General Buratai, sir, since your appointment as Chief of Army Staff, after your sojourn as the Commander of the Multinational Joint Task Force in the Chad Republic in 2015, I and my organisation have reported the activities of the Nigerian Army at no single cost to the Nigerian Army till date.

When the alleged Dubai property of your family went viral, our platform, PRNigeria provided the other necessary perspective on the issue to the Nigerian public, on the basis of the information and documents provided to us by your associates and a presidential spokesperson. (

During the Shiite-Army fracas in December 2015, our medium, in close liaison with your spokesperson, became the major source of syndication of news and videos of your appeal to the protesters before the situation went awry a few days later (

We have also provided credible intelligence and engaged in and supported strategic media censorship for the protection of national security. These are facts that your respective spokespersons and spy chiefs can easily attest to pertaining to our professional integrity and ethical practice.

It, therefore, beats my imagination that a fellow associated with, patronized and allegedly funded by the Army could be allowed to disparage my reputation to no consequence till date.

My appeal to you as the Chief of Army Staff is to be wary of those who may be dropping your name or that of the military to engage in silly activities and criminal offences.

I also urge the security services to be fair and just in protecting and treating Nigerians equally before the law, especially on cases involved heavy cybercrime offences.

I trust that your sense of professionalism and reasonable conduct would make you investigate and call those behind this unfortunate situation to order. Thank you.

Yushau A. Shuaib is Founder PRNigeria and author of An Encounter with the Spymaster

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SARS, Why Are You Killing Us? By Adekunle Adeyemi (Scotty Aluta)

8 hours 54 min ago

Scotty Aluta

Scotty Aluta


The recent horrific killing of a young Nigerian football player of Remo Stars FC by officers of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad — an arm of the Nigeria Police Force is barbaric. SARS officers have received several condemnations for going after suspected internet fraudsters popularly known as 'Yahoo Boys', rather than spending more time to investigate cases of armed robbery which is their constitutional duty.

On no account should any security agency put an end to a common harmless Nigerian life when we have a working but compromised judicial system, suspected criminals are to be investigated and if found wanting, such person should be prosecuted and let the court of competent jurisdiction decide his/her fate. 

SARS has, over the years, earned a notorious reputation of a brutal agency following cases of extrajudicial killings, torture, ill-treatment of detainees, and extortion of suspects. SARS needs an overhaul—not a ban—to check its excesses without trading off an increase in crime and overhauling SARS will require more than a presidential order. 

Nigerians are now living in fear because the fear of SARS is the beginning of wisdom as it is now a prayer point in churches and mosques not to fall victim of SARS operatives. The Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces, President Muhammadu Buhari and the Nigerian Police force decided to turn deaf ears to people's complaint over the activities of SARS. When Nigerians start resisting and carry out jungle justice on them, I hope they keep the same energy. 

The violations of fundamental human right are even worse in SARS custody. Once grabbed or arrested, suspects are subjected to various degrees of torture in inhumane conditions. The different forms of torture melted on those detained have led to the death of so many young ones who sees themselves as leaders of tomorrow. Yet most of the cases were neither investigated nor were the culprits held responsible for their actions.

During the social media campaign of #ENDSARS, the Inspector-General of Police promised to reform the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. The IGP released a statement on January 21, 2020, stating that the Special Anti-Robbery Squad has been reformed. The Unit is no longer allowed to be involved in stop and search exercise unless there is a distress call from a victim but reverse is the case. Who is deceiving who? 

The Nigerian Police Act outlines duties of the Nigerian police force which include ‘protection of life and property, apprehension of offenders, preservation of law and order and the prevention of crime’,  not going after Internet fraudsters (Yahoo boys) and killing innocent Nigerians.

I join well meaning Nigerians, especially the youth populace to call on the Federal Government and the IGP to look into the menace SARS officials has turned themselves into, we need to put an end to these senseless killings of innocent Nigerians. 

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Copyright Commission Invites Author, Ozikpu, Over Petition On Alleged Copyright Infringement

10 hours 50 min ago

Elias Ozikpu

Elias Ozikpu

The Nigerian Copyright Commission has invited an activist and author, Elias Ozikpu, over a petition written by his lawyer following an alleged infringement on the copyright to his play entitled, “Heroes of the Night”.

