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BREAKING: Armed Thugs Attack Terminus In Jos, Destroy Businesses, Properties

20 October 2020 - 5:59am

Armed thugs have overrun a popular business district in Jos, Plateau State, unleashing mayhem in the area.

#EndSARS protesters were not in the area and had never protested there since demonstrations against police brutality began in the state, SaharaReporters can confirm.

The thugs in an attempt to discredit peaceful protesters took over Ahmadu Bello Way, chanting “Sai Buhari”.

A restaurant, Mr Biggs, has been destroyed while cars of customers parked outside the building have been razed by the thugs.

It is unclear if there are casualties at the time of this report.

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How IGP Team Killed My Son, Inserted Gun In My Private Part –Mother Of Police Brutality Victim

20 October 2020 - 5:48am

A 47-year-old woman, Mrs Victoria Agori, has narrated how the Inspector-General of Police Monitoring team shot her 21-year-old son, Daniel, in her presence before stripping her naked.

Victoria, who was full of emotions while speaking with SaharaReporters on Monday in Abuja at the #ENDSARS protest, said she would not forget the tragic incident in a hurry.

The incident happened on May 11, 2019 at 4, Nyege Close, Gbei Road in Nkpolu, Obio/Akpor Local Government Area of Rivers State.

The victim was branded a kidnapper and armed robber by the police before being killed.

She said the policemen stormed their house and arrested her two sons – Daniel and David and a family friend before snuffing life out of the first.

According to her, the law enforcement agents first shot her David in the leg and thereafter forced the nozzle of a gun into her private part, which made her to bleed profusely.

She explained further that the policemen invaded their house on the invitation of her first daughter, Blessing, whom she said was dating one of the officers.

The grieving mother disclosed that Blessing had threatened to deal with her and other members of the family over a minor issue

She said, “Blessing threatened to kill us. She invited the policemen. They came in two vehicles and shot into the air. One of the bullets bruised David’s lap.

“They used the gun to hit me and Daniel’s girlfriend. They broke all our louvers and took away N200,000 cash from our house. While they were taking us to their base at Aluu, they collected N3,000 from Daniel and used it to buy fuel.

"Two officers forced my legs open and inserted the nozzle of the gun into my private part. I was bleeding even while I was in their office, there was blood everywhere.”

Video of How IGP Team Killed My Son, Inserted Gun In My Private Part –Mother Of Police Brutality Victim How IGP Team Killed My Son, Inserted Gun In My Private Part –Mother Of Police Brutality Victim WATCH VIDEO: How IGP Team Killed My Son, Inserted Gun In My Private Part –Mother Of Police Brutality Victim

She explained that when she got to their office, the policemen had beaten Daniel with a pestle and shot him in her presence, adding that the police cooked up a lie that Daniel was a kidnapper and armed robber.

“They confirmed to me that my son was dead. My late son was a footballer and was into hairstyling. They claimed they found a gun in one of the rooms but that was a lie. They are only saying that after killing him. The police lied against my son after killing him.”

Since that period, Victoria and the rest of the family are yet to get justice for their loss and the assault on them by policemen.

According to her, the police authorities have been shielding the perpetrators of that gruesome act from prosecution as stipulated by the law.

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BREAKING: Lagos Government Declares 24-hour Indefinite Curfew To Quell Eruption Of Violence In City

20 October 2020 - 4:12am

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

The Lagos State Government has imposed an indefinite 24-hour curfew across the state to help curb the eruption of violence across most parts of the city.

Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu in a statement on Tuesday said thugs had hijacked the #EndSARS protest and the government would not allow anarchy to reign.

Lagos Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu

The curfew is to take effect from 4:00pm, October 20, 2020.

The statement reads, “I have watched with shock how what began as a peaceful #EndSARS protest has degenerated into a monster that is threatening the well-being of our society. Lives and limbs have been lost as criminals and miscreants are now hiding under the umbrella of these protests to unleash mayhem on our state.

“As a government that is alive to its responsibility and has shown a commitment to the movement #ENDSARS, we will not watch and allow anarchy in our dear state.

“I, therefore, hereby impose a 24-hour curfew on all parts of the state from 4:00pm today, 20th October, 2020. Nobody, except essential service providers and first responders must be found on the streets.”

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I'll Complete My Four-year Mandate With Akeredolu, Says Ondo Deputy Governor

20 October 2020 - 4:00am

Agboola Ajayi

Despite being pressured to resign his position, Mr Agboola Ajayi, deputy governor of Ondo State, has said that he would see out his four-year tenure together with Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, which elapses next February.

Ajayi, who was candidate of Zenith Labour Party in the October 10, 2020 governorship election in Ondo State, made his position clear on the issue on Tuesday through a statement by his media aide, Allen Sowore.

Agboola Ajayi

The statement reads, “The deputy governor was elected together with Governor Oluwarotimi Akeredolu (SAN) by the good people of Ondo State in 2016. That four years mandate given to both men will not end until 23rd February 2021.

"The news of his impending resignation is being sponsored by the governor through the propaganda machinery and machinations of Ondo State Ministry of Information as a subterfuge in preparation for a macabre plan to put the deputy governor's forged signature on a prepared resignation letter.

"The general public should be wary of these latest antics and desperation of the governor to remove his deputy by all means and at any cost illegally.

"The people of Ondo State, who voted for Agboola Ajayi as deputy governor in 2016 have not asked him to resign or quit the government.

"Therefore, he has no reason whatsoever to relinquish the people's mandate, which of course is limited by term/time, democratically bestowed upon him."

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Thugs Set Police Station Ablaze In Lagos

20 October 2020 - 3:41am

Some thugs on Tuesday set ablaze a police station at the Orile Iganmu area of Lagos State.

It was gathered that the incident occurred around 9:30am.

PHOTONEWS: Thugs Set Orile/Iganmu @PoliceNG Station On Fire

— Sahara Reporters (@SaharaReporters) October 20, 2020

A resident of the area, who spoke with SaharaReporters, said that the station was attacked after a police officer killed a young boy in the area.

"It has nothing to do with #EndSARS protesters. A police officer actually shot a young boy and it got people in the area angry. That led to the attack,” he said.

Video of Thugs Set Orile/Iganmu Police Station Ablaze In Lagos Thugs Set Orile/Iganmu Police Station Ablaze In Lagos WATCH VIDEO: Thugs Set Orile/Iganmu Police Station Ablaze In Lagos

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Onaiyekan, Jega, Others Say Nigeria On Autopilot

20 October 2020 - 3:37am

Cardinal John Onaiyekan

Some elder statesmen and prominent activists have said that Nigeria was on autopilot.

The prominent citizens, who made the assertion in a statement, include Cardinal John Onaiyekan, Dr Hakeem Baba Ahmed, Gen. Martin Luther Agwai (rtd.), Prof Attahiru Jega, Prof Jibrin Ibrahim, among several others.

Speaking under the platform of Nigeria Working Group on Peacebuilding and Governance, they called on the government to rise up to its responsibilities of running the country well.

Cardinal John Onaiyekan

The statement reads, “The result is that corruption has gone completely out of control, as there is a concerted effort to dismantle anti-corruption agencies and render them ineffective, while evidence of corruption is growing, prosecution has slowed down considerably.

