Participants and Contributors

The Media Awareness and Justice Initiative hinges on contributory and participatory inclusiveness aimed at developing ideas that are both innovative and sustainable. Our projects are donor supported, while we continue seek for alternative methods of providing the much needed support for our projects that can be sustainable and replicable.

Over the years we have worked with National and International organizations. This is with a view to continually work to achieve our goals using innovative strategies to ensure that the impact envisioned is acheived. Over the years, MAJI has worked with 

  • National Endowement for Democracy
  • Amnesty Internaitonal
  • Platform UK
  • Internews
  • Prince Claus Funds 
  • National Democractic Institute.
  • Environmental Rights Action / Friends of the Earth Nigeria (FoeN).
  • Collaborative Media Advocacy Platform (CMAP)
  • Global Green Grants Fund.
  • Lush Charity Grant 
  • New Media Advocacy Platform
  • Shuttle-Worth Foundation 
  • Home of Mother Earth Foundation (HOMEF)
  • Stakeholders Democracy Network (SDN)
  • Centre for Environment, Human Rights and Development (CEHRD) 

We continually look to expand our collaborative Networks and Support groups. This is enable us bring much needed innovative work to rural and urban communities of Nigeria.

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