Rockson Igelige, counsel to Ozikpu, via a petition dated February 9, 2020 and addressed to the Director-General of the NCC, accused Melrose Books and Publishing Ltd, Macmillan Nigeria Publishers Ltd and Universal Basic Education Commission, of publishing and reprinting his client’s literary work since 2012 and distributing same to schools throughout Nigeria without the prior knowledge and consent of his client.

The author, through his lawyer, asked the commission to invoke its investigative and prosecutorial powers under the Nigerian Copyright Act to protect his copyright and ensure violators are duly sanctioned.  See Also Books Lawyer Accuses Melrose, Macmillan Of Intellectual Theft 0 Comments 1 Week Ago

The Nigerian Copyright Commission has now reacted to the petition, inviting Ozikpu to formally present his case at its headquarters.

NCC’s letter to Ozikpu obtained by SaharaReporters, reads in parts, “I am directed to acknowledge receipt of your letter dated February 9, 2020 and to inform you that investigation has commenced.

“In this connection, you are therefore invited for a meeting with the investigation team.”

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Deontay Wilder Rushed To Hospital After Defeat To Tyson Fury

11 hours 45 min ago

Deontay Wilder was rushed to a hospital after his defeat to Tyson Fury in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States, on Saturday night.

Wilder was dominated by Fury as he suffered the first professional defeat of his career, being knocked down twice en route a stoppage defeat in the seventh round, according to Independent UK.

It was the first knockdown, which saw Wilder sustain the injury that would eventually be the difference as Fury swung a right hook towards the back of his head, bouncing off the ear and possibly perforating the eardrum.

Wilder was then dominated by body and head shots to which he had no real answer until his corner decided the fight could be no more and brought to a close towards the end of the seventh round. 

Fury was then crowned WBC heavyweight champion before both men spoke graciously in the ring, as Wilder skipped the post-fight press conference and was taken immediately to hospital to be examined for possible ear injuries as well as a general observation.

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Diaspora Group Tackles Buhari Over Insecurity, Poverty In Nigeria

12 hours 4 min ago

A group, Concerned Nigerians in Canada, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately resign from office following the rising spate of insecurity and poverty in the country.

Decrying latest attacks on helpless citizens by Boko Haram terrorists in the North-East region of Nigeria, the group said that the administration of Buhari had failed woefully in protecting Nigerians and creating avenues for economic empowerment for the people.

In a statement by Convener of the group, Olujimi Adekanle, and addressed to House of Commons Government of Canada, Catholic Archdiocese of Canada, Amnesty International among others, Concerned Nigerians in Canada disclosed that they would soon embark on a global protest against the government of President Buhari for failing to deliver on promises made before coming into office.

The statement reads, “We want to register our fears and utter disappointment at the leadership and government of President Muhammed Buhari. 

“Events and heart-breaking happenings in our country as a result of gross incompetence of the Buhari administration can no longer be tolerated judging by the humongous negative effect they are having on our nation. 

“We unequivocally submit that Buhari's government has failed in all departments of governance and he has become nothing but a puppet in the hands of his cabal.

“The recent infighting between the National Security Adviser, General Monguno (retd), and Buhari's Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, is a  signal that all is not well with Nigeria’s security system. Buhari has totally lost it.

“Nigeria went in search of solution and elected a problem, today we have graduated to the third position in global terrorism index after Syria and Iran.

“What is obvious to the whole world is that rather than face good governance and delivery of his campaign promises for public good, Buhari and his cohorts have continued to engage in lethargic divisive ethnic and sectarian sentimentality with alarming impunity. 

“We can no longer entrust our collective destiny in the hands of such wicked leaders and therefore call on Nigerian patriots world over to rise up to this occasion to join us to resist Buhari's government of total failure. 

“We want to assure you that a protest will be staged round the globe to finally end a grossly incompetent and self-centred government.

“We beckon on all well-meaning Nigerians to support us in our quest to take our Nigeria back from evil leaders benefiting from terror in our nation.” 