“The civil society actors noted that in the absence of a binding narrative, there are series of conspiracy theories that have emerged, with immense capacity to divide the country along the sharp lines of ethnicity and religion, which is further sustained by the absence of strategic communication between the Nigerian state and its citizens.

“This situation is further heightening the level of desperation among the citizens that are increasingly being detached from the everyday governance of the Nigerian State.

“Indeed, the presidency has adopted the strategy of responding to demands for urgent and holistic review of the basic structures and governance processes of our nation with demeaning statements.

“This tendency to abuse those who legitimately ask those with responsibility to listen to popular voices is alienating more Nigerians from the administration and playing into the hands of those who feed off desperation.

“The nation needs to adopt a sense of urgency in the way it deals with rapidly accumulating liabilities.

“Nigerians cannot wait for the convenience or pleasure of leaders in deciding what is important.

“We must avoid the tendency to ignore our problems until they become a lot worse in terms of the capacities of leaders to deal with them.

“We call on younger Nigerians in particular, to get involved in the search for a future without current levels of bitterness and dislocations.”

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Aluta And Generational Change One By Adeola Soetan

20 October 2020 - 3:32am

Adeola Soetan

* We made bonfires at the barricade during our time as youth protesters.

* They now play music, make stages and invite artistes to play for them in a carnival-like environment attracting a massive crowd.

* We were inspired to struggle based on our practical experience, locally and internationally, and our exposure to revolutionary ideas and historical events which we learned, recruited into by revolutionary Socialist organizations and other radical platforms, then tutored and "upgraded" before we became "comrades" in the struggle.

* Most of the younger leading protesters of today are hardly inspired by any radical or revolutionary ideas but by their practical experience based on irreconcilable contradictions of the bourgeois system and daily assault on their wellbeing by the pro-rich and anti-poor capitalist ruling class.

* Unlike the young digital generation, mobilisation for struggle was difficult because there was no smartphone, no social media platforms and online print, radio and television stations. We relied on the conventional media, few newspapers and government owned broadcast media stations. Except PUNCH, Guardian, Tribune, Vanguard and later the Republic Newspaper that took risk to publish our "inflammable and seditious" press releases, government television and radio stations would not report our press statements except when massive protest broke, then they would "break the news" cautiously in the "national interest" because the media, as well as the citizens, was under the jackboots of military dictatorship.

We relied more on posters and leaflets which comrades distributed from campus to campus, state to state moving in commercial vehicles with the attendant risk of accident and arrest. And if you were arrested, the whole campaign materials became wasted.

*The young generation had a tremendous advantage of social media which broke the age-long monopoly and censorship of terrestrial media. Posters, leaflets, pictures of protest are sent across and abroad with a click of the smartphone. Zoom meetings of the planning stage of protests, reviewing movements and raising funds for protests are done easily now without leaving your sitting room or office.

Adeola Soetan

Mass protests are also done globally online, the terrestrial media are now running after social media platforms to "break news". On the spot interviews are done online, reports of protests and comments done online with prompt responses by thousands of people. Power is now on our hands because communication is power. "Revolution" is now being carried out online to change government's bad policies and programmes because of global pressure and exposure.

In this generational shift of circumstances, strategies and tactics of conducting struggles by the younger, global and digital citizens, it will be dangerous for any revolutionary organisations or individuals to ignore these developments. Doing so will be an unnecessary arrogance or naivety of recognizing changes that are now helping to propel struggle forward and better. We need to always patiently study the circumferences, appreciate events as they develop and actors as they emerge. Snubbing or disparaging the events will be counterproductive.

The #ENDSARS is a big event that caught many leading older activists including myself unaware. For me, that's a good development and a leap because protests organisation is becoming a "social bomb", no more the "monopoly" of ex-this, ex-that, great leaders of struggle who have made and still make great sacrifices.

When I spoke with many at the beginning of the struggle on the need to quickly intervene and gave it an ideological content beyond #ENDSARS demand by the courageous youths, some of us were bogged down with the protest slogan, the character of the protest, its morality, and limitations, some felt that struggle not organised by us "the Seriki struggle" could be snubbed or disparaged. Others agreed to intervene qualitatively and broaden the scope of demands, give it necessary ideological content, recruit new layers to be discovered into revolutionary organisations. This, for me, is the best way to go.

When a struggle of this magnitude breaks and is coordinated by "unknown faces", the best is to intervene qualitatively and see how far it can go before the movement dissolves.

Many activists of today were recruited during anti-military struggles, June 12 actualization protests, Gani Fawehinmi led National Conscience struggle to defy military dictatorship before NC became NCP. I was recruited in 1986, less than three months I became a student, through my write-up regularly pasted on campus notice boards, into the Association of Campus Journalists before "converted" as a member of SCAP (now Democratic Socialist Movement DSM) during the struggle to unban Great Ife student union. Eventually, I became the president of Great Ife Students Union not by my ambition but by organisational decision.

Let's go on a recruitment drive, raise our banners and propagate our ideas. Solidarity!

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Nigeria: The Need For An Ideological Re-appraisal, Why The Protests Must Continue, By John O. A. Adedeji

20 October 2020 - 3:13am

There are lots of issues that need to be addressed in Nigeria if we really want an egalitarian society. There are lots of evil being perpetrated in the nation. I always laugh when some misinformed people continue to say Nigeria is a giant of Africa. Yes, they may be right because Nigeria is giant in corruption, favouritism, nepotism, tribalism, non-challenge attitude to public amenities.

I have a reason why the SARS protest and other protests must continue. These are the reasons:


The first is the way the Police is being treated in terms of remuneration; no motivation. I listened to the interview of a Police officer, a graduate in Elect/Elect; he was interviewed by NIGERIA INFO - LET'S TALK. He said, he has been in the Police service for seventeen years. His salary is just N53,000. He has refused to join his colleagues in collecting bribe. A graduate for that matter, receiving N53,000.00 after seventeen years of service; what of non-graduates? And you want them to fight robbery and insurgency. The Police, I know, are nice sort of people. I grew up in Ghana, and the Police there were my friends right down from the early sixties. When I came to Nigeria too, the Police has always been my friends. They are highly intelligent, but the system has destroyed any credibility in them. The Police officer, who was interviewed by the NIGERIA INFO - LET'S TALK, lamented that some of his juniors in the Police are using Jeep and other costly cars. Where did they get it from. Is it from the meagre salary they are being paid? The Politicians too cannot be exonerated, they have turned the Police officers to errand boys. 

I remember in the late eighties and early nineties, at Ilawe Ekiti, in Ekiti State; a Police officer committed an offence and was thrown into the guard room. He sent for me to help him beg the DPO. He was a new member, who just started attending the church. I spoke to the DPO, and he said, because of me, he was going to release him. He went further to say that, he has heard of my good deeds and my credibility in the town. He released the officer to continue with his services.  The DPO did not collect even one naira from me. You need to be a man of integrity; whether, as a Minister of God, Police Officer, Politician, or any other profession you find yourself. My take on this is that, as a matter of urgency, the minimum wage of any Police Officer should not be less than N350,000.00. Then, anyone to be recruited into the Police Force should study Criminology in the higher institution. Those who are already in the system should go back to Police College, not only to be trained on how to handle gun, but also study Criminology, Morals, Discipline, Human Relations, and the value of Integrity and Transparency.