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Begging Not Allowed In Islam –Emir Of Kano

12 hours 55 min ago

Emir of Kano Lamido Sanusi

Emir of Kano Lamido Sanusi Information NG

The Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi II, has said that begging of alms was not allowed in Islam. 

The traditional ruler and former governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria said this at the National Conference on Alarammomi (Qur’anic teachers) on Saturday.

He also stated that beggars should direct their entreaties to the government and not the people around them.

He said, “Begging is disallowed in Islam and if you must beg for alms beg the government, not individuals or relatives.

“It is better for you to cut firewood and sell to earn a living than to beg.

“Those who beg or seek assistance from individuals will be resurrected on the day of judgment without meat/flesh on their faces.

“And if you must beg, then beg the government not individuals or relatives. This is because they should be responsible for the welfare and wellbeing of citizens.

“Individuals, relatives or neighbours can assist you as gestures of kindness and generosity, but that’s not necessary.

“So, those who are saying that begging is not prohibited in Islam are just misleading you,

“Programmes like cash transfer and many more can assist in tackling these problem. So, we urge the government to sustain the cash transfer programme and come up with many more.”

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In Eyes Of History: Ilesa Grammar School Hosts Aionian Games By Remi Oyeyemi

12 hours 59 min ago

Remi Oyeyemi

Remi Oyeyemi

They are the elite schools of Yorùbá nation. They are the gilt-edged schools in Yorùbá land. They are the glitterati of the schools in Oòduà land. They belong to a special class of their own. They have characteristics that are unique to and about them. They belong to this exclusive club that is the envy of many other great schools. They are the nobles, the aristocrats. 

They are the AIONIAN Schools.

When sometime in 1929, the Reverend Canon Moses Craig Akinpelumi Adeyemi (1882 - 1942), then the Principal of Ondo Boys High School, Ondo, had suggested to three of his fellow School Principals to start a Brotherhood annual games during a meeting at St. Andrew's College, Oyo, little did he know that he was making history. If he knew he was making history, then his legacy is actively living on 78 years after his departure from this mother earth.

Obviously, his persuasive skills were as efficacious as they were effective. He was able to convince his three other colleagues and the Brotherhood of AIONIAN Schools were formed the following year in 1930. The following four schools were the foundation members and their Principals:

(a) Abéòkúta Grammar School, Abéòkúta, founded in July, 1908. The Principal at this time was Rev. W. R. B. Kuye.

(b) Ìjèbú Òde Grammar School, Ìjèbú Òde, founded in January, 1913. The Principal at this time was Rev. I. O. Ransome - Kuti.

(c) Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan, founded in March, 1913. The Principal at this time, who was also the founder of the school was Rev. A. B. Akinyele.

(d) Ondo Boys High School, Ondo, founded in January, 1919 The Principal at this time, who also was the anchor for the founding of the school was Rev. Canon M. C. Adeyemi.

The above four Schools were the foundation members in 1930 and the name of the Brotherhood, "AIONIAN" was extracted from the initials of the schools, "AIONI" with the last "AN" added "to make it adjectival," according to an edited version of the history of the Brotherhood, by Michael Taiwo of Ìjèbú Òde Grammar School in 2013.

In 1932, Oduduwa College, Ilé-Ifè, joined this elite club followed by the current hosts, Ilésà Grammar School, Ilésà in 1934. Remo Secondary School, Ságâmù, joined the Brotherhood the same year with Ilésà Grammar School, in 1934, followed by Ìmàdè College, Òwò in 1946. Victory College, Ikare, followed suit in 1947.

No other school was admitted into the Brotherhood until 1951 when Egbado College, Ilaro, joined. Manuwa Memorial Grammar School, Iju - Odo, was the next in 1954 with Gbòngán/Ode -Òmu Grammar School, Gbòngán, being the last to be admitted in 1955. Since then, the number has not exceeded 12.

Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan, is the permanent Secretariat of the Brotherhood, why the incumbent Principal of the school is the Secretary on the permanent basis. Each school is referred to as a "House." For example, Ilésà Grammar School is referred to as "Ilésà House." The name of the Brotherhood has not been tampered with as a result of new admissions into the Club. It has remained the same over the years, bearing the insignia of the foundation members.

The political, economic and social capital of Ìjèsà land, Ilésà, would be agog starting from Thursday February 27, 2020 when the guests from all the twelve Brotherhood schools would be arriving for their sports and academic contests. The three day event comes to a close on March 1, 2020, when participants would head home. Ilésà Grammar School, the pride of Ìjèsà, is the proud host of this year's competitions. 

AIONIAN Games has become a tradition that has been sustained through thick and thin. It has risen up to the challenges of the times. It has refused to succumb to the predatory financial exiguity that has killed many other laudable concepts. It has become an event to which many have been very proud to associate. It is an event that is even celebrated by non-participating schools. 

If Canon M. C. A. Adeyemi, the man who conceived this wonderful idea, and after whom the Adeyemi College of Education, Ondo, was named, is smiling in his grave today, it would be deserved smiling. His vision has endured. His mission has continued to be accomplished with every event of the Brotherhood. His dream is alive. His legacy lives.

Welcome one and all to this year's AIONIAN Games. Welcome to Ilésà Grammar School, Ilésà. Welcome to Ìjèsà land.

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Coronavirus: Number Of Infected Persons Rises To 80,000 In China

13 hours 6 min ago

The number of persons infected with Coronavirus has hit 80,000 with a total death toll of 2,442 in China. 

Medical authorities in the country reported on Sunday that 97 deaths were recorded and 648 new infections were reported in the last 24 hours.

Chinese deaths and infections remain concentrated in the hard-hit city of Wuhan where the virus is believed to have emanated from a live animal market in December.

China’s infection rate has slowed sharply from earlier but Chinese flip-flopping over counting methods has sowed confusion over its data.

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Coronavirus: Casualty Figure Rises In South Korea, As Italy, Iran Impose Stricter Measures

13 hours 27 min ago

Different countries with the ravaging COVID-19 disease are taking stricter measures to curb the spread of the disease while South Korea continues to battle with a rising number of infected persons. 

The World Health Organisation has also lamented the spread of the virus to African countries. 

According to AFP, the death toll rose to four with two additional fatalities reported a day after Prime Minister, Chung Sye-kyun, said South Korea faced a “grave” situation.

The Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the Southern city of Daegu — considered by many a cult — has emerged as a hotbed of contagion, with hundreds of members infected.

Sye-kyun called on Koreans to avoid large gatherings, including religious services.

Already one of the worst-hit nations outside China, South Korea reported 123 new cases Sunday, taking its total to 556.

Italy and Iran began introducing the sort of containment measures previously seen only in China, which has put tens of millions of people under quarantine lockdown in the epicentre province of Hubei.

More than 50,000 people in about a dozen Northern Italian towns near the business hub of Milan were urged by authorities to stay home, while shops and schools were shuttered.

Among dozens of cases, Italy on Friday became the first European country to report one of its nationals had died from the virus — a 78-year-old retired bricklayer in the region of Veneto.

Iran ordered the closure of schools, universities and cultural centres across 14 provinces from Sunday following five deaths in the Islamic Republic — the most outside East Asia and the first in the Middle East.

Iran’s outbreak surfaced on Wednesday and has quickly worsened with 28 cases confirmed.

Iraq on Thursday clamped down on travel to and from Iran, and flag carrier Kuwait Airways has suspended flights to the country.

Although Egypt is the only African country with a confirmed case of COVID-19, the WHO warned that the continent’s health systems were ill-equipped to cope with a potential major outbreak and urged more cooperation among the African Union.

WHO chief, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, said necessary treatment tools such as respiratory support machines are “in short supply in many African countries and that’s a cause for concern”.

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Adamawa Community Residents Express Fear Over Safety After Boko Haram Attack

13 hours 32 min ago

After Friday’s attack on Garkida in Adamawa State, residents of the community have been expressing fears over their safety.

During the attack, at least two soldiers lost their lives while property worth millions of naira were destroyed. 

It was learnt Garkida residents are yet to recover from the shock as many still feel unsafe and planning to relocate to other areas. 