We should as a matter of urgency, reverse all the high remuneration of the Members of the House of Assembly. The work of the House of Assembly should be on part time basis and not on full time. Every member of the House of Assembly should not receive an allowance or remuneration of more than N50,000.00 per month. They are there to serve the people. A situation where they change their cars, wardrobe clothes, furniture, every year should be stopped immediately. They vote substantial amount to them, to buy newspapers in this era of the internet. How many of them buy newspapers? How many of them have time to read the newspapers? When an average Nigerian live from hands to mouth. This is unacceptable. Even the N30,000.00 minimum wage, some states have refused to pay. It took the National Assembly a long period to approve the N30,000 minimum wage. We want to see the pay slip of the Members of the House of Assembly with their allowances. Enough of lies from the government. We want transparency in whatever they are doing. If the job there is on part time basis and their salary is reduced, they will not be fighting and killing themselves to get to the House. 


The salary of the President, Governors, and the Members of Assembly be made public. We want to see their pay slip and the tax they are paying. We want to see the tax payment of all these government officials. Most of tax payment falls on the poor citizens.


We want to know how much has been borrowed so far? How much are we owing the Paris club, China, the World Bank, and other Multinationals? How were the loans utilised? How was the contracts to the Chinese contractors awarded? What are the conditionalities? Why is it that all Federal roads in the South West, South East and South South are in deplorable conditions and the Federal Government has not deem it wise to to fix them, but takes delight in constructing railway line from Kano to Niger Republic. Why has the government not constructed a railway line from Lagos to link Benin Republic? Why was the railway line and the mega road from Lagos to Seme initiated by the Fashola administration of Lagos state abandoned by this administration? Why has there not been railway line to link all the all the South coast, before wasting the nations resources to construct a railway line to Niger Republic? This government has always accused the former government, but whatever project they are inaugurating today was initiated by the previous government they have been running down. Even the Almagiri schools built by Jonathan administration was destroyed out of envy. The Lagos - Ibadan Expressway renovation would have been completed before now. I remember the day when President Jonathan met the stakeholders at Shagamu junction of the Express road for the take off and the speedy construction of the road. I was coming from Benin City on that day, and I saw them there. Immediately this government came in, they stopped the work. When the Minister for Works, Mr. Fashola revisted the contract for the construction of the roads, some members of the House of Assembly from the North, accused the Minister of Works for focusing on the roads in the South. Is it not funny that there has been no hues and cry over all the numerous projects in the North, not even the University of Transportation in Daura, the President's home town and the unwarranted railway line to Niger Republic.


Our problem in this country is that, professionals do not man the government ministries. It is in Nigeria, you find non-professionals engaged in the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Works, Ministry of Sports etc. Because those in charge of our ministries are not competent, we always fall prey to these Chinese technicians. We always accept the contract bill without any review, because many of those in government are novice in that field. When I was a site Manager, in the early eighties at River Basin Authority. I was the Site Manager in charge of Ejiba Site in Kwara State then. I was with Niko Engineering company, in charge of the Irrigation project there. I don't just accept any quotation anyone sent to me. We had a Sri Lankan, former Ceylon; he was the Chief Maintenance Engineer. I always challenged him on any quotation he brought. I would calculate the diesel the D8, the scrappers and other tractors were to use daily. I calculated the quantity of fuel/diesel we needed when these machines work at a particular hour, at a particular rate and kilometers covered. So he could not collude with  the workers or anyone to cheat the company. He feared me then. But now you find our government officials shaking like leaves before ordinary Chinese technicians. 

Why can't our Ministers sit down to determine the quantity of cement, granite, bitumen, sand, iron rods and other materials and the cost before awarding any contract, be ye road construction, railway, building etc. How many human labour? How long it would take to finish the job. If the contractors are going to employ 50 workers, how much are they going to pay them, to avoid cheating our workers and using them as slaves. How many hours are they going to work in a day to complete the job at the specified time. What are the quality of the materials being used?  Does the work to be done match the contract value? When all these are taken care of, they will not just sit in their office for any foreign contractor to inflate contract value at the expense of the nation. 

The Chinese if they want to be sincere, should let us know those who are benefiting from the contracts being executed in the country, because they can not accept this type of corruption in their country. They should stop all the shabby job they are doing for us. The cost of contract awarded to these Chinese doubles the cost of the same contract awarded by Ghana government. The quality of the job also differs. 


The Buhari government should explain why the government should grant amnesty to Boko Haram criminals who have been killing a lot of people in Nigeria. Why have the government not thought it wise to compensate the victims? This really tells you those who are sponsoring Boko Haram terrorists. Why has the government not deem it fit to release Shuaibu Leah? Why was she left behind out of all the victims released? 

Why did El Rufai quickly arrange a meeting of peace for Northern and Southern Kaduna? Why did he not do that before now, until a prominent and respected Nigerian from the north came out to inform the nation that, those captured have given him the names of those sponsoring Boko Haram. That he has their names. Who is fooling who? The wind will surely blow and every Nigerian will see the anus of the hen. 

Let's know the amount spent to fight Boko Haram ? What are the ammunition acquired to fight the insurgency and the cost? How many soldiers' life have been wasted, their names and their states?

Until then, Aluta continua!

With Regards,

Pastor John O. A. Adedeji


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Those Who Kill By Sword Will Die By Sword By Achike Chude

20 October 2020 - 2:53am

Achike Chude

How long, how long will it take?

For as long as it will take.

The people will die of hunger.

They will be murdered in their beds in the dead of night by Boko-Haram terrorists.

Their daughters will be violated,

The heads of their sons will hang on spikes.

Their old men and women will wither away and the innocent rich kidnapped for ransom.


How long, how long will it take?

For as long as it will take.

Their people benefit from the criminal enterprise of running the government.

Their sons and daughters receive good education abroad.

Their headaches and stomach aches are cured in foreign lands.

They drive in security convoys to avoid the bandits and kidnappers.

Or they fly in helicopters to avoid trouble on the roads that are death traps.


How long, how long will it take?

For as long as it will take.

Their mothers and fathers shine in their elegance and splendour, made possible by their illegal forays into our public treasuries, outshining our parents whose crime was the humility of their backgrounds.

Their children, long under the criminal tutelage of their parents have long been prepared to further dominate and enslave our children the way their parents dominated and enslaved ours.

And to keep us continually bound by fear and lethargy, they sometimes show us the police, the army, and their guns.


But do we not now see the fruits of their moral degeneracy, the consequences of their concupiscence, parochialism and lust for political power and influence?


-  A failing state

-  Weak and compromised institutions

-  A country of godfathers - like the Mafiosi

-  Poverty capital of the world.

-  Corruption incorporated and unbridled.

-  Religious divisions and ethnic irredentism (though they practice them not when it comes to sharing the national cake)

-  Joblessness and unemployment

-  Insecurity

-  Inequality and exclusiveness

-  Helplessness and Hopelessness


But now the beggars are striking back. After sixty years of independence, the children of the poor and the innocent rich are fighting back, refusing to be slaves in their own country, refusing to be brow beaten, the way their fathers and mothers were brow beaten into accepting the tag of servitude by their leaders (rulers) for so long. These are the days of the oppressed, the period of his (her) vindication. The oppressors and the wicked have gone into hiding, indicted by the nefariousness of their acts. Those too afraid to come out are peeping through the curtains of the rock of Aso in the centre and the ASOs in the state capitals. Those who dared to come out have done so with dog-tail humility to show solidarity with the oppressed.