A hunter in the community, confirmed the killing of two soldiers and the burning of their patrol vehicles.

He said, "Our people could not believe that these people (terrorists) would come and wreak havoc on us. 

“Many people want to relocate to Yola due to insecurity of lives and property. The government must take decisive action now."

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Diaspora Voting: Matters Arising By Tony Ademiluyi

22 February 2020 - 2:17pm

The Nigerians in the Diaspora constitute a sizeable chunk of the Nigerian population and a majority of them play more than an active role in the quest for good governance in the country touted to be the most populous in the African continent.

The ruinous economic policies of the military led many of them particularly the brightest of the bright to flee the country in their quest for economic liberty. During the struggle for democracy, many members of the National Democratic Coalition (NADECO) particularly those resident in the United Kingdom and United States fought the military junta of Generals Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida and Late General Sani Abacha for the revalidation of the June 12 election adjudged as the freest and fairest in the nation’s chequered electoral history and for the Khaki boys to go back to the barracks.

Their population runs into millions and they contribute billions of dollars to the Nigerian economy on an annual basis. Many of them came back home after the military locust years to take part in the return to civil rule where their wealth of experience was brought to bear in the country’s governance.

There has been a recent clamour by many of them there to vote for the candidates of their choice in forthcoming elections. They cite Senegal as an example of a country that has set the precedent in Africa and wonder why their dear country cannot follow suit.

Their dream was short lived when the Senate and the Independent National Electoral Commission threw the spanner in the works of their long held dream.


Chairman of Senate Committee on Diaspora Affairs, Senator Ajibola Basiru, was quoted by PUNCH to have said, “ There are so many things that are involved in Diaspora voting. It is not just enough to say that we are going to do diaspora voting.

“It is not as if we are opposed to diaspora voting as a parliament but there are so many challenges and issues that we have to be resolved first.

“First, we need to have accurate data of Nigerians that constitute Diaspora. We need to know their population and who is qualified to be a Nigerian in Diaspora.”

Basiru noted that the local elections in the country are usually confronted with numerous challenges especially when few numbers of votes are needed to determine the winner of an election, particularly at the state levels.

He said, “ For instance the Sokoto governorship election where the margin between the winner and the runner-up was very slim. Who will be the beneficiary of the votes from the Diaspora especially when the winner would be determined by the votes from the diaspora?

“We also have to determine who constitute the diaspora. Are they only Nigerians in Europe,  America and Asia or are we also going to recognise Nigerians who are living in the African countries?

“There are speculations that the population of Nigerians in Sudan, Niger, and Chad alone are running into millions. We also have Nigerians residing in other African countries. So, will all those millions of Nigerians there be allowed to vote under the diaspora voting?

“Another issue to determine is that, is it only those who  genuinely emigrate and legitimately living in those country that would be regarded as diaspora? Are we talking about the documented and non documented Nigerians that are living abroad?

“Now, because of the nature of our elections, in which of the elections would the Nigerians in Diaspora vote? For instance, we talk about the local government election. Will the Disporans vote in such elections?  How are we going to determine the local government they are voting for?

“Will they also vote in the National and state assembly elections?  How are we going to determine the constituency or the lawmakers they are voting for? Is there any machinery in place to determine that? The answer is No!

“In the governorship election, are they going to vote according to their state of origin? The fact is that we don’t even have any arrangement or records in place to determine that, at least for now.

“So, it is not just enough to say we are legislating on Diaspora voting but we have to find a way to address the serious issues that could hinder the process before coming up with any legislation that would give it a legal backing.”

INEC also ruled that Diaspora voting was unconstitutional and it won’t be feasible in 2023 as it was alien to Nigerian law.

The problem of Nigeria since independence has been that of leadership. Diaspora voting has the potential of changing the leadership narrative in the country as majority of them won’t be easily swayed by bags of rice or sewing machines. Many of them have achieved a certain level of financial independence and will be at an advantage over majority of Nigerians resident in the country to be able to vote wisely.

Let us cast our minds back to when Chief Gani Fawehinmi of blessed memory and Prof Pat Utomi contested in 2003 and 2007 respectively, a sturdy vote from the Diaspora may have upset the apple cart in their favour. Even the recent noble attempt by Omoyele Sowore to have emerged as the nation’s President may have flown with Diaspora voting.

What is the red chamber afraid of? The same body blocked the attempt by some political activists to have independent candidacy. The nation is badly in need of a Lee Kuan Yew or Mahathir Mohammed kind of leadership and realistically speaking, only Diaspora voting can guarantee that.

This is a globalized age where curtains and barriers have been broken down through the power of the internet and it is scandalous for the Nigerian voter to be kept for hours in the scorching sun under the guise of voting for their preferred candidates.

Electronic voting is the future and INEC should stop acting like the Luddites of the 19th century England who tried to stop the machines from operating during the industrial revolution as they feared that they may be made redundant if they allowed them to operate.

We should take a cue from developed nations who don’t declare public holidays on election days. We shouldn’t shut down the economy simply because we want to vote; it doesn’t make any sense not in these perilous times of employment scarcity.

Why should the system allow the inflow of foreign currencies into the country but prevent the same people from exercising franchise in a country they still hold so dear to their hearts?

It is high time the Senate and INEC revisited their anachronistic stance and allow these public spirited individuals enjoy what they ought to have been enjoying if the leadership was right.

Tony Ademiluyi writes from Lagos. 

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South Sudan President, Rebel Leader Strike Peace Deal

22 February 2020 - 2:16pm

A former South Sudan rebel leader, Riek Machar, has been sworn in as first Vice-President of the country, sealing a peace deal aimed at ending six years of civil war.

President Salva Kiir witnessed the moment at a ceremony at the State House in the capital, Juba, the BBC reports.

It is hoped that the new unity government will bring an end to the conflict that has killed about 400,000 people and displaced millions.

However, previous deals were widely heralded only to fall apart.

Saturday's ceremony took place just before the deadline for an agreement expired.

"For the people of South Sudan, I want to assure you that we will work together to end your suffering," Machar said after taking the oath.

He then embraced and shook hands with President Kiir.

"We must forgive one another and reconcile," said Kiir. "I also appeal to the people of Dinka and Nuer (rival ethnic groups) to forgive one another."

Also present at the ceremony was the leader of Sudan, General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan.

Three other vice-presidents were also sworn in including Rebecca Garang, widow of South Sudan's founding father, John Garang.
Under the agreement, the current cabinet was dissolved to make way for more opposition members.

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Falana To Deliver Lecture In Honour Of Ondo Governor

22 February 2020 - 2:12pm

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Femi Falana, is billed to deliver a lecture to commemorate the third anniversary in office of Ondo State governor, Rotimi Akeredolu. 

Wale Akinterinwa, Chairman of the Anniversary Planning Committee, made the disclosure to journalists at a briefing in Akure, the state capital. 

According to him, the lecture would also feature a book presentation to be chaired by Kebbi State governor, Abubakar Bagudu. 

He noted that the 11-day event and celebration would feature the inauguration of projects by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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Security Situation To Get Worse –Ekweremadu

22 February 2020 - 2:06pm

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu

A former Deputy President of the Nigerian Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, has said that the country’s security situation would get worse.

According to him, the community policing structure planned by the Nigeria Police Force was fraudulent and a distraction.

Expressing his views during a programme on Channels Television, Ekweremadu said, “I sympathise with Nigerians. I think we are living in denial. The security situation is so bad and the bad news is that it is going to get worse because we are not dealing with it at all.

“The Inspector-General came to us and told us they are going to get volunteers who will be giving police information, find out what their challenges are, why do they not trust the police, to build their confidence. That’s what they are saying but our people don’t seem to get it.

“Amotekun is a child of circumstance. Unfortunately, the federal police we have now is not working. That’s why they came together to say let us have a security outfit to deal with our problems.

“Amotekun is different from what the Federal Government is saying about community policing. They have personnel who are going to deal with issues unlike what the FG is proposing.”