However this present socio-political upheaval ends, one thing is as certain as the day - Nigeria and Nigerians, especially the youths will never remain the same. The fire of political righteousness has been lit in their souls, their consciousness awoken. They have been bitten and smitten by patriotic fervour. They have from afar been shown the promised land. They can see and smell the land of plenty and abundance that is to come and have been seduced by the hope and splendour of a greater, prosperous Nigeria. They dare not look back, must not look back until that goal of a radical political change in our country's dynamics is changed. System change is the goal. We know those that will not make that change with us, those that must be displaced and replaced - they and their children, brought up in an environment of I'll have privileges, of public sleaze and graft. The day of reckoning is upon us. That, which has gone up is coming down and that which has a beginning is coming to an end. We have to, and must build a country for all, regardless of religious, ethnic, geo-political and social backgrounds, affiliations and proclivities. Those who are standing against the moving train will be swept away. It's inevitable. Let those still clutching at the pinnacles of political power in Nigeria realise that time is running out. The tide is coming inland, powered by forceful gales of wind and breeze.

Only they can make the necessary changes needed to change the direction of the inevitable final onslaught. It is their duty. But can the leopard change its spots? Or perhaps, like the proverbial fly that follows the corpse to the grave, they will miss this historical opportunity to right the ship of state. If not, then it is because of the inevitable truth that those who kill by the sword will die by the sword.

It is written!

Another deluge of tears!

Achike Chude

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Suspected Herdsmen Kill One Farmer, Injure Another In Adamawa State

20 October 2020 - 2:35am

File Photo

One farmer has been killed by suspected herdsmen in Adamawa State, SaharaReporters has learnt.

The attackers also inflicted grave injuries on another farmer.

The incident, which occurred last Saturday near Bang, a village under Numan Local Government Area, was said to have claimed the life of one David Titus.

File Photo Google

A day earlier, one Kennedy Bitrus, a native of the same Bang was attacked and wounded by the suspected herdsmen.

Spokesperson for Bachama Kingdom, Aslem Nuhu Kyauta, told SaharaReporters that, "These attacks were coming despite efforts by authorities to find a lasting solution to the lingering crisis.

"The kings of Bachama, Batta and leaders of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association and Tabithal Pulaaku have made spirited efforts to address cases of farmers/herders clashes in Numan, Lamurde and Demsa local government areas yet attacks and killings persist unabated.

"Two sons of the area were separately attacked, leaving one dead and the other badly injured just one day after peace meeting to mediate between Fulani and Bachama/Batta communities.

"One of the victims, Kennedy Bitrus, sustained injuries following his attack on Friday by herdsmen while returning from Mayo Lope under Lau Local Government Area of Taraba State.

"He was attacked by the Marauders with sophisticated weapons and is currently receiving medical attention at a health facility in Numan, Adamawa State.

"A day after, on Saturday October 17, 2020, the herdsmen again attacked David Titus, youth leader (Kpalagbe) of Nega community under Bolki Ward, whom they shot dead on his way from Bang."

Spokesperson for the police in the state, DSP Suleiman Nguroje, confirmed the incident, saying, "The Commissioner of Police, Olugbenga Adeyanju, has directed an investigation into the matter."

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LIVE: #EndSARS Protests Continue Across Nigeria

20 October 2020 - 1:48am

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How Hoodlums Led By The SSA On Security In Dekina Local Government Disrupt "Prayer Walk" In Kogi State By Jeremiah Abutu

20 October 2020 - 1:24am

Yesterday evening was another terrible evening in Anyigba, a town in Dekina local government area of Kogi State when some hoodlums led by the SSA on security in Dekina local government and APC chairmanship candidate for the December Council election in the state beat and molest over four hundred youths and Pastors who were on "Prayer Walk."

One of the victims, David Sanda explained how the Thugs disrupt their prayers, tore the Nigeria flag they were holding and their banner with the inscription "Lord, heal our land."

The Thugs had earlier warned them to leave the road and stop the "Prayer Walk" claiming that Anyigba is not a Christian community. 

After a series of advice from the state CAN Chairman, the victims went to a nearby Dunamis Church to continue their prayers but the hoodlums led by the SSA on security in the community, Ishaq Okolo jolted into the Church auditorium, beat the church leaders and other church members in the auditorium, destroyed several plastic chairs, broke the windows of the church and stab the security of the church.

One Pastor Silas was adopted by the thugs but was later released.

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#ENDSARS: Ex-Lagos Governor, Tinubu, Justifies Use Of Force On Peaceful Protesters By President Buhari's Government

20 October 2020 - 12:46am

Bola Tinubu

Former governor of Lagos State, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, has called on Nigerian youth to stop the ongoing #ENDSARS protests across the country, justifying the use of force against the demonstrators.

Tinubu, who had earlier denied sponsoring the protest, said the youth must end the action now and “also be careful not to fritter away such gains due to lack of moderation and strategic thinking”.

Bola Tinubu

He also said that the ongoing protest was tilting towards a change of regime, adding that the government will have to make use of force to end the ongoing protest.

He said, “The protesters have made considerable gains within a very short period. But they should also be careful not to fritter away such gains due to lack of moderation and strategic thinking. 

"For instance, it is unfortunate that hoodlums, thugs and assorted criminals have seized on the protests to perpetrate violence, disrupt civil life and harass, intimidate and assault innocent persons going about their lawful business.

“The intent of the organisers of the protests is to achieve stated objectives on police reform, which the government has in principle accepted. It can certainly not be their motive to cause generalised anarchy or effect regime change.

“If they give the impression that that is their goal, then any government will necessarily have to act with the requisite decisiveness and force to restore law and order and preserve constitutional rule.

“However, the protesters must be careful not to set the stage for the erosion or destruction of the same democratic process that gives them the freedom and right to protest in the first place.

“Let me commend all our religious leaders, Christians and Muslims for their patriotism and high sense of responsibility at this sensitive time. I appeal to them to call on their teeming followers to call off the protests for now and give peace a chance.

“Finally, I also strongly appeal to the protesters -- you have made your point. Government has made its commitment to you. Please, please and please, call off the protests. Give government a chance to implement your demands.”

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#EndSARS: The Next Step By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

20 October 2020 - 12:38am

Leonard Karshima Shilgba

For a time I held my peace on the #EndSARS movement. In fact, I had tuned off certain matters about Naija. There was a time I became frustrated by Nigerians and disappointed in many of my compatriots for their apparent cowardice, hiding behind the nondescript covers of prayers. There is power in prayer (I know this as a Christian believer and teacher of God's Word), but prayer enervates the mind and imparts grace for mission. When people only pray without acting or committing to the necessary work, they fail in their life mission or purpose.

 As a sense of despair threatened the steadiness of my writing pen, eventually, I consoled myself and wrote that my essays would be survived by a generation that would one day  arise and find use for them. Maybe such generation is about to emerge. I am cautiously optimistic, but I need some kind of insurance against disappointment. Just a day before, my wife told me that my teenage daughter, who is presently in her last semester in the university sent me a message through her that I must write about #ENDSARS movement. Now I must answer my baby's call to write AGAIN about building a more perfect union.