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Full Text Of My Speech As Joint Winner Of Gatefield People Journalism Prize For Africa, Delivered In Abuja On Thursday February 20, 2020 By Fisayo Soyombo

22 February 2020 - 2:01pm

My first task today will be to congratulate Kiki Mordi for co-winning the inaugural People Journalism Prize for Africa with me. It is easy to dismiss the traction and action generated by your story — and a few people have tried to — as events that happened ‘just because it was the BBC’. In my corner, I have spoken against this argument. First, it was a thoroughly-executed story. And then you had the courage to tell it, notwithstanding the risks. Plus, of the hundreds of journalists at BBC’s disposal, you were the choice. That’s no coincidence. It’s reward for your years of silent toil. Again, I say congratulations.

Similarly, I’d like to congratulate Segun Awosanya for his People Champion of 2019 award. In my estimation, Segalink, as he is more popularly known, is Nigeria’s number-one unelected public office holder. If you’ve been a bit active on Twitter, you would have noticed how helpless citizens run to him for protection when they should in fact be ringing the Police. Sega is the ultimate proof that willing citizens can indeed be useful to the people without necessarily wielding political power. To share this day with Kiki and Sega is truly a great honour for me.

I want to deeply thank Gatefield for conceiving this idea, and I have to say I’m a very fulfilled recipient of this award. But I’ve always thought one of the unfair things about life is that one man sometimes gets the glory for work done by many. This award belongs, first of all, to those who worked with me in the background on my undercover investigation on Nigeria’s criminal justice system, the likes of the rugged Damilola Adeyera, the petite but energetic Zainab Sodiq, the unbelievably fearless Sena Kojah and a few others who have specifically asked to remain anonymous.

I also like to thank two of my former bosses, Mr. Simon Kolawole, CEO of TheCable, and Mr. Dayo Aiyetan, the Executive Director of the International Centre for Investigative Reporting (ICIR), whose newspapers co-funded the story, and who have both been integral to the evolution of my career in recent years. I am as well indebted to Professor Chidi Odinkalu, former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, who kick-started the #KeepFisayoSafe without which I probably would have lost my freedom after the release of the story.

I am grateful to those who housed me interchangeably when I went into hiding in October following the threat of arrest, and those who’ve done it afterwards, as I live more or less like a fugitive these days. To have housed a wanted man is the height of friendship and belief in what I do. I cannot mention your names but you all know yourselves. Thank you!

I’m also grateful to all those who have supported my work for ages — the likes of Dr. Laz Ude Eze, the man who convinced me to join the campus press in my first year studying Agriculture at the University of Ibadan; Mr. Jahman Anikulapo, my first mainstream newspaper editor who has now become my mentor; Mr. Omoyele Sowore, Publisher of SaharaReporters and my immediate past boss and, of course, my family. Specifically, I thank my father, my hero, the biggest exponent of the values and ideals that define my work, and my mother, whose fearlessness resides in my spirit. On October 22, 2019, my mum sent me a Whatsapp message asking God to bless me with “good health and long life”. What she didn’t know was that she sent that message hours after I found out about the meeting where my arrest was first mooted. That’s the kind of mother I have, a prayerful woman.

I dedicate this award to the memory of my late longtime friend, Blessing Johnson, whose call to glory will clock 18 months in another 12 days. In her lifetime, Blessing was one of my biggest private cheerleaders. From our days in the university, she fondly called me ‘the greatest orator on earth’. While I never for a second thought I truly was, it filled me with a lot of belief to know that someone dear to my heart, someone I rated so highly, saw me in that light. When she passed on September 3, 2018, I made a little promise to myself that my next journalism award would be for her. I want to thank Gatefield for helping me realise this. 

Finally, while I accept this award with a deep sense of gratitude, I like to announce that I am donating the N500,000 cash reward to The Justice Project (TJP), a cause for the release of awaiting-trial inmates who have no business in prison. And, trust me, there are scores of them. My three-part investigation may have focused on the deep-seated corruption tarnishing the administration of criminal justice in Nigeria, but that isn’t the only frailty of the system. One other is the huge population of awaiting-trial inmates, many of them actually in prison for trivial offences and others not even deserving of detention much less imprisonment in the first place. At Ikoyi Prison, for example, more than 3,000 inmates inhabit a prison built for 800. Of these 3,000, less than 500 are convicts; the number of awaiting-trial inmates usually hovers around 2,500. While I am not in a position to help the prisons service clean up its corrupt house, by donating this money, I can at least help to kick-start a process I’m hoping can snowball into prison decongestion through the freedom of scores of awaiting-trial inmates. The funds, to be managed by TJP, will be used to pay stipends to lawyers who will visit prisons to track the cases, ensure more inmates have their days in court, represent the inmates, settle fines where necessary and provide support to the inmates. Aside focusing on the possibility of innocence and frivolity of cases against inmates, women with babies and inmates with young families back home will receive special consideration. 

Today’s announcement is only the first of two; the second will be revealed in the next few days. Full disclosure, meanwhile: TJP is by Touch The World Foundation, a social initiative of Lagos-based church, Ecclesia Hills. But I haven’t picked them because they belong to a church; it is because the point man for the project is Abimbola Ojenike, whom I have known for 16 years as a man of integrity and a hardworking but silent force for social change. I am a million percent sure that with Ojenike at the forefront of this endeavour, no penny of the funds will be mismanaged.

Once again, I thank Gatefield for making this possible, and you all for listening.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria!

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Bayelsa Election: Ozekhome Condemns Attack On Justice Odili

22 February 2020 - 5:41am

Mike Ozekhome

Senior Advocate of Nigeria, Chief Mike Ozekhome, has described as unwarranted and cowardly the attack on Justice Mary Odili for her judgment on Bayelsa State governorship election.

Justice Odili had chaired the panel of the Supreme Court that sacked David Lyon of the All Progressives Congress as Bayelsa State governor-elect on the grounds that Biobarakuma Degi-Eriemienyo, his running mate, presented forged credentials to the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Since the judgment, which the APC through its National Chairman, Adams Oshiomhole, had rejected, Bayelsa State has experienced violence prompting the police to declare dusk to dawn curfew.

Also, some ‘sponsored’ protesters had besieged the home of the judge condemning her role in the delivery of the judgment.

In his reaction, Ozekhome berated the attacks on Odili saying that the attack was “highly condemnable, provocative, uncalled for and is certainly dangerous for the independence and courageous decisions template of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, which is the apex court.”

He lamented that Odili was singled out and attacked by hired political hoodlums, miscreants and thugs, noting that Odili did not even write or deliver the lead judgment. 

He said, “The lead judgment was written and delivered by the Justice Ejembi Eko, JSC.

“More significant is the fact that the entire judgment was a unanimous decision and pronouncement made by the entire five members of the Supreme Court panel that heard the matter.

“Why would she be singled out just because she is from Rivers State, near Bayelsa State?” Ozekhome said.

The Senior Advocate of Nigeria stated that the attack on Odili was not an ordinary one as it should not be ignored and swept under the carpet.

He urged the police and authorities to investigate the attack and bring anyone found culpable to book.

He said, “The government, through the DSS, the Inspector-General of Police must immediately rise to the occasion and fish out the ignoble perpetrators that committed this heinous crime and this desecration of the citadel of Justice.

“They must be singled out and prosecuted immediately; and where found guilty, be given adequate punishment that they richly deserve.

“No attempt must be made by any political party, or by any person or group of persons, however so highly placed, to intimidate the judiciary and beat it to submission in such a way and manner that decisions of courts are procured by the executive or political fiat.”

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Coronavirus: Young Nigerian Man Volunteers In China

22 February 2020 - 3:12am


A 24-year-old Nigerian studying in China, Olatoye Babatunde, has volunteered to assist medical workers as they treat patients of Coronavirus. 

According to, the official English-language website of China News Service, Babatunde was touched by the workers, who fight against Coronavirus at the frontline and decided to contribute his quota. 

The Nigerian student takes the temperature of residents in the community where he lives in Nanjing, East China’s Jiangsu province.

He started the volunteer work on February 6 and helped to document travel information of residents of the community and take their temperatures. 

The virus, named COVID-19, broke out in China and has spread to 28 other countries. 

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