First, let me advise the Buhari government that the  #ENDSARS matter is not about President Buhari. Buhari's managers shall be making an irredeemable mistake to assume that this movement is about Buhari. It is belittling to reduce the #ENDSARS call to an Anti-Buhari Agenda.  #ENDSARS is a metaphor for building a more perfect union. The clarity of vision, articulation of intent, and aggregation of like minds shall grow brighter and brighter each passing moment until the haziness associated with its inchoate shape is lifted. 

Leonard Karshima Shilgba

The Nigerian military and security leaders would be well advised to have a correct reading of the scenario so that they will not have too much to account for in the future before the People's Court. The #ENDSARS protests are peaceful, being interlaced with moving prayers and reviving songs. Nigerian security personnel must not trigger artificial violence where hitherto there have been peaceful assemblies. 

What is or should be the next step in the #ENDSARS metaphorical national call? 

If the people of Nigeria wish to take back their country, and have their leaders truly occupy the office of their SERVANTS, who take instructions from WE THE PEOPLE, the #ENDSARS call must include demand for amendment of Section 8 of the 1999 Constitution to include a subsection on REFERENDUM for determination of NATIONAL QUESTIONS. This amendment requires four fifths of members of each of the two houses of the National Assembly and endorsement by two thirds of the State Houses of Assembly. Put another way, 85 senators and 288 members of the House of Representatives must sign up to this. Accordingly, #85-288 must become an appendage of the #ENDSARS movement. 
If this amendment succeeds, a Sovereign National Conference Act (SONACA) can be easily passed, and Nigerians can frame a Constitution of WE THE PEOPLE, in which they will include other needed provisions such as the kind of policing they want, the fiscal federation they desire, and a bill of rights. 

I commend the newfound resilience and creativity of the Nigerian youths, and hope for endurance rather than brevity. Nigerians must not allow this noble undertaking to be compromised, neither must the call be given the erroneous meaning of ANTI-BUHARI or ANTI-GOVERNMENT. #ENDSARS is against Nigeria's social shape which has refused to work for decades, even pre-Buhari. As long as this shape remains so long shall Nigeria continue to have government after government underperforming.

Shalom, Nigeria!

Leonard Karshima Shilgba

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#EndSARS: The Generation That Said “Enough” By Reuben Abati

20 October 2020 - 12:34am

Reuben Abati
Reuben Abati

Turning and turning in the widening gyre

The Falcon cannot hear the falconer;

Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold;

Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world,

The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere

The ceremony of innocence is drowned;

The best lack all conviction, while the worst

Are full of passionate intensity


Surely some revelation is at hand…

-               W.B. Yeats, The Second Coming (1919)


The poem quoted above: “The Second Coming” by Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1919) is probably one of the most adapted and quoted poems in world literature, and in politics and culture, to describe moments of anxiety, uncertainty and a seeming “slouching towards” chaos and anarchy in any community.  Written in 1919, in the context of the Spanish flu, after the First World War which ended in November 1918, and at the beginning of the Irish War of Independence (1919 – 1921), W.B. Yeats’s poem helps to encapsulate the horror, confusion, the disarray, the despair that has overtaken Nigeria in the last two weeks, in the wake of a revolt by Nigeria’s Generation Z, a generation that insists that they can no longer tolerate the failure of the Nigerian state and leadership. They are saying “Enough is Enough”, and they would not be deterred until they see concrete assurance that the change that they demand is in the horizon. The “slouching beast” of their protest is a notorious unit of the Nigeria Police: the much dreaded, now defunct Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). SARS was known for its brutality, its indulgence in extra-judicial killing and the lives of many innocent Nigerians which its members deleted with impunity. Police brutality is not the only beast: the youths of Nigeria have since identified more beasts: a problematic foreign exchange rate, cybercrime and fraud, fuel price hike, legislators who are underworked and overpaid, terrorist herdsmen, unemployment, bad roads, a failed leadership elite – all of which combined threaten the future of the average Nigerian youth. They want to take charge of their own future. They want to take their country back as they now say - “#one-step-at-a-time”. 

For the past two weeks however, the street protests that have been staged by the youths have assumed a new life, resulting in a great disruption. The protests have spread like wild fire, fuelled by innovation, creativity and “passionate intensity”. One striking feature of it is how it has taken the shape and form of community transmission, especially in Lagos where every neighborhood feels obliged to organize its own version of the protest. On Monday, October 19, the state of Lagos was practically on lockdown. Every major street junction was blocked by angry youths playing music, wielding placards of protest, and asking motorists to either join the protest or return home. At the Lekki end of the city, the Lekki toll gate has been shut down since the beginning of the protests. That particular spot has emerged as the nerve-centre of youth revolt, and a cultural melting pot where solidarity is the normative code, and rebellion is the spirit of the congregation.  

In Abuja, critical road arteries were also blocked, effectively shutting down the entire Federal Capital Territory. The road to the International Airport was occupied. Northern Youths under the aegis of the Coalition of Northern Groups (CNG) are also protesting across the 19 states of the North. The difference between the protests in the North and the protests from the Middle Belt to the South lies in  the emphasis by the Northern groups on the need to end insecurity in the North. Essentially, there is a meeting of minds among Nigerian youths, North or South, that something terrible has gone wrong with our country that needs to be fixed. The other exception that we have seen are those “rented” youths whose sponsors are yet unknown who attack the protesters in Abuja and Lagos, those who steal from youths who are fighting to save Nigeria, and those youths who are giving the emerging revolution a bad name by engaging in acts of violence.   

The sad part of the protests so far is the degeneration into violence. What was conceived as and which began as a peaceful protest has now turned bloody. It has now been overtaken by the Nigerian factor. It would be most unfortunate if the protesters lose focus or they are pushed to do so. Amnesty International reported last week that about 10 persons had died in the course of the protests. The number has increased since hoodlums infiltrated the protests and policemen who had been warned by the Inspector General of Police began to shoot at protesters. The emerging picture is frightening. In Osogbo, Osun State on Saturday, the convoy of the State Governor, Adegboyega Oyetola was attacked. The Governor insists that it was an attempt to assassinate him. In Abuja, more than four deaths have been reported within a week. Yesterday, Benin City went up in flames. Police stations and vehicles were set ablaze. Prisoners jumped the fence at the Benin prison and escaped. Just as we defend the right to protest, any act of violence is also condemnable. It is in order to prevent this that the Nigerian Civil Society has been very vocal in insisting that the police, the military and other security agencies must not turn their guns on protesters, or arrest or detain or harass them. It is also in part why the decision of the Nigerian Army to launch Operation Crocodile Smile VI in the middle of a nationwide protest has been criticized for its bad timing. The explanation that the Operation has nothing to do with the #EndSARS protest has been dismissed as insincere. Soldiers have now been seen on the streets of Abuja, confronting #EndSARS protesters. Things are clearly falling apart…

The protesters claim that they are being provoked, or blackmailed, but as the days go by, it is difficult to identify a coherent strategy despite the gains that have been recorded. In the absence of an identified and structured leadership, the protest is at best amorphous. The Northern anti-insecurity protesters appear to be better organized. Every zone has a leader with published details. In the South, every man or woman who goes out to protest is a leader in his or her own right. This has resulted in internal bickering, and much in-fighting. Each member of the protest would seem to have an agenda of their own: from the adoption of protest as a new found vocation, or the enjoyment of the carnival-esque ambience of the protests. What needs to be watched also is the manner in which the protest in full flight is beginning to alienate those who should naturally be part of it. The organizers should also watch out against inflicting emotional pain and psychological violence on the same persons whose interests they are fighting for. We are all involved in the struggle to save Nigeria. There is no Nigerian who has not suffered a form of police brutality or the other or the impunity of uniformed state officials. The various stories that have been told convey our collective pain and the depth of our anguish, and the drowning of our innocence. But when protesters block a major highway, and all arterial roads from dawn to dusk, they inflict pain on innocent persons. 

Reuben Abati

For days, people living in the Lekki part of Lagos have not been able to go to work or go about their daily business. When people go to work on the Island from the Mainland, they are not sure of what awaits them on the road. Protesters take over the roads and harass motorists. The Lagos Ibadan Expressway has been shut down repeatedly in the last two weeks. Transporters are put through enormous stress.  The supply chain between Lagos and other parts of the country is disrupted. The economic impact of the on-going protest is huge. A newspaper investigation reveals that since the protests started in Lagos, the closure of the Lekki toll gate alone has resulted in a loss of about N234 million. When all this is over, is there any guarantee that the managers of that toll gate will not take it out on the young people who work daily at that toll gate. And there have been reports as well of persons who died in the last two weeks because they could not be rushed to the hospital because the roads have been blocked. All schools in Lagos have been shut down over #EndSARS protests. My point is this: while the right to protest is sacrosanct, it needs not extend to a violation of other people’s rights. 

Nigeria faces a dilemma. How would the present crisis be resolved? The Federal Government has accepted all the five demands placed before it by Nigerian youths, North and South. It has dissolved the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. It has announced the establishment of a Special Weapons and Tactical Unit (SWAT), which has been roundly laughed off because of its peremptoriness and lack of originality. A total of 37 officers have either been reprimanded, demoted or dismissed from the Police for having been involved one or the other in the abuse of office and privilege. In Lagos, four officers have been named and are likely to face prosecution. At the last National Economic Council meeting chaired by the Vice President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, it was agreed that every state government and the Federal Capital Territory should set up a judicial panel of inquiry to investigate all cases of police brutality and extra-judicial killing and ensure that justice is done. By yesterday, six states have set up the panels as agreed, and two - Lagos and Kaduna states- have inaugurated them. In addition, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo has personally offered Nigerian youths an apology. The First Lady, Mrs. Aisha Buhari has also called on the Nigerian government to “rescue the people.” Yesterday, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare after a meeting with the President at the Presidential Villa reported that the President has appealed to #EndSARS protesters to give government time to address their demands; they have spoken and he has heard and that the reforms they are asking for will happen. 

Indeed, the protesters have achieved a lot in two weeks. They have demonstrated the power of solidarity and the importance of their voice. This generation of protesters is not ready to “off the mic”. They insist on being heard. Their voice is so clear, it has been amplified across the world by celebrities, governments and Nigerians in Diaspora who have taken to the streets in about 10 countries of the world to draw attention to the Nigerian crisis. We have seen impressive displays of character and humanism as the story of the revolution continues to unfold, the physically challenged like Jane Obiene and Charles Nnama -  victims of police brutality - who joined the protest and got the support and adulation of others. The nursing mothers who took their children to join the protest. The elderly mothers who protested on behalf of all mothers who lost a son, a daughter, a husband or a relative to police brutality. An 89-year old citizen, Professor JTK Duncan showed up at the barricades, waving the Nigerian flag. Aisha Yesufu remains irrepressible. The Feminist Coalition, which has coordinated donations to the cause and the setting up of helplines is the very definition of responsible citizenship. We have also witnessed a harvest of creativity: new songs by Davido, Asa, Fikky, Kabex, Ripple Effect, Falz and M.I. Abaga which define the protest; many more are emerging: short skits, paintings, memes, ingenuous tweets…an online SORO SOKE radio platform, Nollywood movies in the making…The protest has been teleological, technological, poetic and physical. 

But when and how will these protests end? The real protest is in the mind of every young Nigerian who has been disappointed by the Nigerian state and who prays for a better country. No one can put a final date to that. The youth of Nigeria will not begin to trust their governments because of a few concessions and fine rhetoric. When their country changes for the better, they will be the first to know. But protest as an event cannot be an end in itself. I believe that with the present outing, the time has come for an audit and a review of strategy after two weeks. The protesters must resist the temptation to be turned into shooting targets by a state that is becoming overwhelmed: in Lagos protesters reportedly took over the international airport; in Benin, prisoners escaped, and in the face of all that, some government officials are beginning to tell us that the government of Nigeria will not stand by and allow anarchy to reign. To whom it may concern: The time has come for a review of strategy and tactics. 

As for the Federal Government of Nigeria, President Muhammadu Buhari should step forward and address the angry youths of Nigeria at home and in diaspora. He can no longer afford to speak through proxies and third parties. The protesters won’t listen to such persons. They don’t trust anyone at all at this moment. The Falcon can no longer pretend not to hear the Falconer. This is the time to change the narrative of the on-going protest, and only you, Mr. President can do it. Talk directly to the youths of Nigeria. Then sack one or two guilty persons to show that you truly believe in the principle of fairness. Seize the moment. Now. 

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Awkuzu: Untold Stories Of SARS' Deadliest Den

19 October 2020 - 10:05pm

The stiff resistance by security agents to allow the #EndSARS protesters ingress into the Special Anti-Robbery Squad office in Awkuzu, Oyi Local Government Area of Anambra State, on Friday, might have heightened suspicion that the facility is a graveyard.

The protesters, it was gathered, had planned to search the facility following suspicion that certain suspects were killed and buried in shallow graves inside the compound housing the SARS office.

One of the protesters, who spoke on condition of anonymity with Punch said, "We were at the SARS office to exhume the bodies of some suspects killed and buried by the SARS people.

"We wanted to exhume their bodies so that their loved ones would know that they were dead and give them a decent burial."

But the state Police Public Relations Officer, Haruna Mohammed, justified why rioters should not access the place.

He said the office remained a police facility that should be guarded.

Mohammed said the place had been converted to an annexe of the state Criminal Investigation Department.

Amnesty International describes the Awkuzu SARS cell as the most notorious in Nigeria because of human rights violation and abuse.

Corpses numbering about 35 were on January 19, 2013, discovered floating on the Ezu River at the boundary between Anambra and Enugu states in Amansea, Awka North Local Government Area of Anambra State.

‌A report by the International Society for Civil Liberties and the Rule of Law indicted SARS for killing and dumping the corpses in the river.

The rights group alleged that SARS of the Anambra State Police Command was responsible for the homicide. See Also Sahara Reporters Police Officers Open Fire On Peaceful Protesters In Anambra 0 Comments 6 Days Ago

In the report titled: 'The Untold Story of Ezu River Police SARS Killings', the group said there was the need to highlight the activities of the outfit following the continued killing of Nigerian youths in the name of fighting crime.

The report, signed by the Chairman, Board of Trustees, INTERSOCIETY, Emeka Umeagbalasi, condemned the use of force, torture and other unapproved ways to extract information from suspects.

The report was addressed to several authorities, including the Presidency and Amnesty International, among others.

In the report published in 2017, INTERSOCIETY said it decided to revisit the matter because of "increasing, shocking, saddening and alarming rate of torture and killing being perpetrated by SARS."

"Many of the arrested and detained citizens by the Anambra police SARS operatives in the course of their so-called combating of violent crimes of armed robbery and kidnapping in the state were butchered like animals," it stated.

The group insisted that instead of a drastic reduction in the number of deaths and torture, the SARS operatives had become deadlier and more menacing, "consolidating their atrocious practices of custodial torture and killing through their theatre of butchery."

It added, "The amount of torture and killing going on at the Anambra police SARS headquarters at Awkuzu and its annexes or unit locations in the state is geometrical.

"Our first reason for issuing this special report is to draw the attention of the world, particularly the United Nations and its Human Rights Council, Amnesty International; Human Rights Watch, World Organisation Against Torture, and other rights groups and research bodies and institutions as well as the generality of Nigerians over the raging untamed, unlicensed butcheries and cruel and degrading treatments perpetrated by Anambra police SARS operatives against detained citizens in their custody."

Narrating his experience of SARS brutality in 2018, Udeogu Arinze of Umumeibe Street, Uru Umudim, Nnewi, in the Nnewi North Local Government Area of the state, described it as hellish.

He said, "On that evening, my brother was coming back from work with three of our cousins. When they approached our family's front gate, they saw five heavily armed men with no official identification except one of them, who was on a black T-shirt with the inscription 'SARS'.

"At the scene, he noticed that they were men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad. He looked around and saw some elderly men, youths and women from our compound lying down.

"My brother and three of our cousins gently approached the men and called one of them aside for a brief question. He softly asked him to kindly inform him what was going on, because many of those elderly men lying down were members of our families.

"The SARS man he was asking questions from surprisedly pointed his AK-47 rifle at my brother's stomach and shouted: 'Who are you to ask me a question? Do you think that we are just ordinary police officers? We are the SARS you have heard about'!"

He added, "Unfortunately for my brother, he jumped up, and the SARS officer shot him the close range twice, with the bullet hitting his buttocks.

"My brother fell uncontrollably. As soon as he was shot, the SARS driver reversed their bus, and four of the operatives rushed in the bus and took off, while the guy that shot my brother started running to join them and eventually caught up with them at the entrance to our street.

"My brother was immediately rushed to the St. Felix Specialist Hospital belonging to the Catholic Diocese of Nnewi.

"Right now, my brother can no longer walk well; he's jobless though he trained as a professional plumber. All his plans have been aborted.

"My uncle, Mr Lawrence Udeogu, was among the elders forced to lay down that black Tuesday and he died a few days after as a result of the trauma.

"Those SARS personnel are still moving freely around the state as sacred cows."

The stories inside the Awkuzu cell can be horrifying. People were alleged to be killed on trump up charges even in civil matters. Those who could not meet up the exorbitant financial demands of the SARS officers were allegedly tortured to death.

A victim stated, "When I eventually regained consciousness, I found myself in their death chamber called Cell 5. It is the cell that is reserved for those they will kill. Congested and extremely dirty. Food is not allowed in that cell unless for occasional loaves of bread, which are shared in slices, and there is only one bucket of water for drinking every day.

"The shock of my life happened on the second or the third day of being in cell 5. There was this small boy of between 19 and 22, a second-year Engineering student of FUTO.

"He used to call me uncle. He told me that he was the only son of his mother and that his supremely rich Lagos-based uncle wanted to annex his late father's portion of the family land.

"His resistance against the uncle landed him at the SARS cell, where he was labelled a kidnapper and armed robber.

"Then, on the second or third night of my staying there, the door of the cell opened one night. What I saw was a torchlight.

"Names were being called one after the other; 17 names in all, including the small boy, and they were ordered out and the door shut.

"It did not take more than 15 minutes that the sound of gunshots filled the air, 'Nne moh, nne moh' (my mother, my mother) was all I could hear. The 17 young men were murdered in cold blood. I lost it that night. My system just shut down.

"It was either the 4th or 5th day that the door opened one morning, and it was the same deputy, who called my name and told me to come out.

"No energy was left in me because I had not eaten real food except occasional slices of bread. He bought me something to eat along with a malt drink. After some days, I was called into the leader's office to see my wife and my lawyer."

He said one the SARS leaders later became unusually friendly with him as a form of damage control, which allowed him to observe what obtained at the Awkuzu SARS office.

He said, "I witnessed some of the torture, and I became aware of some of the cases along with what happened in the place.

"I witnessed an incident when SARS arrested a young trader apprentice on behalf of the master over missing N250,000.

"The boy's spinal cord broke, and he died when he was subjected to what they call 'hanging torture'. He was written off as an armed robber.

"I witnessed another incident during what they call verification or something like that. All the inmates were brought out in the open yard and forced to sit on the ground.

"When your name was called, you would stand up and answer some questions. There was this boy, who was called up and the leader asked him: 'Are you from Ogidi?' Before the boy could finish saying no, the SARS leader had shot him with a silver pistol, which was always with him. The boy bled to death right there.

"I also witnessed the practice of shifting inmates in the middle of the night to Nneni to dodge official inspection of the place. The Nneni SARS annexe is another abattoir. Starvation of inmates and outright shooting was the rule there. If the government undertakes the excavation of the perimeter of the Nneni annexe, the Ezu River will be a joke compared to what will be discovered.

"I saw other killings at the place. Every morning, the inmates of cell one would be called to carry a dead body or two behind the torture hall. Any individual who had been detained by SARS for an extended period would tell you exactly that.

In a statement by its Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, the Indigenous People of Biafra accused SARS Awkuzu of selling the body parts of murdered suspects to ritualists.

IPOB alleged, "We the global family of the Indigenous People of Biafra wish to bring to the notice of the international community the unabated secret abduction, torture, detention and killing of our members by the wicked Nigeria security agents.

"These callous beings in security uniforms also sell off the body parts of some of their victims to ritualists. At the helm of this atrocity and inhumanity is the Special Anti-Robbery Squad, Awkuzu.

"They have also been responsible for the disappearance of many innocent Biafrans, some of whom they have 'wasted', thinking they are IPOB members."

But during one of the #EndSARS protests in the state, the protesters, who had an audience with Governor Willie Obiano, gave Nwafor's sack as a condition precedent to their talk with him.

Obiano announced the sacking of Nwafor with immediate effect and gave an assurance of his prosecution for the alleged human rights abuses while he served as the SARS commander in the state.

There was wild jubilation in the state immediately after the governor's pronouncement on the sacking of Nwafor.

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#ENDSARS: Resign Now, Protesting Youths In Ondo Tell Buhari

19 October 2020 - 9:56pm

As the #EndSARS protest entered its fourth day in Ondo State, concerned youths in the state have promised to continue with their agitations on the streets to seek an end to bad governance in the country. 

The youths have been demonstrating in major towns of the state, calling for an end to brutality, extortion, and killings by the police.

The protest brought traffic to a halt on major roads on Monday as the youth condemned the cost of foods and other consumable items in the country. 

They lamented that the country is currently in the hands of bad leaders who do not care about the welfare of the citizens. 

Omolulo Ibidapo, one of the protesters who is a graduate student at the Federal University of Technology Akure (Akure), said Nigerians had been "pushed to the wall" by the various anti-people policies introduced by the government. 

He added that the youths are tired of the present government of President Muhammadu Buhari due to the various economic challenges being faced by the people.

"President Buhari has failed us already," Ibidapo said. "Everything in Nigeria is now costly. I have graduated for the past four years, and I cannot get a job since then. I now engage in menial work to keep myself and my younger ones together. 

"So, we the youths have decided to say enough is enough in this country and we have to take back our country from this old set of bad leaders." 

Another protester, Yetunde Ibironke, said Nigerians are suffering as a result of bad leadership, noting that the youths are prepared to take over the reign of leadership. 

She also decried the worsening insecurity, bad roads, and power supply in the country, stressing that Nigeria needed leaders who have the foresight and can change the country for good. 

"Yes, the protest is about a total end to the activities of the SARS and police brutality in the country, but we also have to express our grievances to the state and federal governments on other pertinent issues affecting us citizens," Ibironke said.

"We have agreed that starting from today, we want to put an end to bad leadership in this country and President Buhari should start packing his loads from the villa because the angry youth of this country are coming after him," she continued.

"He has tried his best, and we are advising him to leave that office and allow a new set of young people that make things work to take over power in this country. We are tired of a system that is not working and keeps recycling." 

Other protesters who spoke also called on the international communities to come to the aid of Nigeria since the federal government is no longer ready to listen to their pleas.

The protesters have vowed to resume their activities on the road by Tuesday and also shut down all federal institutions in the state to make their demands known.

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Governor Akeredolu Sets Up 8-Member Judicial Panel To Investigate Police Atrocities

19 October 2020 - 9:46pm

Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

Ondo State Governor, Rotimi Akeredolu, has set up an eight-member judicial panel of inquiry to look into cases of abuses and brutality committed by the disbanded Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) in the state. 

Mr Akeredolu constituted the panel members on Monday, according to a statement issued by the state's Commissioner for Information, Donald Ojogo.

Ondo Governor Rotimi Akeredolu

The panel, headed by Justice Salisu Adesola Sidiq (Rtd), would also look into all complaints by members of the public on alleged illegal activities of officers of Nigeria Police Force in Ondo State. 

Terms of reference for the panel are: "to receive and investigate complaints of police brutality or related extrajudicial killings by the police in Ondo State, to evaluate evidence and conclude the validity of complaints, and to recommend compensation and other remedial measures, and carry out any other assignment that may be deemed necessary pursuant to this purpose." 

The panel has six months to conclude the assignment and submit a report.

Hon. Justice Salisu Adesola Sidiq (Rtd)
Rtd. High Court Judge - Chairperson

Mrs. Banke Oloba
Representative of Civil Society Groups - Member

Ifeanyi Odili
Representative of Civil Society Group - Member @YemieFASH
Youth Representative - Member

— Arakunrin Akeredolu (@RotimiAkeredolu) October 19, 2020

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#EndSARS Is One Of Nigeria's Most Successful Protests, Lai Mohammed Says

19 October 2020 - 9:46pm

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, says the #EndSARS protest is one of the most successful demonstrations Nigeria has ever witnessed, News Agency of Nigeria reports.

He, however, envisioned a better Nigeria where the fundamental human rights of people would be respected after the #EndSARS protests.

The minister, who spoke at a Special NAN Forum on Monday in Abuja, said the vision would, however, be achievable if the protesters would give peace a chance, end the protest and allow the government to implement its unprecedented reform of the nation's security architecture.

Mohammed, who described #EndSARS as "one of the most popular and successful protests in the history of this country", regretted that the peaceful protest with genuine demands had been hijacked by hoodlums and people with a selfish motive to destabilise the country.

He said the government had started the process of unprecedented reform of the police and the entire internal security structure following the #EndSARS protest.

"With every challenge, there is always an opportunity, and the opportunity this protest has given us is to look at a more holistic approach to reforming our internal security.

"For the first time in the history of this country, a special police tactical unit is being formed which will be supervised not by a Police Command but a committee to be chaired by the governor of each state with representatives of youths and Civil Society Organisations.

"The committee chaired by the governor will have the responsibility to supervise the way the special security unit relates to the public and carry out its duties.

"The panel being put up will take complaints from the public with regards to human rights abuses; this has never happened in the history of this country," he said.

Mohammed said following the #EndSARS protest, the government unprecedentedly has directed the setting up of a judicial panel of enquiry in each state to investigate and prosecute erring security officers that had engaged in brutality and extrajudicial killings.

He said that it was also the first time that a government is setting up a Victim Support Fund to compensate victims of police brutality and extrajudicial killings in the 36 states and the Federal Capital Territory.

"In line with the new Police Act, officers to be enlisted in the new tactical police unit will be tested psychologically and mentally to be sure that they are fit for the operations.

"This will put a big check on police abuse and extrajudicial killing which we have witnessed over the decades," he said.

Mohammed said that while the government was in the process of implementing all the reforms, the #EndSARS group should end the protest which had already turned violent.

He reiterated that by allowing the government to implement the reforms, the #EndSARS group would write their names in gold as champions of reformed internal security of Nigeria.

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#EndSARS: Ooni Of Ife Calls For End To Protests As Obasanjo Urges President Buhari To Listen To Demonstrators

19 October 2020 - 3:32pm

The Ooni of Ife, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, on Monday while hosting a former President of Nigeria, Olusegun Obasanjo, sent an appeal to the #EndSARS protesters across the country to bring the demonstrations to a close.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria, the monarch while receiving Obasanjo at his Ile Oodua Palace, Ile-Ife, described the #EndSARS protests as a clear message by the Nigerian youth to the government.

He urged the youth to give the government the chance to fully attend to their demands.

He said, “If you look at the #EndSARS protest, you will see that our youths have what it takes to rule the country.

“Since day one, they have shown leadership, accountability and a huge sense of responsibility which have sent a clear message to the government. Every day at 11:50pm, they displayed their financial update, and to me, I’m highly amazed with their sense of accountability.

“As a youth leader myself, I am proud that we all have communicated our ideas and it is heart-warming that we have been heard. Dear youths, it is time to retreat so as to prevent those with ulterior motives from hijacking the peaceful message of peace.

“The whole world is aware of our peaceful conduct and we must not let some bad elements tarnish this enviable integrity. Once again, I wish to urge our youth to stop the protest, for now, and give peace a chance. This will prevent the government from using force.”

Speaking on the issue, Obasanjo described the #EndSARS protest as the product of an extensive agitation by the Nigerian youth that needed to be attended to by the government.

He said, “More than 65 per cent of our population are within the ages of 18 and 30; they are not only struggling to acquire education, they are also aspiring for the best that life can offer them.

“Some of them didn’t even get educated, while those who are educated are getting frustrated because of lack of opportunities. We must realise that the lid on the boiling steam would have to be removed.

“But, I believe that there are windows of opportunity which the government can explore to show that it cares about the people’s welfare, especially the youth, as the father of the country and particularly, as the father of the youth.

“Fortunately, the President has children and he knows how youths behave.

“I believe that the opportunities can still be taken to let the youth know that he, as a father, understands their plight and that his government understands their plight and he is ready to make life better for them”

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